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The metaverse isn’t an account about “nobody believes in it and against all odds it will win.” On the contrary, this is a narrative that tells the story of “everyone believes in it but nobody knows why.” The overall investments in the Metaverse has been focused on entertainment and gaming. However, the Metaverse is much more than those verticals. It’s the development that is the Internet. Everyone will be looking for some out of the Metaverse.
If you run or work in a creative agency, consulting firm, or a service company that is of a certain type I’d like to know for you whether (not what) you ought to be thinking about engaging within the Metaverse.

“Why “why” is easy. It’s a market that is green, where no single business like you has paved the way for you.

“How “how” is a little more difficult.

The Metaverse Rise

The natural response is to figure the best way to earn money immediately. However, the system isn’t there yet. The best way for an agency to do is to follow the development of the Metaverse.

Act 1 – Build the Metaverse

The Metaverse is an entirely new dimension in reality. It is unclear what exactly is possible in this new realm. But those who are testing the limits are the ones who will be the ones to achieve success.

Even in the event that you don’t have an internal resources to create scenarios for the Metaverse There are many companies that can work with you (at reasonable costs) especially when you’re bursting with ideas and are looking to explore new frontiers.

The time to relax and invest on R&D in your own Metaverse will soon be closing. This is the moment to be able to you can play around with concepts in the Metaverse.

Act 2 – Capitalize the Metaverse

After some doing some testing and looking at a variety of perspectives, you can determine where you think the Metaverse can be integrated into your strategy. Does it function as a marketing tool? Lead enrichment? Marketing strategy? A new business unit? Revenue stream from ancillary revenues?

If you’ve invested a significant amount of time and effort developing the foundation of your Metaverse experiences and forming business strategies, it’s your duty to share the gospel that is the Metaverse. Be an ambassador for this new dimension as well as the unique perspective you’ve chosen to take.

Act 3 – Innovate the Metaverse

In the present, there are numerous competitors and copycats. It’s up to you to be different and raise the metaverse for your business. In the end, you’ll have to consider moats. This point is quite distant, but is important to keep it in mind, particularly in Acts 1 and 2.

Been Here Before

If you think back to the growth in the popularity of consumers Internet businesses of all sorts were advised to take advantage of their real property. Do not worry about anything else because the real estate itself is worth the investment. Of course, you’ve heard the tale from there.

The beginning of the Mobile Era was a little more different. It was recommended, again, to take advantage of their property via apps. However, there was a more pronounced focus upon “how does this fit our organization?” Certain apps earned money, while others improved the user experience.

One of the most significant decisions in the Mobile Era, in my view is Kleiner Perkins starting their iFUND just following Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone in the year 2008. It was a fund of $100 million to support “market-changing ideas and products that extend the revolutionary new iPhone and iPod touch platform”. Their quick action resulted in a huge profit.

The necessity to stay ahead of the metaverse isn’t as clear as the Internet or mobile revolutions.

There’s not a cookie-cutter metaverse application similar to the cookie cutter mobile application and website. There’s no metaverse-related experience we can go through and say, “Wow, we need to be doing that.”

This is the reason Act 1 is to build the metaverse. We’re currently in the test phase. Find out what works and isn’t. It’s probably best to relax and let others try to see if the system is worked out. However, you’ll end up being the replica with no experience and no frames of reference. The winners at the end were able to get their defeats over quickly.

What About Now?

My suggestion is to not concentrate on selling now. This Metaverse could be an R&D experiment. Find ways in which the Metaverse could be utilized as a dazzling feature for your business. Perhaps you’ll discover a way to show the work of your clients or case studies with the use of a VR app.

I believe one of the most effective ways to be involved in creating the Metaverse is by using an Insta360 ONE X. It’s an all-round video camera that can capture a full-immersive moment, and then does the work to create an immersive experience. It’s been a hit for virtual tours of real estate and travel bloggers as well as action videographers. However, I’d like to see more companies utilize this for internal content, and to try out marketing using it.

Create a Metaverse creator of content. It’s an easy way to get started to get you acquainted with the Metaverse.

I’m a huge fan of the Ascape approach to a VR-first travel agency. They’re developing a virtual counterpart to physical trips. They’re also engaging with the external 360o video makers to outsource VR production of content – and by paying them for what they’ve already produced. In this way they’re fulfilling all aspects of the market for travel.

When I worked at Redox and we were in a meeting that seemed to be dead I’d stand up and ask, “You realize that this is a $2,000 meeting?”

The meeting was attended by 15 people lasting one hour.

If you’re serious, you’re better off putting off the meeting now, since it will not bring $2,000 back into your business and then use the money to purchase the Insta360 ONE X and an Oculus Quest.

It could be a decision worth thousands or even millions for your business in the long term.



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