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How to Grow Your No-Code App?

Do you want to expand your app’s mobile user base but weren’t sure what to do? Did you create a zero-code mobile app but need an exact plan to get those downloads?

Let’s see the way Karamjit (C.E.O) managed to grow his No-Code App in Brisk Logic to more than 250,000 downloads.

The strategies, tricks, and strategies are guaranteed to put you in the right direction for scaling your app.

That’s the way he got it done!

No-Code App

1. Make a list of the problem you’re trying to solve

The first thing we have done really well is in focusing the app on one specific issue and ensure that the issue was addressed in our app name on the App Store as well as the Play Store. This allows those searching for solutions to that particular issue to locate your app quickly.

2. Experiment with Monetization

The next step I’d recommend is to experiment with monetization for your app. I would suggest that Google will rank your app better if you are monetizing your No-Code App.

Based on what I’ve observed (Disclaimer This is only my personal experience! ) The sooner you begin monetizing your app it’s more likely that Facebook, Google, and Apple could evaluate your application. I’m not sure if it’s true however, it’s been successful for me.

As soon as we began to monetize we saw more downloads.

3. Get A Very Good No-Code App Icon

The next step is to tweak the icon of your app. This is the first thing that users will see in the app store for your application. Make sure it identifies the issue or gives a clearly defined issue.

4. Find a specific niche

A specific market will work, and it helps users locate what they’re seeking. I realized that there was a need to convert notes from meetings and WhatsApp audio note notes. Therefore, I made sure our titles could convert audio messages to text meetings.

Also, I realized that when looking for information, many people aren’t aware of the term “transcription”. They usually think of it as a translation. For those who don’t understand the difference between translation and transcription and search for the option to the ability to convert audio into text. Thus, by using the phrase “translate audio into the text” I was able to aid people to find the information they needed.

Understanding how to convey your product based on the language your customers use to describe their issue is a way to aid in getting noticed and being found by the appropriate people in these app store stores.

Opportunity for No-Code App Development  

In the year 2021 mobile apps saw more than 300 billion downloads and the demand for them is growing steadily. However, the number of developers hasn’t been growing in the same way, because the art of programming requires a lot of amount of time, effort, and dedication to learn.

Just 1 percent of the world’s employed population is software developers. Tools that don’t require code are working to spread the potential of software development into those of the remaining 99 percent.

In a study conducted by Brisk Logic experts in No-Code App (founders and chief executives) believe that by 2023, no-code will be as widespread as creating Powerpoint.


Powerpoint is currently. What if you could create apps for your customers just as easily as you would create Powerpoint? What opportunities could this unlock?

How can I become an independent developer on a freelance basis?

The development of applications without code has been revolutionizing companies of all sizes and apps created using no-code software have an enormous benefit over traditional coded apps. Two reasons are time and money!

App-building tools that are No-Code App-based like Brisk Logic include drag-and-drop components that are expertly designed to allow you complete control of the layout.


With just one click, you’ll be able to create a fully authentic version of the application on the app store for both iOS as well as Android.

If you’d like to be an app developer who is a freelancer with No-Code App Here’s how to begin:

No-Code App

1. Check Out the Types of Services Available

Selecting the best type of service will allow clients to find you easily on the Fiverr Marketplace. You can search for the “Mobile apps” category, or browse other gigs with No-Code App on the platform to find inspiration for your own unique gig.

2. Utilize No-Code Tools for Building A Demo

It is possible to build an application using Brisk Logic in a matter of minutes (use the templates!) This will allow you to provide your customers with a clear understanding of what you are able to create, and how your final product might appear.

3. Select the most appropriate pricing based on the Software You Use

Based on the items you’re creating, you’ll be able to conduct some research on the expenses associated with the project. If you incorporate this information into your pitches to prospective clients it will allow you to determine the right price for your project. Each tool comes with its own costs and prices may differ considerably, so make sure to account for this!

4. Find out More About No-Code App Development

In addition to being able to create your app, you’ll have to know how to create applications that solve real problems and offer a pleasant user experience. These skills cover the design process, UX research, UI design, selecting the right colors, fonts, and icons, and much more! It is the Brisk Logic No-Code App Academy has some fantastic resources that are free to help you get started Learn from the experts and founders of Brisk Logic about the best ways to build and launch a successful mobile application and all this without programming!

5. Make your latest Gig

Share your expertise with The Fiverr Marketplace! Help other people develop mobile apps and earn money for doing this. Make your gig public and begin creating apps!

6. Get Started!

Explore tools that don’t require code and start creating applications – it’s the ideal method to start your journey to develop apps. There’s no better way to get involved within the realm of the No-Code App.

“What we observe in freelancers and agencies is their ability to provide the same level of service.

That means that they’re selling at the same cost the same as the agency, regardless of whether they have a development team at home or not, as they’re offering the same value to the client.


Customers don’t really care about what the process was.”


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