Steps To Increase Your Food Delivery App Sales in 2023

It is no secret that the online food ordering trend is growing and has revolutionized the way traditional restaurants work and there are several Food Delivery Apps.


Platforms such as Swiggy, Zomato, Food Panda, and online ordering are now the new way to increase sales at restaurants to the highest level.


This article will show the best way to learn Food Delivery Apps and the delivery process at your favorite restaurant.

How to improve your Food Delivery App ordering Sales?

Everyone working in the restaurant industry nowadays is taking deliveries from restaurants. Infected by high rents and low sales, a lot of restaurants are now using the delivery of food as their main business model and shifting to cloud kitchens.


With this level of competition, it is essential to make sure that you’re ahead of your competitors.




The article we are writing about will concentrate upon one of the crucial features that is part of the Food Delivery App, and that is delivery.

1. Use Technology To Accept Orders

Use the tips below to improve your Food Delivery App delivery process:


1. Online Ordering

Due to technological advancement, online ordering has become the preferred method for ordering food.


There are a variety of food delivery companies that are highly rated by clients, including Swiggy, FoodPanda, Zomato, and more. You can pick which one you want to use based on your preferences and needs.


It is also possible to get your restaurant’s mobile application for Online Ordering or a web-based site, which can be directly integrated into your POS.

2. POS

If you use multiple Food Delivery App, it is crucial to select a POS that can automatically process the orders made through the different online ordering platforms.


This will eliminate the time and effort of manually counting your orders when the time comes to a close. Smartly utilizing technology will improve your food delivery service as well as the online order experience for you and your customer.


3. SEO optimization and a clear CTA

Be sure your website is SEO-friendly and includes an easy CTA. If you’re not sure, learn the tips on how you can improve your restaurant’s site to bring in greater online sales.

4. Cloud Telephony

For restaurants in which the number of delivery orders is high and they are made by phone, there is a significant likelihood of not receiving orders.


Even when you have multiple numbers for taking orders sometimes, they may be left unattended or your phone numbers may be busy.


To prevent this from happening you can make use of cloud telephones. If a customer makes a call to make an order but it is busy or the call isn’t returned, it will be immediately moved to the following number till the order is answered.


The call logs are kept in order which means you can keep the track of the call logs.

2. Be Certain of Clear Communication

The use of phone ordering is naturally, still popular however, it can result in inefficiency. There is a chance that your employees accidentally make mistakes in the process or the customer not explaining his purchase in a clear manner.


Make sure that your employees are properly trained to communicate with customers effectively over the phone.


Train them to verify the order to avoid confusion, while being courteous. Make sure you offer clear options for ordering so that it is easier for customers to comprehend and complete their orders.

3. Create A Stellar Online Menu

The need for an online menu that is clean and concise, simple to comprehend, provides all of the essential information, and has an easy-to-read CTA is crucial.


The online menu is available anywhere you want, whether it’s on your restaurant’s website or any of the many restaurants that offer delivery services.


If you are aware that the majority of deliveries to restaurants originate through online channels, what is stopping you from enhancing the content of your online menu?


For more information, you can read how you can improve your online menu for restaurants to increase your online orders as well as the delivery of your food items.


It is equally important to have a well-designed website for online orders, which will encourage the customers to the “Order Now” button.


If you don’t have a stunning landing page learn how to create one.

4. Send Orders to Customers and Track Deliveries Using Technology

Technology can be used to your advantage by the assignment of orders to your restaurant’s delivery staff and monitoring the orders after they have been delivered.


Utilizing Post’s Delivery App it is possible to assign orders to free riders. It is possible to keep track of all delivery processes, allowing you to evaluate the performance of drivers and improve routes.


It allows you to record the dispatch time, track the delivery team, and evaluate the amount of length of time that it takes for your orders to be delivered.


It also aids in classifying customers according to their purchase data and making home delivery more efficient by the data.

5. We offer excellent service

High-quality service and remarkable customer service isn’t just exclusive to serving your customers in your restaurant. It should also extend to delivery orders from your restaurant.


1. Make sure that the food served is hot

Hot food will make your customers believe the food was freshly prepared.


However, serving food that isn’t hot can give the impression that the food is unfresh, creating an impression that is negative for customers. This can be prevented by monitoring the delivery times and ensuring that your customers receive their orders promptly.

2. Food bags

Make sure to provide your delivery drivers with food bags insulated that ensure hot food items stay hot and cold items fresh throughout the journey.


For drinks and ice creams, make use of dry ice to keep them cool and frozen.

3. Safely package food in delivery vehicles

Attention should be taken to ensure that the food doesn’t spill or end up inside the containers as food that is messy can eventually look unappealing and less appealing to customers.


It is possible to use an alternative packaging method and use spill-proof containers for orders for delivery.

4. Be sure to pay attention to important add-ons that are required

It could be a huge disappointment for your customers to take a pizza order and discover there is no chili or oregano.


The whole process of ordering food or eating should be easy and satisfying for your customers.


Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the right condiments napkins, napkins, and tableware are included with every order.


Making sure you are aware of these requirements is not only important if your employees deliver orders, but as well when delivery drivers are used.


Delivery platforms such as Swiggy and Zomato have stars in their rating system. A higher rating will ensure that customers are more likely to purchase from you, but to achieve this, you’ll need to ensure that the food and other items are in good condition and that there is no spillage problem from your side.


This will allow you to expand your restaurant delivery business through online platforms too.


6. Outsource Delivery Drivers

Through third-party delivery companies such as Zomato, Swiggy, FoodPanda, and more. or by outsourcing freelance delivery drivers according to your requirements, you don’t require the expense of a delivery team or vehicles.


The outsourcing of delivery drivers is a creative method to cut down on delivery times during the rush hour. This also helps reduce the overall cost of food delivery like insurance and wages per hour.


Estimation suggests that online ordering accounts for about 70% of the orders for all restaurants Most restaurants are joining up with different online delivery companies and avoiding the hassle of hiring internal delivery personnel.


If you’re still not able to integrate your restaurant with different delivery companies, you should know the best way to proceed with the process. Here.

7. Proper address and client communication

The majority of deliveries from restaurants are not delayed simply because the preparation process takes a long time and isn’t the only reason, but due to the lengthy delivery time.


Your delivery personnel may encounter difficulties in reaching the address they are given. This is a minor issue that can be overcome through proper communication with customers. Contact the customer before taking their order to be delivered to confirm the address.


Also, make sure to provide the appropriate landmarks in case you believe that the address is not correct.


Also, make use of an application for CRM that stores the contact details, the name, and the address of the customer to not have to ask for address information each time.


Give your employees a GPS that can help to locate customers’ addresses, as well.

8. The Focus Is on Packaging

Packaging is an essential element of delivery that could affect the food delivery service’s sales.


Be sure to pack your food in a way that there’s no spillage and that the food is in good shape. In the ideal scenario, food should be as delicious to eat as it was served in a restaurant.


It is also possible to use packaging to establish a brand recall of your business. Be sure you have the restaurant’s logo on the packaging. Also, ensure that your design of the restaurant is displayed across the box.

9. Use A Standardized Delivery Procedure

The fact that you outsource delivery services to restaurants does not mean you need to sacrifice performance in service. Certain delivery tasks are best assigned to the kitchen staff as well as delivery drivers.


Delivery drivers who are outsourced must be knowledgeable about their area of coverage and make sure that the kitchen staff knows who is responsible for packing the orders to ensure they keep the order ready to be delivered.


This allows the delivery drivers more time to make the correct match and avoid any errors.


In the case of restaurant delivery, you should never compromise the delivery time or the effectiveness of the cooking.


Food lovers are eager to devour their food as soon as they can delay in delivery could cause them to be hesitant about ordering from your restaurant next time. Improperly-prepared orders, however, could ruin the experience of the customer.

10. Coupons, Offers, and Promotions

Make your promotions based on your target client and your business requirements.


If you’re selling a specific item that isn’t gaining popularity enough, consider offering an affordable set menu that is combined with a well-loved food item.


You could also consider running promotions during holidays and downtimes by offering drink specials or giving away early-bird discounts.


Coupons for discounts and complimentary delivery options are also provided at a minimum order cost.


Offer combos on your menu and provide free drinks with these. You’ll need to experiment with different promotions, the target is to increase the margin on menu items while minimizing the costs of promotion.


With the advancement of technological advancements and changing demographics, the future of delivery services for restaurants is more exciting than ever. Therefore, it is essential to ensure you are providing top-quality customer service, even if you’re having food delivered to your customers.


We hope you’ve gathered all the required information regarding how to boost the sales of restaurant delivery with the Food Delivery App that will allow you to make enormous profits.


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