Top 6 Platforms for Custom Low Code Chatbot Development

Chatbots go beyond simple tools to help users by providing FAQs. Chatbots are able to solve human problems using artificial intelligence and the natural processing of language. They help customers find their solutions and prevent your support team from becoming overwhelmed with the same issues. Low Code Chatbot Development serves as an assistant virtual to your customers’ experience points of contact.

It is a win for both businesses and customers. It is essential to create smart and customized Chatbots to improve business efficiency and satisfaction with customers. As software development is becoming more accessible to citizen developers, we’re seeing exponential growth in Low Code Chatbot development platforms. This blog lists the top Low Code platforms to build chatbots that match your needs.

Why choose Low Code Chatbot Development Platforms? 

If you’ve read our blogs, you’ll be aware that we’re the biggest supporters of No Code (probably in the known universe). However, Low Code is sort of an approach to True No Code.

Market research by Gartner discovered that Low Code application building would comprise over 65% of applications development activities in 2024, with around 66% of large enterprises using at least 4 Low Code platforms. This is the reason we are seeing an increase in the use of Low Code platforms designed specifically intended for Chatbot development.

Low Code Chatbot Development

Cost Advantage

The cost associated with Low Code platforms is a bit different. Low Code platforms are flexible. After reading this article you will be able to see the various pricing options available for the development of your own Chatbot. Due to the increased access, you will save lots of development costs.

Some of these platforms also offer the pay-as-you-go option, which means that you can join conversations for the cost of a tiny amount when you reach the threshold for monthly usage. A lot of businesses do not want to invest large sums of money in chatbots Chatbot until they can experience the benefits. The pricing models we use help to solve this issue.

Natural Language and AI Capabilities

While it may sound like science fiction but it’s quite doable. Natural Language and AI-driven Chatbots are possible to create using Low Code development platforms. If you’re starting out with bots, you do not necessarily need to focus on bots that use NLP. But it can be a significant feature once you have accumulated more information and increased the scale.


Low Code Chatbot Development platforms could effortlessly connect your Chatbot with the most popular SaaS tools, and even enterprise tools on-premise. Making the Chatbot that is a perfect fit for your current technology stack can ease the burden of the support team, and improve overall satisfaction with your customers.

As an example If your team is using Slack to communicate internally and Hubspot to serve as a Sales CRM, you could connect Chatbots with Chatbots to enable automation through these platforms.

Customization Boosted

Businesses that are new can start by using a templated Chatbot. When your business grows you will need to tailor the Chatbot. Low Code offers you the capability to micro-customize your Chatbot without affecting the loading time of your app or website.

For instance, media companies would want their Chatbot to sport a unique logo animation. Low Code Chatbot Development are an ideal fit for these.

In a nutshell, Low Code has democratized innovation by establishing an intermediary between developers, programmers as well as domain specialists.

Best Platforms For Low Code Chatbot Development

Here are the best  solutions for building an individual Low Code Chatbot Development for your company.

Low Code Chatbot Development


Botpress can be described as an open-source AI platform that allows you to create robots that use patterns and text. It is designed for developers who wish to build AI-powered robots without the help of experts in machine learning and data science experts.

In Botpress the channels are set up and configured locally as well as individuals providing you with complete control over the information that is transmitted to the Low Code Chatbot Development along with the other chat platform. Botpress does not forward messages to a third-party service.


  • Free
  • Customized Premium Versions are available with assistance upon making a request for a demo.


  • Facebook Messenger, WordPress, Slack, Telegram, Twilio, and Vonage.

Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents aka PVA is Microsoft’s most recent AI development for building Chatbots. You can create strong Low Code Chatbot Development with a guide, No Code graphical interface that you can deploy for your entire team. The extensive use cases they provide include HR, sales financial, customer service, and almost every channel that has customers from both sides who are required to be involved.

Additionally, the cost of setting up and hosting the bots decreases because Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Services provides a suitable environment for hosting the bot. Even so, it was quite expensive.

It is very well-known. If you can afford it, PVA could be an ideal fit for you. In addition, Microsoft has created all of the documentation needed to comprehend and utilize the PVA platform.


  • Free Trial.
  • A monthly fee of $1,000 for two sessions (The session starts when a topic of discussion is activated, and it closes when one of the requirements is met: either the user’s queries are addressed, or the discussion is longer than 60 minutes or 100 times.)


Flow XO

The Low Code platform enables users to develop a variety of complex AI Chatbots. They can be connected to a variety of cloud-based apps. It’s essentially a Code platform so you can develop your own Chatbot with no code.

However, if you wish to make changes there is an option called Code [22] option on their platform. It allows for custom JavaScript to be executed, and the output is passed back into the flow. The scripts are executed within the Node.js JavaScript runtime. The most popular uses for them are accepting payments via Chatbots and offering an onboarding experience for new users.


  • The free plan comes with 5 bots, 500 interactions, and 2 weeks of logs, with branding.
  • The plan for $19/month includes 5000 interactivity, 15 bots, and three months’ worth of data. (You are able to add up to 5 bots as well as 25000 interactions for the rate of $10 and $25 per month, or $25/month, respectively.)



It’s another Low Code Chatbot Development platform to build automated Chatbots. The strength of Tars is in the templates. They offer more than 1300 templates that have been designed that cover major industries like Government, Insurance, Real Estate, Mortgage, Legal, and Education.

If you’re not looking to commit an enormous amount of time building your own Chatbot, Tars is the right option for you. They also offer seamless connections to, Google Calendar, and Hubspot. In addition, Tars provides 24/7 live chat support for paid customers to help you set up and develop automated processes.


  • Trial for 14 days at no cost.
  • Request a demonstration for more information on pricing.


  • Site and WhatsApp.

It’s a Low Code platform that allows users to build rules-based bots. The interface employs AI to teach your bot to answer basic queries and allows humans to join conversations mid-way in case the questions are becoming too complex.

While it has a drag-and-drop interface, it is possible to add an individual Code Block for writing Javascript. If you intend to include a large amount of your own code, it could cause a delay in loading. Make sure you include only what is required to run your Chatbot but not more.

You can customize your Chatbot in accordance with your brand aspect. If you’re a small company proprietor, Landbot is ideal for your requirements.


  • The free plan provides 100 conversations per month.
  • Paid Plan begins with EUR30 per month, with 500 chats. You can also add 500 chats by purchasing a EUR10 extra.


  • Facebook Messenger Web App as well as Whatsapp.


It’s a conversational AI platform that caters to technical and non-technical individuals. The Conversation Builder provides an easy-to-use interface and an assistant who guides people through building the Chatbot. They offer a vast collection of templates that cover various scenarios across different sectors.

There is also in addition, a sub-domain that is dedicated to developers. You can also add APIs and utilize the built-in scripting tools in order to connect variables or modify data. Their absence of a trial period for free can make it less appealing to startups. They compensate for this through the many integration channels that are available. If you’ve got a wide potential for automation and Chatbots within your organization it is best to go for it.


  • Custom pricing can be arranged after you request the trial. No trial or free plans.


  • Internet Messaging, App Messaging, Email Messaging, SMS, Apple Business Chat, Google RBM, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Twitter.

Wrap Up

Low Code Chatbot Development has evolved into AIs that can be used to communicate. They have assisted companies in gaining an understanding of how customers behave. With the aid of data, we can study and understand the needs of customers in a way that was never possible before. If you can integrate these conversational AI tools into your workflow and realize the true potential of automation for business. We hope that we have been successful in helping you select the best Low Code platform to build chatbots.


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