Crypto Startups

List of best Crypto Startups In 2022

One of the best aspects of the cryptocurrency and Defi sectors is that they’ve created an ideal environment for innovative startups that are innovating in a myriad of ways.

Keep in mind that every business in the crypto industry including Binance and Coinbase was born out of an idea created by a skilled team of creators. In a field which has been heavily dominated by the traditional financial system, blockchain technology has led to an industry with fewer barriers to entry than the majority of businesses within traditional financial institutions.

The market is constantly evolving with new cryptocurrency and Defi projects making waves on the market each day, allowing investors to be part of the development of a decentralized future.

If you’re seeking a way to get involved in cryptocurrency, consider investing in the next major cryptocurrency startup or Defi project or simply want to keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry.

There are the top 15 crypto startups worth watching this year.

Furthermore, a number of these startups in the crypto space were highlighted in our MLQ Venture Capital Recent Funded Startup report. They’ve all raised venture capital and are currently making strides within the field.

Crypto Startups


Monday’s mission declaration is similar to that of many of the organizations that are listed on this listing: “to make crypto accessible to everyone.” The platform’s digital counterpart isn’t only a place where customers can purchase and sell cryptocurrency It also offers financial services that can be integrated into your website or used software for your company. It is among the growing number of companies in the field of financial technology that provide APIs and add-ons that can be integrated directly into your business’s consumer-facing.

Moonpay also provides an NFT Checkout add-on which allows websites to market NFTs and accepts payment via credit cards. In addition, Moonpay offers direct fiat to crypto conversion through off- and on-ramps for your website. Monday’s services are utilized in more than 160 countries by more than 250 different organizations.

Anchorage Digital

Anchorage Digital Bank is the first federally chartered digital asset bank in America It was founded in the year 2017 by two employees from Block (formerly called Square). Anchorage Digital provides financial technology services to existing banks that would like to enable their clients to purchase or sell digital asset safely. Anchorage Digital offers a lengthy list of services related to crypto, including easy trading, safe custody, staking, and governance as well as financing that allows users to utilize their cryptocurrency investments to get loans. The market for digital assets as well as the traditional finance market is learning how to coexist. Companies such as Anchorage Digital are helping to facilitate the transition for investors.


OpenSea is likely to be one of the most well-known names in this list since they have already proven themselves to be a market leader in NFT marketplaces. It was created in 2017 before NFTs also known as Non-Fungible Tokens developed on the Ethereum blockchain had even made it to the mainstream.

It’s today the world’s leading NFT marketplace with more than 600,000 users who can buy and sell more than 80 million NFTs over the more than two million libraries. In the latest round of financing, OpenSea received a valuation of more than $13 billion. Initial shareholders are NBA players Kevin Durant, Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, Mark Cuban and Shopify CEO and founder Tobie Lutke.


Alchemy could be the most significant blockchain-related company you’ve not ever heard of. It was founded in 2020. Alchemy is already valued at more than $3 billion. What exactly is Alchemy accomplish? Imagine it as software that permits exchanges and applications to function on the blockchain.

The company is compared to its counterparts in the Windows and macOS of the blockchain industry and is currently being utilized by some of the most prominent brands in the industry, including OpenSea, Dapper Labs, and Adobe. Alchemy additionally works directly in blockchain Defi protocols, such as AAVE, Yearn. Finance, the Graph and Sushi. Alchemy can also be utilized by businesses to create networks that will be the basis of the next generation that will be the Internet: Web3. Be on the lookout for Alchemy as it transforms into the engine that powers the world of blockchain applications.


While you may not be acquainted with the name Consensys but you’ve probably utilized one of its products based on blockchain. Have you thought about the names Metamask and Quorum? They are two of the offerings included in the comprehensive corporate software that Consensys provides. Consensys is one of the leading blockchain software providers around the globe and is a market-leading developer of software that operates with Ethereum. Ethereum blockchain.


The creator of Consensys, Joseph Lubin, was one of the first co-inventors behind the Ethereum blockchain. Through Consensys, Lubin is helping companies and consumers across the globe by developing new-generation software and applications that can help usher our world into a new era driven by decentralized blockchain technology. Consensys is leading the way to the new world with Defi technology and Web3 which is changing the way we think about financial transactions forever.

Dapper Labs

The Vancouver-based company that uses blockchain technology changed the way we think about collectables after it introduced the NBA Top Shot product. The short videos of NBA highlights that are made by blockchain technology have changed the way we view and have revived the market for collectables that were once dead.

Dapper Labs even developed its protocol for blockchain, called Flow due to the more expensive costs and slower speeds for transactions in the Ethereum blockchain. Dapper Labs is also the developer of one of the more well-known NFT lines in the Cryptokitties and recently announced the first NFL NFT line called NFL All Day and the possibility of a UFC line of NFTs in the works. NBA Top Shots is the most popular decentralized application or dAPP around the globe and has already generated over 10 million transactions in the marketplace, which have reached over $700 million.


Autograph is an online marketplace for NFT that brings collectables from sports to a new height. The company was co-founded by NFL quarterback Tom Brady, Autograph provides limited edition NFTs of many of the biggest stars in pop culture. Pick from exclusive collections like Naomi Osaka’s Mangas, Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Victory Lap, and Derek Jeter’s Captain.

The advisors of Autograph span the globe of sports and include athletes such as Tiger Woods, Naomi Osaka, Derek Jeter, Wayne Gretzky, Tony Hawk, and Usain Bolt along with executives such as Three co-founding partners of DraftKings with Michael Rapino who is the chief executive officer and a co-founder of Live Nation. For authentic sports memorabilia and collectables, Autograph is the marketplace for those who love sports.


Blockdaemon can be described as a company that connects companies to blockchains by deploying blockchain-based applications and constructing the infrastructure that connects them. The company supplies tools for blockchain projects and is a specialist in providing operations for nodes, which serve as the basis for the data that is collected in the blockchain.

Blockdaemon is used by more than 40 Defi protocols like Bitcoin as well as Ethereum 2.0, Harmony One, Near Protocol, and Polkadot to mention some. The company is one of the safest networks for crypto staking within the Defi sector and has helped cryptocurrency projects across the globe to launch their projects safely and effectively.

Off-chain Labs

Off-chain Labs is the leading scaling solution for Defi applications operating within Ethereum. Ethereum network. The main product it offers is Arbitrum which can expand the current Ethereum contract. Off-chain Labs was the first L2 scaling system to be launched on Ethereum and has more than 400 applications that make use of it. This includes exchanges like SushiSwap, UniSwap, and AAVE. Everybody knows how costly Ethereum gas prices are at present as well as what Off-chain Labs are doing is cutting down on gas costs by nearly 90%, and simultaneously increasing the output of transactions that the blockchain.


When we speak of how the web will evolve and what Defi is going to look like, we’re typically discussing Web3 which will be built using blockchain technology. Figurement is among the leading companies in the world for blockchain-related infrastructure and services and has helped businesses to prepare for the imminent development of the internet as we are used to it.

The company was founded in the year 2018 founded by the Co-founders Matt Harrop, Lorien Gabel and Andrew Cronk. As you’re likely aware one of the biggest parts of Defi is Staking. Figment provides custody of tokens, stakes taking as well as node infrastructure on some of the most popular protocols on the planet, such as Avalanche, Cardano, and Solana along with Near Protocol. The mission of Figment is the long-term viability of Web3 by facilitating the long-term success of the Web3 ecosystem by offering tools and services to assist businesses to succeed in the building using the latest blockchain technology.


Elliptic provides a new type of blockchain service. In 2013. Elliptic is using blockchain-based analytics to combat financial crimes. We all know the dangers of investing in crypto-related projects. There are too numerous to keep track of However, a lot of them never work out. Certain end up becoming the reason for fraudulent activity using things like rug pulling and theft of digital assets. Elliptic collaborates with cryptocurrency companies such as Coinbase, Genesis, and Coingate.

If you are convinced of the long-term growth of the cryptocurrency industry, you’re also likely to be supportive of regulatory compliance that will eliminate financial crime. Elliptic is hoping to achieve this by providing analytical reports on issues such as crypto wallet screening and monitoring of crypto transactions and crypto project investigation.

Ramp Network

RAMP Network is a European company which is developing software solutions that will enable new generation DAPPs. Through the creation of software that links banks in a conventional way to the decentralized network of blockchain. The ramp offers a variety of unique attributes that differentiate it from other providers of software. This includes things such as lower costs for larger transactions and the connection to Apple Pay as well as local payment options which are exclusive to a particular market.

Ramp also offers an SDK also known as a software Development Kit that any app or website that processes transactions may be able to add the capability to pay using crypto. If your website accepts payments made with fiat currency, Ramp wants to make it possible for you to accept crypto payments as well!

Matter Labs

Matter Labs is another Ethereum scaling business that is looking to play an important role in increasing the adoption of the decentralized financing system. The company’s product, zkSync has solved the issue of scaling capabilities of Ethereum without jeopardizing their security customers. zkSync is the most trusted name of crypto-related businesses that use it, such as Binance, Moonpay, Coingecko, Coinbase, and Huobi. It’s an L2 protocol rollup, which helps enhance security, cut down on costs for gas, and also create faster transactions for DAPPs that utilize blockchain technology like the Ethereum blockchain.


Shakepay is a Canadian-based cryptocurrency trading platform that has helped to bring in the new era of digital finance. It was founded in 2015 and since then has increased its user base to over 900,000. Canadian customers who have executed more than $6 billion worth of crypto transactions.

What’s the catchy name? The principal strategy (marketing tactic?) that is the basis of Shakepay is that regular customers can shake their phones and receive more satoshis. These are the smaller denomination of Bitcoin. Shakepay can be used every day for 201 days, at the point that the number of satoshis you earn will max out. Shakepay also offers a Visa Debit Card that users can use to load their accounts to earn Bitcoin rewards.


Stacked is a cryptocurrency trading platform with a twist which is that it’s an automated way to invest in cryptos using a diverse index portfolio or by using its trading bots. It’s certainly an innovative method of navigating the market for crypto, specifically using bots as we know that the markets are accessible 24 hours a day. We would like to inform you that these bots are a service that is paid for while the index portfolios are completely free to invest in.

Stacked hopes to take the anxiety and confusion associated with investing in cryptocurrency out of the decision-making process. Stacked is also a platform that operates alongside a different platform that you prefer, so instead of acting as an exchange platform, it functions more like the software that integrates with the exchange you prefer. Presently, Stacked works with major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Voyager, KuCoin, and many others. For those who are not knowledgeable about cryptos, but would like to start investing in the market Stacked is an excellent option to help ease you into the marketplace.

This concludes Our list of 15 top cryptocurrency startups to be watching this year. Brisk Logic make sure to keep this list current when new startups, new-and-improved startups emerge in the field.


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