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The Digital to Industry 4.0 Transformation

A Fourth Industrial Revolution has Arrived

Perhaps no other industry has experienced such rapid change like the manufacturing industry. To make their goods more efficiently, keep their quality and ensure that the production process is efficient, modern manufacturing firms are taking advantage of the latest advances in technology.

A number of these innovations can be described as cyber-physical systems (CPS) as well as an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as well as cloud-based computing networks, and much more.

These advances allow manufacturing firms to attain new levels of efficiency and handle real-time data from business and have a major role to play in the development of the fully-connected “smart factory.’

The development of smart factories across the globe has resulted in incredible throughput and increased productivity, allowing businesses to increase profits and produce better, more profitable business outcomes. The term used to describe this revolution is ‘ Industry 4.0 which has come to be called”the 4th industrial revolution” for many.

Four Industrial Revolutions:

The first revolution occurred between the late 1700s and the early 1800s. The main focus was around the shift from manual labour that was inefficient and the farming of animals to the shift to steam-powered steam engines and water. This transformation was credited with being instrumental in increasing the output of manufacturing and boosting the workforce.

The second revolution was a reality in the 1800s and the mid-1900s. It was marked by the introduction of aircrafts, automobiles, and telecommunications. All of which is what we are aware of in the end, would alter our lives to the better.

Manufacturing was also transformed permanently because of the introduction of electricity in this time which provided factories with a different method of power generation that could revolutionize manufacturing processes.

Henry Ford’s famed invention to the assembly line as well as production of mass-produced cars (namely Model T) Model T) at Ford Motor brought him worldwide attention and his automated mechanical processes within the factory. Ford’s automated processes enabled him to create an array of automobiles as well as the added benefit of a consistent quality from one vehicle to the next.

The advent of technology was the third revolution and changed the way we live our lives forever. It was the first time computers were used that were created in factories.

Many businesses were moving away from mechanical and analog manufacturing techniques in the 1950s and 1960s, adopting digital methods of manufacturing (marked mostly by automation and computers) that we consider today as the beginning stages of software.

Manufacturing and productivity gains increased exponentially as computers with more advanced capabilities such as robotics machines were created in the 1980s , and throughout the early ten years into the year 2000.

Manufacturing experts started to accept major advancements in technology and innovation in manufacturing processes starting from the late 2010s and from the time of the 2010s. The decade of 2010 marked the beginning in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or , as we call it “Industry 4.0′. Industry 4.0 is about the way that manufacturing equipment, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud-based computing networks, and other systems are interconnected.

The integration of different Industry 4.0 aspects offers real-time and accurate manufacturing data that allows companies to better understand their production and control their output to maximize efficiency, productivity, processes and profit.

Brisk Logic can assist manufacturing firms as they move to 4IR. Brisk Logic is a well-known source of experience regarding induction heating systems specifically designed to satisfy the requirements of Industry 4.0 specifications.

Industries 4.0 as well as Brisk  Logic Induction Heating Systems:


Industry 4.0 technologies such as those that are being discussed in the article are bound to improve the way that manufacturing companies around the globe design, prototype, manufacture and design their products.


A key aspect of this improvement is the continuous gathering of data. To enable factory managers, managers as well as engineers to keep track of and reach their KPIs as well as production goals Analysis and conversion of the data into actionable information is crucial.

Brisk Logic has delivered thousands of efficient induction heating solutions across the globe in the past three decades, in many different industries and applications. 

Customers of Brisk Logic can gather the data by simply querying the RS485 port, or using Brisk’s eVIEW data management software.

Brisk Logic works, in collaboration with industry 4.0 companies to create an efficient, quick and incredibly reproducible non-contact heating process. Brisk Logic  approach is based on data, intelligence, and analytics to form part of their unique and creative strategy to achieve amazing results for their customers.

The entire selection of induction heating products has been meticulously engineered and developed to meet the demands of manufacturing of Industry 4.0 This means that the entire range can meet even the most challenging requirements for heating in the process.

Brisk Logic provides a no-cost consultation because Industry 4.0 Transformation initiatives are naturally distinct from one manufacturing company to the next, often with different performance criteria.

Customers looking to find out more about the ways that  induction heating systems can be integrated to their Industry 4.0 Transformation manufacturing technology can benefit from our consulting service.

Industry 4.0 as part of the Brisk Logic‘s Complimentary Consultation

Brisk Logic provides a no-cost meeting to Dr. Girish Dahake, Sr. Vice President of Global Applications, in which customers are able to look over their heating options.

Goal of Brisk Logic:


Brisk Logic ‘s engineers are able to discuss with the client’s specific Industry 4.0 needs and then work with their client in a collaborative manner to help them achieve their Industry 4.0 Transformation goals.This information was sourced by reviewing and adapting documents provided from Brisk Logic  Solutions.



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