Online Food Delivery App: 6 Ordering Systems

It’s not necessary to inform eateries about the fact that Online Food Delivery apps and delivery have seen an explosion in the past few years.


In the year 2019 1.17 billion people around the world were using Online Food Delivery App services. In 2020, during the COVID-19 epidemic, the number of worldwide users was up by 30 percent to close to 1.5 billion.


Experts are now predicting it will reach two billion Online Food Delivery App service users in 2024.


Naturally, restaurant owners are looking to profit from the growing popularity of online ordering and Online Food Delivery App. and those who have set up online ordering platforms have seen the fruits:


More reach,


Although seating in the dining area of your restaurant may limit your options, you can accommodate more customers by offering online delivery of take-out orders or delivery requests.


Increased sales. The figures can be contradictorily determined by the research you’re referring to There’s no doubt that restaurants that have online ordering experience higher sales. In certain areas within the U.S., as much as 800 percent more.


Check larger sizes. Numerous studies have proven that those who place orders online are more likely to spend up to 20% more on average.


With all the benefits to be had it’s obvious that online ordering is increasingly an option for restaurants and becoming more essential for those who wish to boost their profits keep ahead of their competitors, and provide their patrons with the experiences they’re looking for.


However, this is where things become challenging for restaurant owners. There is a myriad of online order systems to pick from.


What is the best system that gives your restaurant the most benefits, but without the drawbacks of high prices?


If you’re in search of the most efficient dining establishment online ordering system & Online Food Delivery App You’re in the right spot.


We‘ll go over all options and determine the system is best for both the restaurant as well as its customers.

6 Online Food Delivery App Systems To Choose From

If you look at the most well-known online order systems that are accessible to restaurants at present There are six kinds that the majority of restaurants end up picking from.

Online Food Delivery App

1. Third-Party Delivery Apps

We’ve discussed the advantages and disadvantages of third-party applications.


They are convenient with speedy set-up and access to a vast number of hungry customers, however, their high commissions and cost structure makes them difficult in many establishments to utilize effectively.


Online orders should help improve your bottom line rather than reduce it.

2. Content Management Systems, with Online Ordering Integrated

Content control system (CMS) will be the software that you use to create and manage your restaurant’s website.


In the same way, as websites are built by builders that cater to small-sized businesses such as restaurants, they’d like to provide the functionality their customers want.


This is why it’s not difficult to find a CMS with online ordering features built into it.


The most well-known CMS systems have also added additional tools that are particularly beneficial to restaurants, including the capability to design gift cards as well as a loyalty program.


This is the downside: Many website builders are built for small-sized businesses, but they’re not designed exclusively for restaurants.


This means that often, the features that restaurant owners require are limited to premium subscriptions or additional features to your existing website.


They are expensive and restaurant owners need alternatives that are more affordable than those.

3. An Online Ordering Integration to Your existing website

If your CMS does not have online ordering capabilities certain businesses have been set up to fill the need for eateries.


You can set up your online ordering account, and later connect it to your current website, and other systems which your restaurant is using such as your POS.


The main drawback of this approach is that it may become difficult to solve each restaurant’s issue using a single solution.


The process of integrating all the different technology tools to cooperate can be a challenge and even restaurant owners who do not have any technical knowledge might have difficulty getting their hands on it.


There’s another tool that employees must learn the use, something that requires time and effort. Of course, there’s the expense of adding another software to your restaurant’s workflow.

Online Food Delivery App

4. A Custom-designed solution that you build Yourself

An alternative method to deal with online ordering requirements is to create a website or tool which is precisely the services your restaurant demands.


It will require the technical skills needed to develop and then launch your technology tools or hire someone with the knowledge to assist.


Although creating a customized tool that allows restaurants to design the exact features and workflow they require, however, it has major drawbacks.


One of the biggest is cost. Building an individual website or integration takes time, as will money. Two resources that restaurant owners usually don’t have readily available.


It takes longer to make changes to your online system every time you change your menu or add seasonal items to your menu.


It is risky for restaurant owners who are not tech experts. If there’s a problem within your system it won’t have an experienced customer service department that can assist you in fixing the issue.

5. Point Sale Systems with Online Ordering Options

One of the primary ways restaurants can include online ordering options on their websites is through their point of sales (POS) system.


A lot of popular POS systems provide online ordering that restaurants can connect directly from their websites and allow customers to log on to an online ordering site and submit their orders.


This option is easy and practical for restaurants since they’ll need a POS in the end and online orders made in this manner can seamlessly integrate with the existing systems as well as workflows.


Because there is so much competition in this area pricing for POS systems is usually very competitive as well.


The most significant issue is the fact that numerous POS systems offer various online ordering options.


Along with being somewhat too many in the number of options available, it’s challenging for restaurant owners to locate the one system that is the perfect match for their POS requirements as well as online ordering requirements.

6. A digital toolkit that helps manage your entire online presence

That brings us to our alternative which is more than the restaurant’s online ordering system.


Today, in the digital age restaurants now have access to integrated tools that provide web design and management, with integrated online ordering and delivery, direct online order and delivery as well as interactive online menus and automated marketing tools order-in-a-minute tools for contactless ordering, and many other features.

Let’s Build your Online Food Delivery App with Brisk Logic

Even better, Brisk Logic provides restaurants with a wide range of additional digital capabilities, such as website creation and administration, automatic marketing, social network integration, in-the-moment consumer insights, and more.


Additionally, your guests can interact with your online menu using our patented, one-of-a-kind menu technology.


Brisk Logic is the platform that enables contemporary eateries to conduct their entire operation online.


Want to learn more about how Brisk Logic can elevate the online ordering process at your restaurant as well as the rest of your online presence?


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