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The Rise of Low-Code and No-Code Mobile App Development

Companies today are confronting a lack in the number of developers and the shortage is predicted to hit Mobile App Development companies severely in 2023.


Highly skilled developers are out of supply. Businesses that rely on traditional methods of development struggle to respond quickly to market changes and introduce modern digital offerings.


They’re struggling to provide modern, secure apps that are expandable. They’re having a difficult time trying to meet the growing demand for integration into existing apps as well as third-party solutions.


Today, businesses require new digital solutions that are rapidly evolving operational environments.


To modernize their processes and provide superior customer experiences, companies now are turning the focus toward low-code and no-code application platforms.


What is driving this huge increase?


According to Gartner the escalating growth of remote programming during COVID-19 is a major driver.


The COVID-19 epidemic is a key driver that is continuing to increase the use of low-code platforms, despite ongoing efforts to reduce costs.


Low-code/no-code platforms are digital software environments which allow both citizen developers and developers from the enterprise the ability to move and drop components, connect them, and build mobile or web-based apps.

How is Low-code different from other platforms?

Simply said, both low-code, as well as no-code development platforms, give developers the possibility of building software without the need for writing code.


Low-code and no-code applications development are based on abstracting code away to give users the benefits from visual modeling. There is a significant distinction in the size and nature of the application that can be created using both approaches.


We’ll first understand the difference.


There are two kinds of users: Developers who are citizens in addition to Enterprise users. Platforms with low code are primarily designed for citizen developers, whereas non-code platforms are targeted at business and enterprise users.


Low-code platforms will require coding(“low” code) activities.


Let me repeat it for you:


Low-code platforms require some form of code. Coding remains a crucial element in the creation process. They aim to provide the capability to build a broad range of options for software solutions.


The low-code platform for application (LCAP) can be designed to create and deploy custom software by abstracting and reducing hand-coding. It’s a means for developers of all levels to develop applications swiftly and with minimal hand-coding.


No-code is a visual-based drag-and-drop platform that lets you create simple apps that work. It is simple to use by those who have no programming knowledge or prior experience.


While the No-Code platforms are targeted at those who work in business.


They do not offer the option to edit code manually and instead concentrate on creating the most user-friendly and simple experience that is possible, while also separating from technical aspects.


The simpler the user interface is to comprehend and comprehend, the more suitable for business users.

Here’s a brief overview of the Magic Quadrants of Gartner of Enterprise Low-Code Platforms for Mobile App Development:

Salesforce Platform:

Salesforce Platform empowers developers to quickly create and deploy reliable cloud-based applications that are stable secure, scalable, and secure without having to worry about the provisioning of hardware and application stacks.


ServiceNow Platform:

Gain an intelligent platform that is native to the platform that lets you anticipate prioritize, organize, and control the tasks that matter most. This is possible with the Now Platform from ServiceNow.


Microsoft Power Apps empower all employees in your company to create business applications in a simple way using Microsoft Power Apps and start modernizing your processes as well as taking the initiative to.



OutSystems is a low-code platform that allows you to create your app visually and integrate it with existing systems, and then add your code as needed.



Mendix is the most efficient and fastest low-code platform utilized by companies to build mobile and web-based applications on a massive size.




Explore the potential of low-code automation. Appian is the sole brand acknowledged by analysts from the industry for automation, low-code, as well as case management.

Oracle APEX:

Oracle APEX offers you all the tools needed to create applications on one, flexible platform that is an integral part of the Oracle Database. Explore the advantages Oracle APEX has to offer and the best way to begin creating high-quality apps now.

Zoho Creator:

Zoho Creator is an app development platform with low code that allows you to launch customized mobile-ready apps within moments. Develop your apps to automatize processes within your organization, automate workflows or manage databases.

Kony Quantum:

Quantum is the leading application development platform to create seamless Digital experiences that span all platforms with the highest quality of consumer UX for mission-critical applications. It blends the speed and convenience of low-code development, with the full range of backend services that are designed for enterprise along with integration and integration features.

Pega Platform:

The most advanced, fast, and code-free Pega Platform is unified for developing BPM CRM, BPM as well as case management and real-time decision-making applications.


Betty Block:

Betty Blocks is The sole no-code platform that gives you full power as well as innovation and speed. Develop business, mobile, and web-based applications in a flash using Betty Blocks.

Angel Point:

AgilePoint NX is the top Low-to-No-Code Application Development system that allows companies to build easily flexible business applications.

Quick Base:

unleashes the creative potential of your teams to swiftly enhance any process. Discover why thousands of top businesses around the world use Quick Base to link their processes, data, and their people.


Kintone is a complete workplace platform that allows teams with high collaboration to design, share and automate customized workflows and processes to achieve data-driven performance



ProntoForms provides the most advanced low-code field-oriented development platform for mobile forms designed for businesses. Get started with a trial for our most effective mobile forms solution now!


Open Source:

Speedos Platform: Steedos Platform is an open-source tool for the development of management applications that are designed to assist enterprises in their efforts to innovate expand, integrate, and extend business systems by leveraging its agility as well as its flexibility and openness. Built on this platform, it is easy to develop smart and mobile enterprise apps.


Odoo Studio:

Get yourself a developer’s license with Odoo Studio and build applications that you can customize.


Low Code Open Source Framework in Python and JS.

Leading Low-Code Machine Learning Platforms

CreateML Experience is a brand-new way of preparing models for machine learning using your Mac.

Data robot End-to-End AI for enterprises platform that allows for quick and simple deployment of reliable predictive models. Create, build and deploy, then monitor and manage strong AI applications for enterprise scale.

  • – ML platform for iOS, Android, and SnapML in Lens Studio.
  • Google Cloud AutoML High-quality training of custom machine learning models that require little effort and minimal know-how.
  • Acceleron to accelerate AI processes for the financial sector using the No code AI platform.
  • BigML – ML is made very easy for anyone.
  • RunwayML makes machine learning accessible to innovative users from a range of disciplines.
  • Superannotate End-to-End platform used to create, train as well as automate the computer vision pipelines.
  • Google Cloud ML Kit A mobile development toolkit that provides the power of machine learning for Android and iOS applications.
  • MakeML – Create Segmentation and Object Detection ML models with no code.

Microsoft Azure Automated ML Automatically creates machine learning models that are fast and scalable.

Naturally, AI Machine learning software simplifies data science by allowing anyone to quickly perform accurate predictions as with analytics on your data, by asking queries in natural language.

Teachable Machine HTML0 – Web-based software that trains computers to recognize images or sounds, as well as poses and postures.


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