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Is the metaverse augmented reality or virtual reality?

Virtual reality, augmented reality, and the internet are all part of the metaverse, which is a virtual shared world. This description appears to be quite similar to the concept of a metaverse proposed by Facebook and other digital giants.

Is it feasible to have a metaverse?

Yes, the Metaverse is a viable option. However, corporate greed, human nature, infrastructure constraints, and physical laws will all lead to compromises. ‘Persistent, shared, 3D virtual places integrated into a perceived virtual cosmos’ can and will very certainly be developed; they may not look exactly as you envision.

What is tangible augmented reality?

A Tangible Augmented Reality Modeling (TARM) system is a revolutionary modelling system that incorporates Augmented Reality (AR) and a Tangible User Interface (TUI) (TUI). The TARM technology allows users to construct 3D models in a unique interactive way. A genuine pen is also included in the system, which may be used to draw curves or surfaces directly on models.

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