How to save money when creating an MVP for startup?

The rising competition in the marketplace technological advancements, the increasing competition, and the increasing demands of customers have pushed MVP for Startup to create products quickly and efficiently. You can do this by developing a minimally acceptable product (MVP). Through an MVP for startup test, you will make the most basic version of your product with the least amount of resources and get useful feedback from early users. 

So, startups can get their product to market quicker by reducing cost, time and resources prior to going to full development. Starting with Facebook, Uber, to Amazon the platform giants have clearly transformed their modest and simple concepts into huge worldwide brands.

This article will discuss the key elements that influence MVP for startup costs for development and the reasons entrepreneurs should carefully plan the budget prior to creating an MVP for startup. 

We also offer some useful strategies to cut down on the cost of developing software without compromising any quality issues with your next product.

What does MVP mean?

You might be enticed to add more functions and features to your product so that customers love the product. This is, however, one of the reasons that applications don’t succeed. Features do not necessarily add greater value. By creating a Minimum Viable Product, also known as MVP, you design an MVP for startup that has only the essential features that are valuable to the users.

It comes with all the essential elements and features that satisfy users’ basic needs without adding additional features. This version is a basic one that can save you money, decrease the risk, and require a shorter time. It allows you and your MVP development business to develop an app quickly and gather feedback in a short amount of time.

With a great deal of research and the best design practices, you can’t achieve the precision of creating an MVP for startup. When you release the MVP for startup it is possible to collect customers’ opinions. Through it, you can determine if the solution is able to solve the issue of the user and if it will be successful in the future.

How can you be certain you’ve budgeted for the MVP for startup development cost?

Before we look at the variables that influence MVP app’s costs and the best way to cut down on the cost of developing the MVP It is worth looking at the reason why planning the cost of MVP for startup is a crucial task.

A study by Brisk Logic discovered that cash shortage is among the two major reasons why startups fail and that the ventures are unable to begin to get off the ground.

Here are a few benefits of a well-thought-out budgeting strategy:

  • Allocate the right resources in line with the budget that has been established.
  • Track and easily measure the development costs of your project.
  • Allows you to save money in the short term and create long-term financial plans.
  • Make better decisions about any aspect of the business.
  • Secure project financing and actively draw prospective investors during the appropriate time.

How can estimate the cost of developing an MVP for startup?

In terms of the cost of MVP development, each software company will give you various estimates. 

The following factors can lead to significant discrepancies in proposed pricing.

  • The sort of development team
  • The hourly pay rate
  • Work scope 
  • Technology stack
  • The contract’s type

Let’s look closer at these!

MVP for startup

The sort of development team

The kind of team that develops is the most important factor when the estimation of MVP for startup cost. There are many methods to create the MVP for startup of your business such as forming an internal team or hiring an outsourcing company for software development and a freelancer and the list goes on. Each will require a significant investment in time and money. In this article, we will be focusing on two kinds of teams for development in-house. 

In-house development lets your personal team fully participate in the project. It also offers transparent relations and unambiguous communication. Quality remains your accountability. Your developers are motivated by the results of their applications. But the biggest drawback of this approach is the more expensive. When you hire full-time developers, they are expected to cover the cost of hiring as well as numerous other expenses. When you have found the perfect software provider, you can share your requirements for business and budget with your partner in an organized discussion. Their experience in developing MVPs and developing software will help you plan your strategy with helpful feedback on the process of development, making your estimates more accurate and realistic.

The hourly pay rate

The hourly rate is the second aspect that influences MVP for startup cost. Its main benefit is that you pay only for what you receive. What makes rates so different? They depend on two aspects: location and experience/expertise.

Both freelancers and development teams are paid differently across different countries, so it is important to research before committing to a collaboration.

Within the United States, most startups cannot meet the standards of large corporations with high status and the same pool of talent. The issue is whether you are able to attract the top engineers from the region and pay them what they want. Instead of spending months or weeks searching for the top full-stack developers from America, the U.S., you can take advantage of close-shore outsourcing within Eastern Europe or offshore software development in Asia for accessing resources at similar levels of expertise and experience. The hourly rates here are considerably lower, perhaps between $50 and $55 per hour, compared to being $100 per hour in the U.S. At the end instead of focusing on the developers in your country exclusively outsourcing developers can help you cut down on time and costs substantially, and also decrease overhead costs. If you’re confident working in different time zones and are not worried about budgetary constraints, outsourcing could be the best option for you.

Work scope 

The most significant factor in determining the price of creating the MVP for startup is the amount of work because this factor is the core function of the app. Additionally, it is essential to assess the complexity of developing an application. Then, you can estimate the amount of work required to be required to complete the development phases such as design and UI/UX and quality assurance (QA) and much more.

 How to construct an effective Minimal Viable Product (MVP) for start-ups An MVP for startup should consist of three essential aspects which are the M minimum, the V – feasible and the C competitive. In order to build a reliable MVP for startup when you are assessing the project’s workload, you must take into consideration achieving all three in one go. Additionally, it should be mentioned that the user interface (UI) animations and custom-designed illustrations are crucial elements of the estimation of an MVP for startup cost. 

 It is utilized to ensure that each step is properly implemented, every step is performed in the proper order and the overall procedure is in line with the overall process. This allows you to stay clear of technical debt and align the product with the specifications stipulated by the specifications in SRS (software specification for requirements) and deliver the high-quality applications to customers.

Technology stack

The other aspect that is a part of MVP for startup expenses is the technology stack. It’s a collection of programming languages, tools frameworks, and programming languages for back-end and front-end, along with other elements of the app’s environment. It has a direct impact on the performance, user experience, and even its architecture. Utilizing the appropriate technology allows you effortlessly maintain a rapid rate of corrective actions based on early adopters’ suggestions and help you get your products to market on time. Developers can also prevent sudden breaking changes that could be detrimental to a specific component or even the whole app’s architecture.

A native or hybrid development technology stack can aid in the development of apps and websites efficiently. In the past, software developers frequently utilized native code in this hybrid framework to create features that were only accessible via native development. This proved to be an extended process that did not improve your user’s experience. It is best to use hybrid apps that let developers deploy their apps and utilize the best features while reducing development time.

Selecting an appropriate tech stack is difficult when a variety of technologies and tools are accessible. If properly implemented it will deliver superior performance, easy scalability as well as a pleasing user experience. If it is not done correctly it could result in financial losses as a result of design changes.

The contract’s type

In the case of a billing contract, knowing the cost and time is essential when making business-related decisions that are strategic. When you’re building a business from scratch or pursuing a venture, or trying to maximize the efficiency of your business, selecting the correct contract allows you to weigh risks and rewards for your company. It also establishes the basis for a successful conclusion and ensures that you get the best value for your money. Three typical types of contracts are software development outsourcing Fixed price Time and Materials and dedicated team.

In our last piece, How to choose the most efficient pricing models for outsourcing software projects We looked at three different engagement models which provide the highest value for projects outsourced. We also addressed typical scenarios and discussed the ways we assist our clients to determine which model is best suitable for their requirements.

For more information on how to calculate the costs of custom software development and more, look up: 

How to estimate the cost of developing custom software in a reasonable way.

How can you reduce creation costs for your MVP for startup


Prioritize and begin with the most important characteristics

One of the most important suggestions is to identify and prioritize the most important elements for each phase of the user’s journey. Before creating an MVP for startup you must formulate a product hypothesis, and validate it through interviews with prospective customers. It will be clear the needs of your customers and how your product fits in with consumer demand. 

At Brisk Logic use Agile to ensure an efficient relationship with our clients and increase the speed of time-to-market. By breaking the process down into shorter-term iterations, we are able to release new features every two weeks. After each stage, our software engineers will reveal the result to the customer. This allows our clients to directly monitor the development of software projects and allows them to modify the requirements to meet any eventuality. In the end, the customer receives the website or app that meets their business requirements significantly faster.

Make use of continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Another suggestion is to use the CI/CD pipeline to assist you in reducing your development costs and time and also provide a superior product. With its rapid updates to code as well as error detection CI/CD pipeline helps developers automatize the process of developing the application, testing it and deploying it. application. Thus, software developers can immediately spot and fix issues. Software service providers that use the CI/CD pipeline may speed up the process of updating their products. Every modification to the code passes through automated tests to create build. They are then deployed in manufacturing (release stage) through a variety of stages. This method lets you increase time-to-market, reduce costs, and improve the quality of your software.

Test early to ensure you are ready

To avoid releasing a flawed product to the marketplace it is recommended to test it earlier in the process of software development. If you engage Quality Assurance (QA) specialists in the beginning in the MVP development, you’ll be able to dramatically reduce the costs of software development. They’ll run periodic tests through the entire development process to identify and correct issues prior to moving on to other aspects that comprise the overall project. If you don’t, you run the risk of developing bugs, which could require additional hours of work, take additional time for bug fixing which can lead to delays in the development process and add additional expenses.

Choose a vendor who has an established IT service provider

Not least, it is recommended that you thought about the possibility of partnering with a trustworthy consultant to assist you with the business issues. If not, a shady software provider could charge you too much and offers a sub-par product. This means that your software will be plagued by issues, slow page loading speed and performance problems. Certain components of your system don’t function as you would expect in the worst-case scenario, and you’ve wasted weeks and hundreds of thousands.

The dangers of sacrificing quality in exchange for the price

The cost of software development varies since they depend on a myriad of aspects, from the scope of the work to the technology employed. If you are considering outsourcing it is sensible to seek out the most affordable cost that is within your budget. Although there are a variety of rates of outsourcing available on the market, opting to outsource for too little is a frequent mistake.

As per Martin Fowler, there are two kinds of attributes that are part of software quality External high-quality (UI/UX design and flaws) in addition to internal qualities (codebase as well as architecture). It is the case that customers only can be able to see the aspects that make a good software product that has excellent external quality, without determining the level of internal quality. In addition to creating beautiful user interfaces that are free of any flaws, the developers and your team must focus on developing internal source code that is well-organized and designed. This allows you to analyze the way your application functions and add new features rapidly and avoid the burden of technical debt in the future. Each time you incur technical debt and you have to spend more time and effort in identifying and fixing issues. In the end, you won’t be able to produce a top-quality product that you can sell on the market.

In essence, it’s important to balance costs without compromising the quality of the product. Otherwise, the cost-versus-quality tradeoff will be inevitable.

Final thoughts:

You have now discovered the aspects that affect the cost of building an MVP for your startup. It is best if you could find a balance between quality and price that is a good fit for you. Although there are many ways to cut down on MVP cost, the ones Brisk Logic  listed above are a few ideas to consider. It could be logical to believe that lower costs could lead to a lower-quality software. But, if you adhere to these best practices prior to building an MVP it is possible to create an outstanding product that offers true value to the users without putting too much money into it.


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