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Mobile App Development in 2023: The Latest Trends and Technologies

Mobile App Development continues to flourish and the industry is growing rapidly. Statistics speak for themselves. The global mobile app development market is projected to reach $44.3 trillion in 2027.


You must keep up to date with the latest trends in order to thrive in this digital age.


To get the opinions of experts in different fields, we teamed up to create a list highlighting the top mobile app development trends for 2023.


Based on their experience, this list was created using input from offshore mobile developers. Do not miss out on the chance to invent!

1. Super apps

Mobile App Development is not about creating one app that solves all users’ problems. All that is changing today is the Super App. In 2023, Super App will be a prominent Mobile App Development trend.


Super app provides a single solution to multiple problems. It offers a variety of services such as food delivery, shopping experiences, and movie ticket purchases.


Financial services, online messaging, and ride-hailing are some examples. WeChat is a great example of a super app.


WeChat is a multi-purpose Chinese messaging and social media app that allows users to send messages, pay bills and receive instant messaging.


It has over 1.26 billion active users each month from a broad range of ages. Learn also: How to create a messaging app


Super apps allow users to solve all their problems in one place, which is always accessible. It’s much easier to use one super-app than many different apps. It’s not surprising that super apps are in high demand.


PYMNTS’s study shows that 67% of US customers would like at least two of their digital activities to be integrated into one location, and around 11% would prefer one app to manage their entire digital life.


Statista also reports that around 67 percent of Americans are interested in integrating multiple digital experiences into one app.


So, 20% of respondents identified themselves as information seekers, who are interested in integrating their online experiences into one app that allows them to shop, travel, and bank online.

2 Mobile

Access to education is essential in a rapidly changing world. Educational mobile app development is more important than ever, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Mobile learning is a promising trend in mobile app development and has not shown any signs of slowing. Statista predicts that the global market for eLearning will grow to $370 billion by 2026.


mLearning’s primary purpose is to allow people to learn the required skills and knowledge using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and tablets.


It is a convenient way for students to study anywhere they are, 24/7.


Edplus is an educational mobile app that can be used on both iOS

and Android by the Brisk Logic LMS Development Company.


The app has 150+ subjects to explore, 5,000+ videos, and new content every day. We created an individual learning path using artificial intelligence technology.


Based on their previous knowledge, the app selects questions that are most relevant to each user. EdPlus keeps track of how users have answered previous questions.


This data is used to improve the app’s teaching strategies. The system tracks each learner’s mastery of topics and creates 3D learning paths that show each learner’s progress.


Mobile learning is set to grow in popularity as it has many benefits for users such as:

  • 24/7 access to the learning content
  • It’s great flexibility: Users can access the knowledge wherever and whenever they like.
  • Personalized learning approach
  • Content Variety

We have provided some stunning figures to illustrate how promising the mLearning market can be.


It is very possible to build a mLearning application, as you can see. It’s exciting to be a part of the EdTech market.

3. Rise of 5G

Although 5G was already a prominent trend in app development, it is expected that 5G will be more widely used.


Forecasts predict that 5G connections will account for 40% of all European connections and 15% of all global mobile connections by 2025. You can see below how 5G technology usage will increase worldwide.


What is 5G and how does it impact mobile app development?


5G is not an improved version of 4G. 5G, the fifth generation of wireless cellular networks (5G), is the latest radio technology. It aims to improve smartphone connectivity and user experience.


5G technology offers the following:

  • High-speed performance (5G is 100x faster than 4G).
  • Low latency allows data to be delivered in a matter of milliseconds
  • New opportunities exist to build AR/VR apps that are more realistic, and complex and stream high-quality 4K-8K or 360 videos.
  • Increased connectivity for as many as a million devices
  • Smoother streaming with high-resolution streaming and faster speeds
  • Secure mobile payment through fast biometric processing


5G offers new possibilities for creating mobile apps that are more secure, robust, performant, and reliable than ever before.


It’s no surprise that 5G is one of the most desired mobile technology trends.

4 Voice technology

Voice technology is sweeping the globe and is expected to continue to be a major trend in mobile app development.


The global voice recognition market was expected to increase from $10.7 billion U.S. in 2020 to $27.16 Billion U.S. by 2026. What is voice technology and why is it so attractive?


A device’s ability to understand and receive spoken instructions is called voice recognition. Voice recognition technology allows people to use voice commands for internet searches and devices.


Voice technology is being used by banks and financial institutions to enhance their mobile apps. People can now send payments using their mobile voice assistants.


Garanti Bank’s voice-driven, mobile banking is a great example. Garanti Bank created a virtual assistant to allow customers to make banking transactions via voice.


Users can speak the name of a person or company to transfer money and make purchase orders.


Voice technology can also be beneficial for the retail sector. Carrefour, a retailer, is integrated with Google Assistant to offer a voice-activated grocery shop service.


Customers of Carrefour can link their account to a Google assistant and add items directly to their shopping cart by simply dictating the products they require (milk, bread, or spaghetti).


After the list has been converted into a shopping cart, customers can confirm their order and make payments. Voice-based checkout and payment are also available.


Voice technology offers many benefits and has great potential for mobile apps.

5. AR & VR technology

Augmented and virtual realities have been one of the most innovative innovations, opening up new opportunities to businesses in many industries. AR and VR are the hottest trends in mobile app development for this year.


Statista predicts that the AR and VR market worldwide will reach $296.9 Billion U.S. Dollars in 2024.


This is why there has been a significant increase in demand. AR and VR have many benefits for businesses such as:

  • Customer experience made more efficient and pleasant
  • This technology has increased sales, allowing consumers to test many products virtually, and encouraging them to buy more.
  • Improved communication and collaboration by creating a shared space simultaneously
  • Comprehensive analytics to understand consumer behaviour to better promote the products of the company


Businesses in many industries can benefit from both AR and VR technologies. Retail is one example of a business that already uses this cutting-edge technology.


The Nike app allows users to scan their feet to get highly-accurate recommendations for sizing. This feature allows online shoppers to easily and confidently order shoes online, even if they are mistaken for the right size.


Advertising and marketing are other examples. To enhance our promotional materials, the Brisk logic team created an AR mobile application.


The Brisk Logic AR mobile application reveals the details of printed brochures in vivid detail, which allows us to tell the company’s story in a similar format. Users simply point their mobile devices at a page and it will go live.


One of the fastest-growing trends in application development this year is virtual and augmented reality.


This technology is already changing the way people interact with colleagues, customers, and the rest of the world.


AR and VR will become more popular in many industries, including gaming, travel, education, entertainment, and healthcare. It’s the perfect time to explore augmented and virtual reality.

6. P2P mobile apps

Peer-to-peer mobile apps will be another major trend in Mobile App Development. According to eMarketer data, the P2P value of mobile transactions will reach $612.23 billion in 2023.


PayPal and Venmo are P2P payment apps that allow users to transfer money between people using their bank accounts or cards.


People can shop online, purchase the products and services they need, pay rent, and transfer money to the person who needs it.


In 2023, we will be able to observe different types of P2P apps on mobile devices. These are some of them:

  • Mobile OS systems that include built-in payment systems such as Apple Pay and Android Pay
  • Social media platforms that have built-in payment capabilities allow users to make payments from within the app.
  • Independent vendors that have their own payment system such as PayPal
  • Apps that are bank-based, where the bank is one-third party who performs transactions, such as Zelle
  • These numbers show the demand and potential for P2P payment applications.


Businesses can create their own P2P payment app to facilitate cross-border transactions, reach more customers, increase customer engagement and trust, and avoid expensive intermediaries.


It is expected that companies will offer more payment options to their customers through the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

7. Mobile app security is a great focus

According to Check Point Software’s Mobile Security Report 2021 almost all organizations worldwide were affected by a mobile malware attack in the last year. Thus,

  • In 2020, 97% of companies dealing with multiple mobile threat vectors.
  • 46% of companies had at most one employee download a malicious app to their mobile phones
  • Cyberattacks are a threat to at least 40% of mobile devices around the globe.


Cybersecurity is an important concern as the number of cyberattacks is on the rise every year. There are many ways to ensure that your app is secure.


These are just a few of the options:

  • Data encryption is used to encode sensitive data in code that protects against fraud
  • Two-factor authentication using fingerprint, face integration, and voice recognition or a password for one-time use
  • Restricted access is when only authorized workers have to access the client’s data
  • Data tokenization is a random line that uses symbols to replace sensitive data
  • Data backup that is reliable to protect data from loss during data operations
  • Regular penetration testing is necessary to maintain a high level of protection and prevent security problems in the future.


One security problem can quickly ruin your reputation and cause users to leave. Do not risk your users’ privacy or your reputation. Instead, implement reliable security measures.


Make sure that your team has extensive experience in building reliable Mobile App Development before you start app development.

8. mCommerce growth

In the last few years, mobile commerce has experienced a significant boost and will continue to grow in 2023. We have seen a shift in the way people shop since the COVID-19 epidemic.


This trend will continue. According to Allied Market Research, the global Mobile Payment market was worth $1.48 trillion in 2019 and will reach $12.06 trillion by 2027, according to Allied Market Research.


Mobile commerce is growing in popularity as people spend more time on smartphones. Using mCommerce, people can shop and pay online from anywhere using their mobile devices.


Here are some interesting stats and facts that will help you grow your business.

You can see that mCommerce is in high demand. Every company, large or small, must adapt to mobile commerce in order to stay competitive.

Last words

Overall, 2023 will be another year of exciting technology in the Mobile App Development industry.


Do you want to empower your company with a Mobile App Development that is progressive?


Are you looking to improve your mobile app with emerging technology?


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