Why IT Staff Augmentation is Essential for Business Growth?

Are you having a hard time finding nerds to hire every week?


You can’t seem to get the best talent in the mass.


 IT Staff Augmentation staff turnover rate in IT firms is high. For all your worries about hiring, there is only one solution: Outsourcing!


Brisk Logic has helped startups as well as Fortune 500 companies with their technology requirements by providing the right resources.


We have helped thousands of clients develop their products using the best talent, whether it’s popular, niche, or on-demand.


Brisk Logic can help companies create large teams in design, development, and QA using a focused staff augmentation strategy.

We share five reasons to outsource your IT Staff Augmentation tech needs in this blog.

1. A large talent pool with high-skilled people can reach a vast audience

Staff augmentation and consulting firms hold a strong grip on the passive and active markets.

Although the active market is open to everyone, the best talent can be found in passive markets. This is where staffing firms can make a big difference in your hiring process.

Consulting firms are more accessible and can easily hire highly-skilled professionals. Technology experts are needed to meet ever-changing product requirements. It is a smart business move to outsource your hiring.

2. Credibility for hiring managers

Because of the high trust factor, staffing firms often work closely with the same hiring manager. On the other hand, corporate recruiters work with multiple hiring managers.

IT Staff Augmentation staffing firms can leverage this trust factor and credibility and continue to source better candidates for certain profiles than corporate recruiters.

3. Longer guarantee periods

The greatest benefit of using IT Staff Augmentation services is the 6-month to 1-year guarantee. This provides IT companies with a lot of assurance and is also a relief as the project duration is usually 6 months.

The minimum guarantee period will allow businesses to finish at least one project using the resource.

4. Extremely flexible

IT Staff Augmentation company’s compensation depends on the job and not how many applicants they were able to schedule. Outsourcing your technology requirements has the advantage of being able to use a resource as you wish.

You can renew your outsourcing contract for as little as 6 months or as long term as you wish and not worry about running out of resources.

Staff augmentation is also very cost-effective. The staffing agency will take care of all administrative and employee onboarding costs.

5. Consultative rather than transactional

A technology consulting company’s primary goal is to find the right people for your organization. They are not transactional and will go above and beyond to find the right candidates for your company.

GoodWorkLabs believes in building relationships and not just quick transactions.


The most appealing benefit of staff augmentation, aside from all the other benefits, is its cost-effectiveness. The company can save money on IT Staff Augmentation by hiring temporary staff.

This allows them to reduce their monthly salary, onboarding, bonuses, and taxes. They also can train, manage, and even pay for their medical care.

Businesses can pay for IT staff augmentation for a set period. Businesses can reach wider markets and expand their business opportunities with their extended workforce.

Two factors make IT Staff Augmentation more cost-effective:

  • You have access to a wider talent pool and lower costs than traditional hiring.
  • Businesses with augmented experts are in a better position than their competitors because they have more flexible talent.

Access to larger talent pools

Businesses compete with businesses worldwide in today’s globalized world. Why should talent be restricted to local staff?

Through IT staff augmentation, you can bring in global experts in the most in-demand technologies and tools.

The services of IT staff augmentation allow you to access a wider talent pool worldwide.

The chances of finding professionals that match your needs increases by hiring talents from multiple countries. These professionals use advanced strategies to help with complex projects.

They have extensive market knowledge and experience. They add value to your projects and can help you achieve profitability.

Flexibility in the workplace

The greatest benefit of IT Staff Augmentation is workforce flexibility. This directly affects the cost of hiring. Temporary employees are those who can be hired for a particular purpose or a certain duration.

This refers to the workforce which can be scaled up or down according to the needs. The ability to attract new talent is limited by the inability to hire permanent or full-time staff.

Staff augmentation allows you to select the most qualified professionals by focusing on ongoing projects. The professionals are available for short-term engagements.

Smooth operation

Your business will have an advantage by hiring skilled staff to augment its operations. These professionals are domain-specific experts that bring efficiency to your operations.

The augmented staff is exposed to many technologies and tools, so they can immediately add value to the internal team. They are not required to be trained and can ensure smooth operation.

Businesses can save time and money by improving their operational efficiency. Every year, new technologies are introduced to the market in this digitally evolving landscape. It is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to acquire this level of expertise within a short period.

Augmented staff are focused on adapting and advancing their skills according to the changing market.

In-house teams empowered

Even if companies have sufficient internal resources to handle day-to-day tasks, it is worth considering augmented staff for more complex projects that may require specialized skills.

This is where hiring full-time staff can be a problem. Staff augmentation is the best solution. This will alleviate the burden on in-house employees and allow businesses to adapt to changes in the market.

We can confidently say that staff augmentation opens up new opportunities for businesses seeking to adapt and expand to the changing market trends.

Final Takeaway

If you are an IT company, it is a good idea to include the services of an external recruiter in your talent acquisition strategy. You don’t have to force these firms to adhere to your internal control procedures.

Instead, you can leverage their potential to find the best resource for your company. Consider staff augmentation as a long-term investment that will provide you with a steady return on your investment.

Take a look at the consulting offered by GoodWorkLabs. If you’d like to receive a complimentary consultation about your outsourcing needs, contact



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