Impact of Drones in the Era of Industry 4.0

Shortly there is potential for the creation of various global supply chains, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), some known as drones, are changing the game for many lives and organizations.

New technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Industrial Things (IoT), and drones are transforming the workforce and rapidly reconfiguring global trading rules, adding more complexity to what is already a Hard way to go.

The next-generation supply chains will reflect connected solutions, automation, and business intelligence, which will provide greater speed, accuracy, and profitability to transport, logistics, and labor.

With the use of this growing technology, 78% of logistics companies expect to deliver orders the same day by 2023 and 40% anticipate delivery within two hours by 2028. Shortly, managers consider that the most disruptive technologies will be drones (39%); followed by driverless/autonomous vehicles (38%); mobile technology (37%); and finally robotics (37%).

There is no doubt that with the implementation of drones within the operations of companies, the environmental impact of organizations and the scope of their businesses is optimized.

Next, I would like to share some innovative uses for UAVs or Drones in different industries and initiatives, which are currently within our radar:

Global Retail and Logistics

Same day delivery is about to undergo a paradigm shift. Some of the largest and most advanced global retail companies are using drones for last-mile solutions, to respond promptly to the demand of omnichannel consumers, using innovative purposes in the multiple channels they have available.

Drones in Agriculture

The agriculture industry is facing many complex challenges, arising from trade wars, climate change, and the decline in the workforce. Drones are not necessarily keeping jobs, but rather, they are creating trades with greater complexity.

For example, drones can help protect margins for this industry by inspecting crops and predicting crops. This is an amazing technological advance that requires a very specific set of skills to execute. Additionally, drones could support worker bees in their pollination process, due to the decline in this population. Finally, drones are considered the most recent and intelligent scarecrows for the control of pest proliferation.

Drones in Infrastructure Development

Drones are changing the way in which facilities are planned and inventory optimization since due to their size, agility and general ability to reach places where humans cannot, drones bring great potential for improve safety when conducting inspections of danger areas for humans. For example, for the architecture industry, drones are used to view the infrastructure from different angles.

Drones in the Mining Industry

In the Mining Industry, drones are capable of supervising machinery. The machines are too huge and placed at the places where human supervision is not possible, as some of the mining industries like underwater oil mining industries have their machines under the sea level, where humans can not reach easily to supervise machines. To make these tasks easy, underwater drones are developed that easily go under the water and helps in the supervision of machines and detecting errors.

Humanitarian Aid & Global Health

Drones can deliver materials of high importance for health, such as blood packages, vaccines, immunizations, and diagnoses, where they can prove to be very useful in areas with limited infrastructure, and where emergencies often exceed the development of roads and distribution networks.

An example of how drones are used to face these challenges can be seen in Rwanda, an African country that, due to infrastructure limitations, had difficulty distributing blood packets to an important part of its population, which in addition to having some complexity in its handling due to its short life, also faced rigorous temperature control challenges.

Through its global impact team and together with the World Bank, Zipline and the Rwandan Ministry of Health, Lamasoft used its technology and solutions to help develop a drone supply network for blood delivery and distribution throughout the country, which could meet the conditions of blood management and could reach populations with difficult access.

Fintech Industry

In the fintech industry, drones are used by banks or insurance companies to audit the current condition of the insurance object and banks used this technology in the loan process, the drones are used to audit the area on which the loan is applied, before giving the loan to any individual. Using this technology the fintech industry can make their process of loan giving or insurance very fast and easy, which automatically leads to customer satisfaction.


Drones are here to stay, and they are an example of how the advancement of technologies can give organizations new ways to create businesses, generate competitiveness, reach places and people that were previously considered a challenge, and, above all, use these technological innovations to function sustainably and positively impact human lives, the environment, and the planet.

Our Role in Drone Technology

We develop customized software for managing your various drone-based business and provides solutions for the problems you are facing in the same business. Our software solutions include software for supply chain management that enables the delivery company to track down their packages and helps the drone to track its path automatically, our AI and IoT-based solutions assist the drone to track down every flying object coming in its path and automatically reroute its path, and for insurance companies we have developed an app that assigned a drone audit when needed and shows notifications to all the involved persons and the involved persons can comment about the case & share all the basic information. With the use of drone technology and our software solutions for drone-based business, it will become very fast to deliver a product, it also makes the auditing processes fast and many more.

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