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How can startups increase conversions by using six design elements?

Are you looking for ways to boost conversion rates on your site?

Look over the 6 design elements that we offer within this post to convince clients to sign up for your service!

The process of designing elements for an effective page to convert visitors isn’t easy.

There are many aspects to consider, and that the site to “work,” all of the design elements must be incorporated with a strong synergy of the design elements and text.

Additionally, they must also consider the intended audience and the competition, the latest design elements for websites, and more.

In this article, we’ll take a look at six design elements your company can use to boost growth and conversions.

The six design elements:

design elements


#1 Make It Simple To Sign up

To make the process of converting more simple and more enjoyable, you should give your users with the opportunity to make the switch in the earliest possible time. You can make it easy to prompt to convert by placing an email sign-up form on top of the fold.

Be aware that this may not be applicable to every site, and will depend on the specific service. Sometimes, you only have to give a little more information about your experience to convince someone to sign up. If it’s simple to determine what you’re offering and what the customer will receive by signing to sign up, including a form to the hero section of your page can work great things to increase conversions.

If you go to Stasher’s New York page they have a contact form in the middle just above the fold. This allows visitors to fill out the form to sign up to their services.

2. Consider Your Hero

Each page with conversions in mind, should include a well-thought-out hero section. The hero is usually the first page that visitors be able to see on a page and usually it relies on a strong image as well as some convincing and persuasive copywriting to grab the attention of visitors.

Heroes are basically first impressions. You only get the chance to be there once, so you must make every effort to make the most of that opportunity.

Take note of the effect you would like to create by your hero. What emotion or message are you trying to communicate?

Here’s a simple illustration from the Farmer’s Dog They have selected to display the image of their product as a part of their hero. They’ve provided a list of the key features they offer such as fresh dog food that’s delivered to your doorstep. The company also has a unique design elements feature one of which is social proof.

#3 Show Your Worth

Social proof which could take the form of reviews, testimonials and PR, to name a few possibilities can be used to let your customers know what customers’ opinions are about your company. It is effective because it comes from real people and is based on actual experience, and can be therefore considered authentic and genuine.

There are many methods to integrate social proof on your website You can include an area for testimonials that fill the whole screen, you can include a smaller section that displays the top news sites you’ve been featured in, or you could have a review section depending on the content you believe your target audience would want to see. You can include this feature effortlessly.

A way to highlight this aspect is to use the following instance from Brisk Logic The site features numerous tweets about their product at the bottom of their page. They are from real individuals, speaking using their own personal words. This is a fantastic method to close the deal because the customer has already read all there is to learn about the product and now these users have to say is that it works as well.

4. Summarize Key Information

If you’ve got a page that includes all sorts of products or services or if you’re comparing different options or plans In short, the page you have created is heavy on information, you’ll need to come up with a method to make it easy to understand. Many people do not be able to find enough time (or the desire) to go through an entire page in order to find the information they’re seeking.

One way to accomplish this is to put charts or tables on high-up on the webpage. You can highlight all the important attributes on the page. This way, users are able to scroll down further to look for more information but they’ll be able be able to see the main information when they get to the top of the page.

You can find a wonderful illustration from this Savvy Sleeper‘s website with an extensive table that lists the essential information regarding the mattresses they’re discussing as well as the price and a photo. A lot of information is enough to help readers get up and running.

#5 Think in terms of Black & White

Modern web design elements is about making your pages appear light and airy and free of excessive information or excessive design elements. This is the reason you must be sure to pay careful focus on how you’re planning to utilize the negative (or space, or white) space.

It’s possible to believe that a amount of white space makes your page appear empty However, the opposite is the reality. White space can draw a user’s attention to all other elements you’re displaying on the page. These include videos, images texts, animations, and text. If the page was filled up to the brim, users might not be able to decide what to see first.

An excellent illustration of how to use white space can be seen on Quip‘s site It’s still colorful and lively, but there’s enough white space on the left and right to draw your attention immediately to the product, as well as the copy that explains the product in the middle.

#6 Ease of Decision-Making

Another way to help your clients in their search is by making it simpler the process of making a purchase decision. They’ll likely look at various items or services prior to making a decide on what they want to purchase and will need to weigh all the information they can gather and determine what is the best option for their needs.

The more data they’re getting from the site, the better, which is why a pros and cons chart or table can be the perfect feature for your website. It should be prominent enough that visitors can glance through it and know immediately what they are looking at.

Here’s an excellent illustration of using charts for comparison of comparison charts from Best Spy. They make this happen in all their reviews and, even if don’t wish to read the entire article, you can see within less than one second what the most important characteristics of each product are and make a decision from this.

Final Thoughts

Making pages with greater conversion rates is usually an exercise in trial and error, and a lot of a/b tests. You create the initial concept, then try it out and the more people you can count on and the more cleverly you can modify and tweak various elements to improve efficiency of conversion. Take a look at the design elements suggestions above and see the impact they have on your conversions.


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