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Add advanced features to your app, mobile, workspace, security systems, and self-driving cars using face recognization, motion detection, and object detection to increase the security surveillance, the productivity of your industry, and enhance the working of mobile apps.

Identity Recognization & Motion Detection

Services Provided Using Identity
Recognization & Motion Detection



It is an Artificial Intelligence-based technology that identifies human faces. It has numerous benefits in providing better security and workspace automation as it enhances security surveillance by enabling easy tracking of the thieves, fast processing by instant face recognization, easy integrating and low investment in adding it to the old security software, and it reduces fraud by automating face recognization. We develop algorithms for face recognization and software for security systems which are beneficial for different industries in different ways like in automobile industry it is used to detect whether the driver is energetic to drive or not, healthcare industries use it to detect the illness of the patient, in security systems of industries, government offices, or banks, in mobile or computer security systems by face detection unlock, etc.
Mobile app
Video processing is vastly used in many areas like IP-based security systems, business intelligence & insights, and video surveillance in industries & smart cities as it automates the video analysis process and provides high benefits by reducing the costs and effective service offering. It has many benefits for different industries like queue & inventory management for retail industries, remort or patient monitoring for the healthcare industry, traffic, time, crowd, safety, & parking management or object tracking for transport or logistics industries, site & access control management for manufacturing industries, many a lot more. We develop applications infused with custom algorithms using computer vision and artificial intelligence to drive digitalization to your industries.
The compiler is a program that processes a written programming language like C, C++, or pascal into the machine language to make it useable by a computer processor. The compilers are mainly used by developing or programing companies as they provide better error detection mechanisms, increase the performance of the software, and enables hardware optimization. Compilers have the capability to process the whole source code at once, they convert the code to make it compact and runs faster, and they increase the security of the software by making it hard to copy the code. We develop advanced tools and provide services for program analysis and optimizing compilers.
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