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How to use Hyper Automation to Enable Digital Transformation?

In the ever-changing business world, Transformation pioneers are constantly under pressure to maintain their companies’ competitiveness. They must reduce operating costs and increase their efficiency simultaneously by enhancing and streamlining their business processes.

Organizations and businesses must modify their processes and adopt new strategies continuously. Many struggles to stay ahead of other businesses. Many companies are looking to Hyper Automation systems to overcome these challenges and benefit from improved efficiency in operations, customer service output and overall innovation in service.

Hyper Automation software allows organizations to connect their process, data and personnel to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their workflows. While reducing their operating costs. Modern businesses must improve their workflows, include data into everyday procedures, and develop memorable mobile user experiences that allow them to offer services to employees and customers as quickly as is possible.

How Hyper-Automation Platforms Can Help Digital Transformation?

Transformation in business in this century of innovation is more and more influenced by the impact of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. The process of transformation must be initiated with methods that allow rapid testing of innovative ideas to last over the long term.

Hyper-Automation platforms can effectively offer companies the level of progress-facilitating metrics and tools such as project management, organizational tools, business performance analytics, and enterprise architecture.

The current state of automation is a fusion between interconnected parts. Traditional BPM vendors, as well as new names in the Low-Code market, are looking to get their slice part of this pie. Modern Hyper-Automation solutions in different sizes and shapes are establishing themselves as essential tools for digital transformation amid the confusion and clashes that have resulted.

Businesses that use Hyper-Automation technology are significantly more likely to attain their business objectives and results. The combination of traditional business process models, automation and monitoring with low-code allows companies to create applications quickly with the minimum of manual programming.

It’s the combination of this low-code method and the traditional BPM concepts which have been the main driver behind BPM’s recent resurgence inability to adapt. However, the speedy development times that are offered with the Low-Code approach can also provide organizations with the tools to identify and exploit new possibilities that they would otherwise have missed.

How can Businesses Accelerate their Digital Transformation?


Integrating critical information

Data integration is the process of combining information from a variety of sources into one easy-to-use platform. This makes it easier to control and access the most crucial information of your business.

Incorporating data from your company into the process ensures that employees are always armed with accurate, current information available to them. That means that the end-users even those in higher management can count on a central data source to make more efficient and well-informed choices.

Connecting your workforce

Hyper-Automation solutions allow you to improve your company’s operations and data flow using innovative technology that connects customers to your business. These platforms allow businesses to transform the way they conduct business in the digital world. The most innovative companies in the world currently are adopting innovative processes and business models which provide the highest value both for their employees and customers.

Companies that use automation solutions that allow them to invent and make targeted changes faster can perform better and more efficiently. This helps to sustain growth over time and makes them more competitive in the market. They also can bridge the gaps between departments and streamline procedures for external as well as internal customers.

Development of low-code applications

The Hyper-Automation and Low-Code platforms can increase the development speed of all kinds of applications. In addition, they aid IT as well as programming groups to remain ahead of the needs of the business.

A survey by Brisk Logic that surveyed senior executives revealed the fact that half of the CEOs that were surveyed expect to witness significant digital changes in their respective industries over the next five years. The development of low-code applications is considered to be the key to making these changes.

For Digital Transformation, Choosing the Right Hyper-Automation Platform

There are a variety of factors to take into consideration when selecting the Hyper-Automation Platform to enable digital transformation in your business.


The platform should include:

Simple and quick installation and setup:

Automation solutions are known as being difficult to utilize. Modern cloud-based solutions address this issue by providing immediate registrations and considerably less expensive charges.

Excellent Ease of Use and Education:

After you have chosen an option, you will be required to design your processes and bring on your staff. The difficulty level of these tasks will depend on the software vendor you select.

Certain products require deep technical expertise to be used effectively. This means that your staff are required to be educated on the job or through online classes. It is possible to avoid this by selecting a Low-Code/No-Code Hyper-Automation solution, such as Comidor it offers an easy interface that does not require prior experience or expertise to utilize.

A High Degree of Functional Depth and Efficient Software Integrations:

It is essential to integrate your software with other business systems to get the maximum benefit from making use of it. The majority of solutions provide integrated or API-based integrations. In-built integrations come with integrated integration capabilities built into certain software. This will save your staff from needing to work with the source code of the software to create an integration on their own.

Selecting The Right Solution

Hyper-Automation systems can allow the rapid and durable digital transformation of your business. It is essential to evaluate the needs of your company before selecting the right solution that provides the capabilities and features you require to grow.

The fundamental idea behind modern business models is the tech-driven transformation of companies away from internal-facing processes and moving toward customer-facing interaction. Every business has complicated and interconnected groups of processes, employees and technology. Low-Code and Hyper-Automation tools can aid businesses in optimizing workflows and developing apps using Low-Code. This can simplify their automation process.

The most important techniques for enabling Hyper Automation and driving Digital Transformation

One of the most effective strategies for enabling hyper automation begin by creating a plan for your journey towards automation and then implementing the Digital Ops toolbox and augmenting by AI.

Digital Ops technology toolbox that comprises document ingestion, process mining decision modelling, analytics ML, User Experience/Customer Experience (UX/CX) Intelligent Business Process Management Suite (iBPMS) as well as Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS).

To design the path to automation it is crucial to create a plan to achieve hyper automation, which involves defining the outcome you want to achieve by optimizing the process, and the assemblage of Digital Ops tools with others.

The goal of the journey to digital transformation must be determined by the leaders of business and must be aligned with three main goals – Long-term value, Operating Cost Reductions and risks.

Enhancing business processes could be tied to rightsizing and improving the method of decision intelligence using the standard as well as structured inputs to data.

Be aware of your digital Ops instruments that have been carefully linked to your automation plan. Examine the various technologies and develop an asset strategy that is flexible to effectively implement an effective and strategic business plan.

While concurrent hyper automation is an essential element to enable digital transformation, it’s essential to examine the most common issues during the post-pandemic period that can be overcome to ensure a smooth transition and to meet the expectations of customers.

The current state of Hyper Automation and the issues it poses

  • Intelligent automation challenges arise due to the need to switch routine processes and generate revenues for businesses.
  • A few of the most common issues companies face when embarking on the journey to hyper automation include:
  • Helping your employees feel valued
  • Picking the best solution from the constantly changing marketplace of products In-house expertise is created.
  • In establishing and adhering to a strict timeline for your project.
  • Make sure that your project comes outfitted with a solid headship.
  • Knowing how to gauge the performance.
  • Scheduling imperceptible and palpable ROI (ROI) upfront with greater accuracy.
  • Earning the support of administration and shareholders for an ingenious and unfamiliar method.

Although these are only some of the most common issues that arise in the course of implementation, we can overcome these obstacles by following certain steps.

In overcoming the hyper automation challenges

The following steps can ensure the success of your project to automatize:


  • Allow learning in sandboxes
  • Make the change successfully
  • You’ll recognize all the best show-stoppers
  • Trust on inside expertise
  • Decide which procedures must be addressed quickly and what procedures can take a pause Hyper automation can bring a host of benefits that enable companies to lead their digital transformation efforts.

The Benefits of Hyper-Automation

  • Intelligent Process Automation initiatives primarily focus on cost reduction and increase in the amount of acceptance.
  • In addition, additional benefits of hyper-automation technology to business model improvements are:
  • Enterprises don’t have to rely on a single tool to automate. They can attain the flexibility and scale they require by utilizing various tools and techniques and also by implementing cultural changes.
  • Automation allows employees to focus on productive tasks with added value.
  • Digital technology with traditional systems and processes.
  • In essence, hyper automation is in its early days and may take a while to reap the full advantages.
  • However, it’s proving to be a major driver in all digital transformation initiatives. Companies that are able to adjust to it, in the beginning, will have an advantage over their competitors.

Final Thoughts

The term “automation” is now a popular term used in business, and nearly every company has implemented its procedures by it. Insuring more than just the automation of a system, hyper-automation is being considered with much interest due to the many advantages and the business benefits it offers.

Brisk Logic is a global market leader of Independent Software Quality Assurance and Quality Engineering Services that accelerate the digital transformation process of companies and government agencies. It also provides comprehensive security and performance testing services using Hyper automation technologies like RPA, AI, and Intelligent Automation.

Brisk Logic’s specialists in hyper automation collaborate with your team to determine the most effective automation candidates based on specifics of the process and determine the governance framework to be used for the involvement.

Our hyper automation offerings consist of providing complete automation of business processes, and aid in reducing costs associated with quality. Our experts assist with the definition of hyper automation-related metrics, measures as well as benchmarks and baselines and recommend any necessary changes as well as define and develop an entire framework for hyper automation.


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