How to Increase Revenue by 90%

We will show you how we took an SEO client of ours into the SaaS area and Their organic traffic increased by 269%, and their revenue grew by 90% within the first 12 months.More than half of their business comes via organic search.

This SaaS company is located in the US and has helped many thousands of business owners to generate additional revenue by segmenting their email lists and sending them newsletters and autoresponder messages.

They required more leads.

Phase 1: On-page SEO

We began every project with a detailed analysis of our clients’ current websites. They had the basics of on-page SEO down but in such a competitive industry, good isn’t good enough.

We were fortunate that most of our competitors were large SaaS seo companies employing thousands and had a long chain command. Their on-page was outdated and likely to change soon.

We were able to smash the rankings of our big competitors by implementing thorough optimizations on pages and strategic link-building.

Content Audit

They had accumulated a lot of pages, as with any SaaS SEO company that has been around for some time. This is about 1,500 pages, plus over 4,500 pages that Google had gotten for different reasons.

This was one of many reasons we had to clean it up:

  • Google was receiving thousands of pages with duplicate content or no content at all. This is huge resource-sucking.
  • Pages that were not optimized for conversions or had outdated information were outranking pages that were important to us.
  • Google’s index contained posts that weren’t supposed to be publicly accessible (e.g. Thank-you pages and private discount! (
  • Instead of helping a handful of key lander, the “authority” of the site was being spread across thousands of pages.

The next step was to trim the site further by deleting any pages that did not add value. We then analyzed each page using three key metrics.

  1. Revenue generated:Are they bringing in conversions
  2. Leads generated:Do they bring in new business?
  3. Backlinks Do they help us rank higher?

Site Speed

Our team encountered a major problem while conducting the content audit. It took more than six seconds for the site to load.

This made our lives and teams a complete nightmare.

This meant that potential customers of the site, which could be 20,000 per month, were frustrated by long load times and associated that frustration with the brand.

Our site speed audit showed a score of 57/100 for mobile and 65/100 for desktop.

Our on-page SEO optimization and content work have already proven to be highly effective in ranking and driving organic traffic. However, this is not enough in a competitive industry like theirs.

Our competitors were frequently published in national publications. They also attracted hundreds upon hundreds of media links each month.

We had many new pages that had great content but no links. This meant we needed to increase our strategic link building.

Phase 3: Performance review!

Our third month saw organic traffic increase by more than 57%, and business was booming.

The results were so impressive that the client called us to review the performance of the past three months.

It was hard to determine what brought us the most success due to the number of changes that we made in the past three months. It didn’t matter that much, as the site was optimized and the content machine was running smoothly, and the team was educated about the basics.

Building stronger, more effective, and more reliable links was the way to go.

We created a customized link-building strategy to meet the client’s needs. Three months later, they increased their link-building investment to $5,000 per month.

Phase 4: A Second Performance Review

The third performance review came four months later. Traffic was up more than 120% due to our link building efforts.

Phase 4 saw the site go from a 120% increase in traffic to a 269% increase.

We’d love to say that this stage contained some magic ingredient…

It was only a matter of extra resources.

The site had seen a 269% increase in organic traffic by August 2019, and the revenue has reportedly increased by 90% since then.


It doesn’t matter how competitive your niche or how small your budget, SEO can still work. By focusing on the low-hanging fruits and creating a strategic plan, you’ll always find a way to make SEO work.

Once you have experienced the steady flow of organic traffic, it is difficult to return to PPC or bloated sales teams. For More Click here.


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