role-of-process-automation in-digital-transformation-business

Role of Process Automation in Digital Transformation Business

Did you exit the MS-DOS shell, move to spreadsheets and then to QuickBooks? Do you think that this means you’re keeping up with the latest challenges of digital technological change? What can technology do to transform your business operations?

The production side of your business is no longer dependent on copy machines, typewriters and calculators. Additionally, the combination of computer programs and networked office computer printers as well as the Internet has revolutionized the efficiency of business. What about the business procedures?

An Example of Business Process Automation (BPA)

Your sales and purchasing operation is a good example. It can quickly create printing, sending, and printing a precise invoice. This is the business process automation. Implement protocols to keep track of the invoice from the point of production to the point of payment, and you’re talking about a process. Automate the process and extend it throughout the company across other areas of your business and you’re entering the area of Business Process Automation (BPA).

If you’ve transitioned QuickBooks into financial ERP you have a system in place to benefit from other advantages. BPA is, as well as improving your business operations will also help your ERP, by in addition to identifying system bottlenecks as well as human error and methods to further streamline the processes you already automatized.

What exactly is BPA?

BPA simplifies and takes away numerous complicated (and oft repetitive) procedures in business, improves communications, and gives you an ownership of every step of the process.

An invoice for instance is inserted into the automated system by either scanning or through input by the user on the keyboard of a computer. The processing of invoices is built within the application, which results in hands-free movement throughout the system until funds are credited or distributed.

Problems, questions and issues are dealt with in the process of tracking invoices, not in a series of email exchanges scattered, for instance. In addition, duplicate efforts and mistakes in processing can be eliminated. The people who are responsible for a particular part of the process, as well as reviewing and approving are accountable. The procedure is transparent.

There are also savings in costs as automation takes the place of human error and late payments that are not noticed and slow review and approvals. Checks and balances into the processing to notify users of any changes in the process in real-time. What do you pay for administrative costs? BPA can cut down on a lot of the overhead costs.


The Role Process Automation Software Plays in BPA

BPA software expands IT functionality and makes the connections you require to move from process automation to production. The most effective BPA User Interface is targeted to employees who are not technically proficient through fast deployment and easy learning.

The software generally allows end-users to create a process using one or group approval method, either in sequential or parallel. The flow of process information is routed by default based on input from the user and doesn’t need to be pushed toward its desired end point.

BPA software is accessible on the cloud on premises, as well as in private cloud. Cloud configurations allow users to take off the burden of maintaining software updates, updates, and rigidity at a larger size. Larger enterprises with demanding requirements are the greatest customers.

Tips for How to Successfully Implement BPA

BPA seems great in theory however, how do you effectively incorporate it into your company? Here are steps you must accomplish to make the connection between business process automation and automation:

Choose the appropriate procedure to automatize.

You’ll need to acquire knowledge and confidence as an organization in BPA. The most effective approach is to begin by choosing procedures that are easy to follow and well documented using form, and light.

The most likely candidates are processes similar to employee onboarding, and also ones that do not require human intervention. Focus on the mission-critical when everyone is confident and gains experience , and BPA is beginning to become a reality in your business.

Set your automation goals in order that you can assess efficiency and ROI.

Automating business processes is an investment of time and cash. Therefore, it is crucial to measure performance at every stage using a phasing method. If at any point during the tracking the automated process is not performing it is possible to end the process at any time then cut your losses and begin again.

Set clear roles for people and an orderly structure

To establish roles for people within BPA You must identify who does exactly what, and the way they perform it currently. Automation is a way to alter those roles. The new roles could lead to confusion, buck-passing, and blame-shifting. To ensure accountability, it is essential to have an individual process owner for each and establish a clear system of hierarchy. Keep in mind the old saying that for each task there is to complete there should be a person assigned to perform it.


Utilize the human-centric method where you create and design automatized functions to aid in human capabilities and activities. To find out what those capabilities and tasks are, it is essential to meet with all those that will play a role in the coming digital transformation.

Be aware that automation is an extreme change in the way the company operates. Change can cause passive or active protest from staff. It is crucial to gain an early vote of confidence and to define the role of each employee by discussions and strengthening the employees’ sense of importance to the company.

Choose the best tool for the job and educate everyone who uses the system.

You must lay the foundations for your automation project in business. Find the software which best fits your business in regards to scalability, degree of capabilities, and level of user-friendliness. You don’t want to depend on costly after-product training consultants. So, choose BPA software that is able to be used across your entire organization in the shortest time.

The current workforce is made up of highly tech-savvy individuals who are eager to acquire new automation skills. Training automated business processes is something you must accomplish to ensure accountability. If you are accountable this process can run smoothly. At a minimum, your training must be able to explain the motivations for the automation, an overview , and training in the basics of the system, as well as the goal.

Keep in mind that automation is a continuous process.

Make sure you are constantly improving. It is essential to continuously track the effects that automation can bring to your company. Create regular key performance indicators that are based on the measurable, quantitative objectives. Review the reasons for implementing BPA and discover ways to evaluate these in a quantitative as well as qualitative manner.

Business Process Automation drives Transformation

Digital technology is a great way to transform your business. It simplifies processes, decreases redundancy and enhances communication. BPA software enhances IT capabilities and lets users develop processes in an approach that is multilayered.

In order to effectively implement BPA it is essential to choose the best processes, evaluate your goals, and assure the accountability of every person who is involved to play in this process. It is essential to choose the appropriate tool and educate your staff. Find ways to track and monitor progress over time.

Additionally, you’ll need an emergency plan in the event of unexpected technical issues or delays. Actually every automated business process should have a backup plan to return to manual mode. This of course increases the significance of the previously mentioned human-centric approach to managing business processes.




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