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What Jobs Does the Metaverse Do?

Because of its nature, the metaverse’s experiences will be extremely different.

Let’s first look at all the roles that the metaverse will take on.

Let’s first look at the various roles that the metaverse is expected to inherit.

All the Jobs of Television

Ben Thompson uses the metaphor of “jobs” that a product performs to explain how technology has changed the way television is viewed and is a great starting point with: for more than 100 years, television was a source of information and educated us, offered the ability to stream live sports occasions, brought news to our homes and was a remedy to boredom. The internet can do all these and it will keep happening in the metaversethe future of television.

!!br0ken! This is augmented by an exponential increase in the number of creators and immersion.

All the Jobs of the Internet

It is also evident that the internet can do much more than the jobs originally carried out by television. It also offers us products and provides a platform for applications that run software, creates marketplaces and encourages collaboration. As I’ll show below, the metaverse can enhance each of these areas by making the creation process for creators and embedding more experiences into the immersive environment.

“Third Place”

Ray Oldenburg coined the “third place” (beyond the home and office) as a place for creative thinking and social interaction.

The third position is occupied by social media.

However, physical third spaces serve as a space for events . Most social networks are focused on one thing sharing content.

It’s already happening in games.

Games let you participate in real-life activities with your buddies… And they are great in telling stories, giving the opportunity to escape, and provide an industry that is booming in live streaming that includes the inclusion of sports.

From Transactions to Activities

The internet of today is mostly focused on transactions and the ability to access information.

In the metaverse, which we’ll mostly discuss things that happen.

As the metaverse grows to include the world of immersive learning shopping and travel, education and many other applications that were never imagined It will also be more game-like, that is to say, more active-oriented.

Properties of the Metaverse

The Metaverse is actually Internet 3.0. What is the qualitative difference from the Internet we have in the present?

It is a good idea to consider the metaverse as a concept and as the process. It’s already there. The process of creating the metaverse is guided by:

  • Activity: mainstreaming of immersive experience , which don’t just simplify looking at websites and apps and take part in activities with other people within spaces.

  • Create-driven both and the instruments to develop your own content as well as the creator economies that let users to contribute content to them, will allow non-technical individuals to design the metaverse.

  • Embedding and linking of emerging content: Just as embedded and hyperlinked content have become the connecting tissue of previous generation of the Internet The ability to connect and layer the elements of the internet’s immersive experience will fuel the next wave of technological innovation. There may be new terminology — hyperportals and hyperstreams?

What is Immersive, and what does it mean?

1. Noting or relating the digital world or to images which stimulate the senses and result in a altered state of mind: immersive media; immersive 3D environments.

2. taking note of or in relation to the activities that consume most of one’s time, attention or energy: her years of absorbing social research.

3. It is defined by or related to absorption, dipping or the process of immersion.

It’s has been said I believe this is an ambiguous method of thinking about the concept of immersion.

Another way to think about it is to imagine it as providing us with the illusion of the location we’re in and when I say “we” what’s inherent in it is the idea that our Self is present in this particular place.

Naturally, this includes AR and VR but it also encompasses anything that our minds see it as spaces or locations that we could be. That is a virtual world that are found in games, and could be played in 2D and 3D.

It’s not just limited to graphic experiences. A good illustration is Clubhouse that is in the realm of metaverse.

Clubhouse can be called “interactive podcasts” but that does not really describe it.

It gives the illusion of being in an environment with a bunch of people who are engaged in activities such as learning, socializing and drinking water-cooler conversations. Its activity pattern mirrors how people search for groups in MMORPGs.

Metaverse experiences provide us with an impression of being in the present through the use of sensors we developed to utilize. Videogames are becoming increasingly adept in this regard — and the learning — along with the use of spatial computing technology to make this content available around us, will increase not only the possibilities of gaming and leisure, but also disrupt various other tasks too.

Use Cases for the Metaverse

Let’s take a look at the roles done by the metaverse to a few specific examples.


There are games that we have -they’re already in the realm of metaspacehowever they’ll be more immersive (more adjusted to the environment and social interaction, as well as more interactive) and created by an explosion of creators.

Unity and Roblox are two examples of a platforms that have revolutionized the game industry by enabling hundreds of developers to make games:

Social Experiences

Based on the technology that has enabled virtual worlds in games the metaverse will offer us the possibility of socializing by engaging in activities instead of simply engaging in social media through sharing photos and news sites.

Immersive Commerce

The most notable successes of e-commerce to date have been centered around more self-directed, low-touch purchases.

Traditional retail has always excelled in occasions where high-touch, pour-you a-tea and consultation on purchases is a favorite among consumers. Could this be the place an area where immersive commerce in metaverse may be headed?

Real Estate

Though I am sure it’ll be a long time before people begin buying homes exclusively using VR -it is likely to be a major way for people to can prescreen properties they’re looking to visit and also going back and reviewing the information that is augmented about the property.


A major and costly and tax-paying industries for the environment is travel.

The metaverse could one day let you visit some of the world’s most intriguing places. Matterport has enabled you to go to five of Egypt’s historic sites through VR:


Cars have been a long-standing passion for gamers And this will continue into the metaverse. The metaverse will provide many applications to the automobile industry, too.

Like the world of architecture, the metaverse will create a social and collaborative environment for the design of vehicles. It’ll provide a virtual environment to test cars that are autonomous, particularly autonomous driving. It is possible to visit a virtual showroom along with your family members to choose the car you’ll purchase.

Learning and Education

Although we struggled to substitute education using Zoom as well as Google Classroom during the pandemic the options for technology were very limited. This is likely to change in the near future when the metaverse transforms education into something more interactive, more social.

It will empower incredible educators from all over the world to lead, by equipping educators with the tools to unleash their own creativity. They will also take the lessons gained through games to make learning more engaging and enjoyable.

It will affect everything from traditional schooling as well as corporate education, and training based on skill (like fixing your dishwasher using augmented real-time).


It’s being designed around activities you’ll be able to enjoy with coworkers and friends.

rapid increase in creators are mixing-and-matching, embedding , and linking, making use of a brand new generation of tools that are geared towards creators.

It will lead you to locations that you’ve never thought of.

And it’s amazing.



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