How to Effectively Use Business Intelligence in Digital Marketing?

What is Business Intelligence?


Business Intelligence (BI) is a tech-based method of analysing and collecting business information. The knowledge gained from processing this data aids businesses make better decisions. The latest BI tools available in the market are able to handle a large quantity of data in minutes and provide complete reports that can be used for action.


Search engines and social media are the primary components for digital strategies used by businesses. The volume of information generated by these sources has skyrocketed making it easier for BI to process data and make the right decisions.


Nowadays, the technology of the social web has gradually but steadily entered into all aspects of our lives until we are left wondering how we could have survived without it. Social media offers marketers an abundance of data today, which allows them to identify, interact with and engage with customers.


 Due to the growth in the volume of data available, the usage of social media for business has grown exponentially. To arrive at an exact, reliable and affluent conclusion, it is crucial to record this data so that you can further examine and analyze it. This is the point where the BI reporting software is able to help. It aids in the analysis of huge amounts of data. It provides valuable information about patterns that show the behavior of customers.


The application of business intelligence in marketing allows marketers to gain deep insights into the client’s preferences and attitudes. This insight can be utilized by the company to develop more effective marketing campaigns, reach the right people and get the best outcomes.


How did Digital Marketing become an industry that relies on data?

With the proliferation of marketing tools, companies and clients that are online marketing have evolved into an increasingly data-driven business. Marketing’s efficiency can be monitored and evaluated through rate.

Marketing Analytics:

Social media may be the best way to gather real-time feedback from users that gives businesses the most effective opportunity to engage with their customers, resolve their concerns, and boost satisfaction with their customers. Business Intelligence tools equip marketers with the ability to make the most of the data generated by different websites on social networks. These business intelligence tools aid in assessing the effect advertising campaigns have on different platforms.

Web Analytics:

With the abundance of information available online, consumers are technology-savvy and are more socially aware than they ever were. With the number of users growing every day, finding solutions that can provide all information about users in one place is becoming a challenge. This is why web analytics play a crucial function. It offers insights based on different kinds of data visitors leave on your website. This can assist in the growth of leads.

Predictive Analytics:

Predictive Analytics and other big data tools have transformed the way that different companies analyze and utilize data. Predictive analytics reveal data that provide new trends in the future. It identifies patterns in the vast volume of data. The data offered by predictive analytics aid companies in designing better marketing campaigns by anticipating trends. It assists in analyzing the behavior of the customer to create the most effective messaging for them. With the advent of AI and predictive analytics marketing, the art is just getting more effective.

The majority of businesses, brands, entrepreneurs, owners, and managers alike recognize how vital it is to establish an online presence for their business. But they don’t realize the importance of collecting the information, understanding, and conceptualizing and closing the web traffic that they receive.

BI offers a thorough understanding of business processes and provides a solid connection to the data already in place or as a solution for those who don’t already have BI software.

BriskLogic  Provides Solutions to help in:

  • In determining the budget of the future

  • Finding the most effective analytics for your business

  • Campaign preparation

  • Budget analysis

  • Resource management for sales and marketing

  • Combining the data to be used in your current applications for business information (BI) applications

  • 63% of marketers believe that the use of big data/analytics capabilities will be essential in improving the customer experience in their organization.

Marketing Analytics:

Marketing Analytics is a mix of processes and technology which aids marketers in measuring the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. It assists them in evaluating the results of marketing campaigns such as blogging, channel communication as well as social media. It utilises the most important business metrics, such as the attribution of marketing to ROI,and so on and provides a detailed overview about how well your advertising strategies are doing.

They can help you identify which elements of your campaigns brought in the most money during the quarter. They also assist you in understanding how your customers are interacting with your business, and what method they prefer to communicate with you.

Let’s take a look at the ways that business intelligence can will help you achieve the results you want for your business:

Smart decision making:

In any company that is in operation, it is essential to be aware of the data that is telling them. Business Intelligence can help them transform important data into a structured and measurable insight. This enables more effective business decisions and higher revenue.

Marketing goals:

In the majority of companies, business intelligence tools help improve their marketing functions. They assist marketing and sales teams collaborate in synergy. BI provides better visibility of sales data, which aids in improving the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. If the marketing and sales teams collaborate, marketing campaigns are proven to be more efficient and profitable.

Deliver Outstanding CX:

Marketers across the world compete with respect to the experience their customers have. It is therefore essential to know the customer’s behavior. Business Intelligence provides companies with insight into their customers. insight and assists them in segmenting their customers in order to find the top-performing customers. It can also help you attract the right types of customers and achieve your growth goals.

Enhance productivity

Business Intelligence aids in getting rid of bottlenecks that are inefficient as well as automating tasks, enhancing processes to priorities the work. This increases the efficiency of the entire business.

Compliance and Data Accuracy:

Business Intelligence aids businesses in discovering the data they have and what data is most important and who has access to the data. It assists them in organizing data and uncovering mistakes that could result in an increase in costs and possibly brand damage.

Increased ROI

When all of the above criteria are fulfilled, the business sees significant improvement in the ROI. Starting with sales and CX, to day-to-day efficiency, and even future strategies for growth, everything will see an increase in efficiency.

Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing in the term of Business:

Business Intelligence and Marketing can aid businesses in adapting to their customers’ requirements, whether it’s through an increase in supply of products or better sales representatives. Business Intelligence is here to stay , and businesses are investing heavily in the education of their end-users in the use of business intelligence tools to help them make informed decisions.


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