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Five of the most important characteristics of car parking apps

Parking lottery is a nightmare for drivers on a weekday morning. In a city that is crowded it is usually difficult to locate a slot with no empty space due to the number of cars will always be higher. What if you could get parking, and also check for free slots at the nearest one? Here, we’ll look at the advantages from parking applications, their capabilities, and the costs of creating it.

Car Parking Apps Can help your business grow?

Development of a car parking app is a great method of locating parking spots and, in turn it helps businesses grow. for the renting car business, the parking app can be an effective instrument to optimize time and reduce traffic-related violations, as a lot instances were committed while the driver was looking for an available parking space. Furthermore, the application could help to save money, since the driver can identify the nearest parking space and also the most affordable one. The smart parking app is also environmentally friendly. It reduces emissions from the air since the driver is less looking for parking.

How can I create an app to park?

According to a car market research on parking conducted by RIHA There are 35% of vehicles seeking a parking space and causing congestion. The parking spots aren’t always fixed; there are lots of empty spots, but only a tiny amount of them are apparent. Parking apps can help in revealing the hidden parking spots which means that car owners are less occupied searching for the parking space that is vacant. To develop an Android parking app for cars it is necessary to research the most frequent needs of drivers and categorise apps according to various factors. These are the major categories of the most popular car parking apps:

In the form of finding a parking space

Most parking apps use maps to show the parking spaces that are available. Some are integrated with Google maps, or employ GPS features to identify the available slot in real-time. With the GPS software the parking app will be updated with each minute with a new location.

Some apps recommend typing in the address code in order to locate the closest parking. This code appears on the street signs and is valid for parking that is within the particular zone. The user can sort the parking spaces by proximity, further or recent. The best method to identify the parking space that is nearby and accessible is to use apps that have numerous location detection features. Think about creating an app that allows you to park your vehicle.

By deciding on the most suitable parking time

With the various parking apps available there are two primary categories of parking needs. The first is the parking that is planned. For instance, you’re on a business trip and would like to park your vehicle in a different location and secure it. The app informs you about parking spots for a period of two weeks or a different time. Another type of parking is parking on the move. Find the parking space available on the map, and park your vehicle there.

Based on the geo-location

The parking apps serve not just one region however, they can also be spread across the country. The app is focused on one area that offers a broad selection of parking options within this region. It might even recommend extra services in the event that the app for parking is being rolled out across the nation or other locations.

By available payment methods

Parking apps are typically free to download and include integrated payment options. The most popular options include Pay with Apple PAy, Google Pay, PayPal and credit card. Certain apps permit booking online and then apply prepayment for parking spots. If you prefer to avoid wireless payments, these applications recommend paying cash.

MKE Park

MKE Park is a partner of Park mobile to provide a convenient payment method for parking services. The app is available on Android as well as iOS. The user registers using email or by phone, and is able to connect multiple vehicles to his mobile number. MKE Park defines location via the GPS/maps functionality. You can select your preferred spots from the most recent use or different parking zones. Users can also set notification reminders to remind them of the parking spot or the time when the session is due to expire. App uses Control Near-Field Communication which is used to scan NFC stickers to park. The camera is used to scan QR codes for parking stickers. MKE Park works in the US.


The ParkMe app is accessible worldwide and covers more than 500 cities. In the list of countries that are possible to find are some in the US, Canada, France (Paris), Austria (Vienna), Italy (Rome), Spain (Madrid), etc. The iOS and Android applications allow users to view parking spots in the maps, comparing the prices, and then compare prices. Customers can view parking rates each day or every month and keep track of real-time information on the availability of parking spotsThe option to set the parking duration helps avoid overpaying, staying too long or receiving a ticket. ParkMe integrates payments and reservation options.


ParkRight is the app for parking that is only available for London (City and the Westminster area). It is able to count up to 41K parking spaces and shares live information on the parking spots available. ParkRight permits online payment for parking when you’ve signed up for the service. Users can search for parking options on the street and off-street and choose the best direction to get to the location they want. To utilize ParkRight users will require an internet connection either WiFi or 3/4G in order to use the.

The features that make a app for finding parking spots in the car

If you use an application to locate an automobile, we’ve compiled the main attributes it must have.

User interface

The primary module of the app’s users will be the sign-up procedure. In this step, you need to invite the user to provide the email, contact number, or make use of existing accounts on the social network or Google and sign in. The simplest information is to find the name of the user and their email address; the rest can be arranged by you.

Car Parking apps  is the following relevant element to your driver’s profile. First the app has to identify the exact location of the user. It then needs to show the closest parking location based on the location information. A GPS-integrated module in the application will help determine the nearest parking and the built-in navigation system will help to determine the most efficient route.

The capability of routing planning is a crucial characteristic, particularly when it provides an estimate of the time between arrival and departure. If the person is planning to not spend more than 10 minutes parking space, the feature can aid in saving time and stress.

Another useful feature is the ability to plan parking ahead. In busy cities it is possible to keep track of parking hours for certain days. Drivers can secure their journeys by booking their parking and also save time.

Payment integration is an essential feature for parking apps as cashless payments are becoming more popular. There may be a variety of options of payment methods, such as integrated payments via the credit card PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

Reviews and ratings about parking services can help you choose a reliable parking. The parking history can help you remember previous services, specifically for parking in an alternative city or in a different country.

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Interface for Admin

To be able to manage properly the admin app needs to include a user management module. It helps to keep track of user numbers and the amount of payments received, the history of transactions and the specifics of any additional services purchased.

In spite of the management tool, the administrator must control all parking proprietors. Parking owners may have multiple locations, and the cost for each one is different. Therefore, the administrator needs to know the status of the owner as well as how many parking spaces and the amount that is paid each month and so on.

The payment management feature is required to monitor payment status of the users. Administrators must handle invoices, costs transactions, invoices, and any other problems with the payment system. It is integrated into both the app for users as well as the app for parking owners. Therefore, an administrator is required to confirm whether everything works properly for both parties.

In the admin app you can manage bookings using the app, view incoming deals, and also create discounts for drivers as well as partners.

Interface with the owner of the car parking apps

For owners of parking spaces the most important feature is registration. Like the app for users there are many methods to sign-up, beginning with simple phone numbers to enter. It is based on your company’s requirements and the information you get from your users.

Parking owners must include parking spots to the app. The app may provide owners with places for bikes, motorcycles and scooters, cars and so on.

The cost the car owner can afford is a bit different therefore, indicating the exact amount per hour is essential. Prices can differ depending on the additional services or details.

Control parking requests in the event there are no parking spaces. Parking owners must monitor the requests coming in for parking reservations or quit the vehicle immediately. In addition to managing car parking apps  spaces the parking owner must examine the number of customers and also the entire reservations.

If parking is able to accept wireless payment and the proprietor needs to handle all money transfer transactions using the integration of payments feature. There may be a variety of payment methods that are integrated within the same app.

Another important aspect to include is a review and rating checker. Feedback from customers are important to be aware of since they aid in improving the quality of service and discover things that users won’t ever.

Other characteristics

The most important feature to have is notifications to communicate with the users using the application. Inform users about the availability of a space, the payment that has been successful or reservation that has been completed, etc. Push notifications allow you to communicate with customers more effectively and inform them about important actions.

“Instant messages” is another option for the parking app that allows drivers to communicate with the parking supervisor and reserve space prior to the time. Not everyone likes phone calls. Sometimes chats can solve issues quicker. Another benefit of the chat feature is multi-language customer support. It is a feature that works when you create an app for parking on mobile devices with a variety of nations. As a bonus being a multi-language application is that you can invite tourists from abroad to download the app.

The development of an GPS car parking application is not possible without the GPS feature. Users can pick the spots that are available on the map and then drive to the location with the assistance of suggestions. Additionally, certain apps offer maps to search for when users can locate the most suitable spot in the sheet. It is either an iOS or Android application for parking in cars that can utilise Google MapKit for navigation.

Tech Stack of the Parking Mobile Apps

Another important aspect of developing a parking app is choosing the best technology stack for future products. The viability, the competitiveness, and the scale of the mobile app depend on the technology stack. The application could be hybrid, native or cross-platform. Each of these types of applications will solve various business challenges. For instance native apps offer the most user-friendly experience, yet at the same time they are more sophisticated in terms of development.

Then, we provided the most commonly used technology stacks used in the development of parking apps (in SpotHero app example):

  • Data and applications (it could be nginx, backbone.js or underscore)
  • Utilities (such as Google Analytics, Amazon CloudFront, Twilio Send,  
  • Mailgun, Mixpanel, Optimizely, Mandrill, or Crazy Egg).
  • DevOps (for instance, New Relic).
  • Tools for business (G Suites ), Zendesk, Zopim, or any other).

The tech stack could be based on the kind of app operating system, the type of app, or even the function. One of the most important legal guidelines when choosing the right tech stack is to create the simplest prototype, or a minimally viable product. After you have launched your product, you are able to begin to improve it by adding more capabilities and features. It will enable you to start with the right time to test the app, and identify efficient development strategies for the most efficient parking app.

Parking Mobile Revenue Model

The most common questions asked by creators is to create an app for parking that can make money for the business. The level of service offered by the app to park cars is essential in creating the business model that will allow for monetization. We will then discuss the most frequently utilised models for the mobile app for car parking development.

Commission Per Booking. It is one of the frequently employed models in booking services (for instance, the exact model is employed for Airbnb and Booking). Each time an user of the app book a parking space and the owner of the parking space will charge an amount. A portion of this amount is typically given back to the app’s owner to motivate them to bring the client to a certain area.

Subscription. It’s also a well-known monetization method for services. It is possible to offer an annual or monthly program to your customers who frequently use the app. You can charge a set amount for a subscription , and not have to be charged each time they use the app to locate parking spaces. In addition the model offers a more satisfying customer experience. Subscription models are geared towards building lasting relationships with your customers. This model ensures that you can earn money and improve customer satisfaction by using the application.

Reward Points. Another revenue model that can improve the user satisfaction. It is possible to offer your customers incentives for using the app for a prolonged period of time (or each time they book parking spaces using the app). This will build loyalty, and will make the parking app the basis of positive relationships with your customers.

Marketing and branding to Parking Owners. It is likely to be seen in other booking applications that developers are promoting specific spots. It’s another way to approach the profit-making for parking applications. You can offer branding and marketing services to parking proprietors. They may pay for promotion of their locations and, in addition, highlight the advantages or give more details about their business. The information could be displayed visually or feature a distinctive UX layout to draw customers to the parking space.

The revenue model that is used in development of apps for parking depends on the goals of the business and the general strategy. You can employ only one model , or mix each of them. Furthermore, you could focus on the development of new revenue streams, like cooperating with city authorities. It could open up new possibilities for mobile car parking spotter application development.

How much will it cost to create a parking app for cars?

The process of developing a parking app could take anywhere between a few months and one year. It’s all dependent on the number of features you’ll be adding to the app. We recommend starting with the initial list, which includes the registration process, Google map integration, and a “Book now” option. Together with the app’s user and admin panel, an MVP may cost less than 10,000dollars. In order to create an app to park your car that includes all three of the modules mentioned above, you will need between the range of 20,000- 150,000$.

Imagine that you are creating an app for parking on multiple stages, starting with the prototype, where the basic needs will be identified. After that, you’ll need to create an app for iOS or Android. If you have an admin panel on the web the process of creating it is expensive. Once the UI is completed it will be incorporated into the app and the web developers will create it. To ensure that the development process runs smoothly, you should create an app for car parking with the help

of a professional team. We recommend working with the inside team to provide top-quality service at a timely pace.


Amconsoft’s knowledge of how to design an app for parking is based on our extensive experience and collaboration in the industry of logistics.

We have, for instance, developed an IoT-based platform for the intelligent search for parking spaces in the closest areas. The system alerts customers about parking spaces that are free by sending out alerts and tracks the car in real-time. We have also had many instances of creating apps for cars for our customers which help us understand the market and bring the most effective technology solutions.

If you are still unsure regarding the car parking tracking systems development get in touch with our expert to get more detailed information and a demonstration of our consulting services in this area.


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