SEO for Fintech: What are the Strategies for Business?

Like other disciplines of digital marketing such as search engine optimization (SEO) is constantly changing. It is a key element in the overall success of marketing in everything from content creation and brand recognition to nurturing leads and generating leads keeping up with the most recent SEO for Fintech trends are essential.


The SEO specialists at Brisk Logic FinTech have identified 10 key SEO for Fintech marketers should be aware about including SEO algorithms and criteria for content evaluation as well as the various tools and strategies to help drive quality leads to your website.


How has search engine optimization (SEO) changed in the last few time?

One of the main reasons that have affected SEO in recent times is the rise in level of sophistication in search engines and Google’s increased focus upon the caliber of site content, such as its structure and its reliability. It is true that Google is the dominant market for search engines, in April 2021, Google was holding more than 92% of the world market for search engines, with the closest rival, Bing, at just less than 2 percent marketers must consider this when they want their most important pages to get high rankings in results of searches.


It’s not time to return to drawing on the board in the traditional sense but the days of paint-by numbers SEO content and basic keyword inclusion are gone. Today the success of SEO requires a more deliberate approach and well-organized creation and planning of content that prioritizes the quality, relevancy and trustworthiness.


What makes SEO  more crucial than ever before for FinTech as well as Financial Services companies

FinTech and Financial Services businesses depended for years on events or word of mouth affiliate marketing to generate leads. In a dynamic and competitive market, digital lead generation is essential for lasting achievement. If you don’t have huge budgets for paid advertising organic leads are crucial. Based on the HubSpot 2022 State of Marketing Trends Report, SEO came out as the second most efficient channels to acquire new customers as well as generating good quality leads.


Websites can be lead-generating machines that do much of the nurturing for you when your site is well organized website that is driven with the UX and UI, and CRO. The key to opening your doors into your individual peopleas (ideal clients) is a successful SEO strategy as well as a constant enhancement approach to managing content.


For more information, check out our blog about the significance for SEO to Financial Services marketing. For more information and gain a better understanding of SEO for websites that are used by businesses Read the following guideline: How to Improve Search Engine Optimization to generate high-quality Business leads.


Let’s take a look at the latest SEO for Fintech techniques that have revolutionized the way marketers compete.


Here are our top 10 SEO strategies for SEO for Fintech businesses to know about to attract, nurture , and generate leads that are organic and high-quality.



1. The importance of focusing on data-driven, targeted content

If you’re familiar with Brisk Logic Marketing or other types of content that are geared towards customers marketing techniques, such as jobs to be done as well as They Want You to Answer You’ll understand that the fundamental idea behind effective content is aligning it with the wants of your audience, their pain points and the goals of your audience. SEO as well as Brisk Logic marketing work in tandem.


Each piece of content you produce must be clearly defined that is geared towards your target audience’s searches and be backed by analysis and research – only a method that is based on data will bring the desired results to your Sales and Marketing teams.


2. More than keywords, think about the bigger picture

In the past, marketers need to be focused on creating high-quality useful, well-structured and informative content. Simply optimizing keywords isn’t enough. Users and search engines require information and clarity, and clearly laid out paths to relevant information that be able to match the search intention.


When you are planning an article or content, think about the larger overall picture, and always keep relevancy and the purpose in the back of your mind. Don’t assume that keywords aren’t significant. They are! A thorough keyword search and advanced optimization are still essential however, your content’s quality structure, readability and structure are equally important.


3. AI and algorithms

  1. Similar to social media sites and search engine algorithms, the algorithms for search engines are continuously being tweaked and personalised in the mind. Additionally artificial intelligence as well as smart phones are involved in steering forward SEO trends. For instance, voice searches and the use of predictive technologies are transforming how search engines produce results. Marketing professionals must consider that they must adapt their the content to take into account the increasing number of question-based and conversational inquiries.
  2. Therefore, incorporate this in your strategies for content and stay up-to-date with Google’s most recent algorithm changes.

4.   Answering complex queries

In fields like Financial Services, which involve complex concepts, questions often require extensive answers. A straightforward definition or handful of helpful tips are not likely to be enough. You must be ready to write content that addresses difficult questions.


There are a variety of options to approach this, such as:


  • The creation of an entire series of articles that address various aspects of a complex subject
  • In the process of creating a comprehensive piece of content that covers the most important questions and subtopics supported by reliable sources and links for more information
  • Develop a database of knowledge or FAQs with solutions to the most commonly asked (and complex questions)


5. Incorporating E-A.T aspects

“EAT” is not a word “EAT” has nothing to have anything to do with food. It is a symbol of competence, authority and credibility. These are the primary qualities that Google’s content evaluation experts evaluate content based over, above the structure and the purpose that the contents serve.


It is, perhaps, the most significant of these SEO trends that are particularly relevant in the case of FinTech as well as Financial Services marketers. Google puts extra scrutiny on financial content, as well as the those referred to as “YMYL (your money and your live) pages since the information found that is found on these pages may be a major influence on the financial decisions made, and therefore E-A -T elements are vital.


Find out more about the topic Learn more SEMRush’s piece about Google’s EA-T and YMYL assessment of content.


6. Video content can be used to enhance

Video consumption is on the rise and at an all time record. 2021 was the highest year ever for the consumption of video. According the Wistia 2022 State of Video Report the platform had 4.5 billion video views in the year prior (up by 5% over 2020 and 77% more than 2019. While, in the year that followed, YouTube rise from being the 4th most active social network to the second.


With AI transcription, voice recognition and other algorithmic adjustments related with video, it is now a major format for content marketing strategies. With the constant growth of videos, people will more often expect information through video in their decision-making. This must be taken into consideration in SEO and strategies to promote content.


Both long and short-form videos can be used to help explain concepts and to show the benefits of products and services. You can incorporate them into the form of a longer piece of content , or use them on their own for a specific inquiry or provide professional insights into a specific subject.


Despite the rising popularity of TikTok, Instagram reels, videos, etc., long-form video content is the fastest-growing type of video. Uploads of videos that span between 30 and 60 minutes have almost doubled since the beginning of 2019 and webinars are receiving the highest participation from viewers.


Rewinding back to 4th on our list of top SEO trends Videos can simplify complicated concepts and assist people to retain information more effectively. It will help establish your brand and site as a trusted source for information as well as a thought-leader within your Financial Services industry.


Take a look at this image from the report that outlines the main business objectives associated in the creation of video content:


7. Pillar pages and topics clusters

In recent times, pillar pages have been gaining prominence as a key trend in the Brisk Logic marketing strategy. These lengthy content pieces could provide the foundation of your SEO content strategy by tying diverse content together, driving internal linking, and bringing leads to your site via the many keywords.


Pillar pages are hubs of content that are centered around a key field of study for your business. Additionally, topics connect to the main subject, covering a variety of queries, tong-tail keyword – that are derived from the main keyword that the page’s about and linking to other content (pages videos, blogs or other forms of content).


The aim is to offer deep insights and demonstrate the thought-leadership of a subject that is closely related to your company’s offering. Pillar pages are designed to educate your target audience and allow leads to visit to get more information about the sub-topics discussed on the page, based on their location in their buyer’s path. This will help to establish credibility and increase the rank of keywords.


Take a look at the graphic below that shows how the topic clusters and pillar pages are aligned and how this could aid you in creating a content marketing strategy.


8. Core Web Vitals and mobile responsiveness

The amount of web searches through mobile devices has increased quickly, and is now catching up to computer and desktop searches. Additionally, in November of 2021, the number of web page visits from mobile phones made up more than 47% of all traffic on the internet within the UK. The figure is greater than in the US. Google has taken steps to accommodate this by prioritizing mobile-friendlyness and rewarding websites with responsiveness on mobiles and insisting on Essential web vitals.


In May of 2024, Google announced that page experience signals would soon become an essential organic ranking factor, and its algorithm assessing various metrics related to user experience like:


  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Secure browsing
  • Accessibility of content (page load speed and absence of annoying pop-ups, etc.)
  • In the following time, Google launched three important Core Web Vitals metrics, which include:
  • The largest and most comprehensive Paint (LCP) to measure performance during loading
  • First Input Delay (FID) to measure the level of interactivity
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) to measure the visual stability


What does this means for businesses, and how do you make sure your site meets these requirements? It is essential that your web development company or team must be competent to implement UX guidelines that are in line with Google’s requirements. Additionally, the tools we mentioned in our last article on most popular SEO techniques can help you understand how your site performs in Core Web Vitals, identifying areas to improve to lessen user frustration, improve the experience of visitors, boost conversions and improve SERP rankings.


To get a deeper dive, go through The Search Engine Journal’s comprehensive Guide to Core Web Vitals.


9. Make sure you are maximizing your outreach and backlinking game

Ofttimes, the least thought of component of SEO strategies or the area that businesses have to make time for – backlinking and outreach are essential components for gaining web content authority. The research and implementation are lengthy however, with a proper system and efficient process using backlinking strategies, you can boost you and your SEO efficiency to the highest level.


The trick is to identify your most pertinent and essential websites and networks to gain backlinks. You should also target reliable sites that have significant domain authority and those where your target audience is likely to look for details.


Here are some actions you should to follow:


  • Define the type of content you wish to bring users to.
  • Decide on the approach to adopt for each target For example:
  • organic outreach
  • Invitation to collaborate/guest blog
  • Paid or free placement
  • PR inquiries
  • Account set up
  • social posts, like answering questions or posting threads on the internet for Reddit or Quora.
  • channels for syndication that are open similar to Medium
  • Make a spreadsheet to keep track of your goals, progress, and your status
  • Create templates for outreach to accelerate the process
  • When developing the backlinking strategies you are developing, be sure that you provide reliable information since it can affect the credibility of your site and position.


10. Utilizing cutting-edge tools to help your SEO efforts

For the final part of our most popular SEO trends, the software tools will make your business successful. Make use of these SEO tools to improve your SEO strategy:



semrush is A wide range of analysis and research tools to identify the most relevant keywords to focus on, evaluate your performance and your site’s health, and conduct site audits to identify technical issues and ways to fix the issues.



ahrefs a set of tools to help companies find areas for improvement and improve their keyword strategies fix issues, and measure performance against other companies.


Moz is Another popular option for companies offering analytic tools to enhance link development, content marketing, and search engine ranking.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is A powerful crawler for websites that detects problems like broken hyperlinks, missing metadata and 404s, robots, etc. It also monitors key information on the internet.


hotjar is not a strictly SEO tool however it is a beneficial platform for those who want to improve their website content. It makes use of heat maps, as well as other tracking tools to show the behaviour of visitors and visitor activities which can assist in improving the performance of your website.

SEO tools for CMS

SEO tools for CMS (native or plugins) Certain CMS solutions include tools that evaluate blogs and pages and provide guidance on how to follow the best practices. These tools are available from native tools on platforms such as HubSpot and WordPress’ Yoast SEO plugin.



We hope that these top SEO for Fintech trends have provided ideas to think about and ideas to implement in your website as well as content strategy and marketing campaigns.


But, keeping your fingers to the ground and up-to-date with the most recent trends, updates and strategies is something but the ability to implement them is different. If you require help from seasoned search engine optimization experts, we are here to help you.


Take a look at the SEO services offered by Brisk Logic FinTech. options for FSI companies.



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