The Metaverse explained: Examples

Metaverses can be defined as is “a persistent shared, 3D virtual space that is linked to an imagined virtual universe.”

Mark Zuckerberg describes the metaverse as “the web that you’re a part of, not simply viewing.”

With the development of various key technological trends that the potential of the metaverse is more accessible than ever before.

Here’s what is a Metaverse could look like


They are the 3D avatars of characters. They are metaverses where gamers make avatars with their own designs that assume any physical attributes and personality they wish to. Your avatar is able to interact with other players as well as the platform.

Moving seamlessly between different components

There are many of the elements that constitute the metaverse (like virtual gaming, casinos, shopping and even concerts) however, we don’t have a platform to connect the pieces together, allowing us to roam throughout the “world” effortlessly, all using an identical character.

User behavior that is emerging

Instead of being restricted to a small scope of functions like you do in current VR applications, players could do practically anything they want to do on the other side of the universe. For instance when two players are playing checkers with each other but they don’t have to play the entire match in the real world. They could stand up and go on an excursion with their pet returning to the exact spot at a later time (or later during later in the week) to play their game.

Advanced technology that provides the best user experience

The best technology is the key element of creating an amazing metaverse experience. We now have top-quality VR headsets more powerful computers with augmented reality, as well as faster networks that are constantly develop and improve to offer more immersive metaverse experiences.

There are also ways to create digital twins, digital models which are exact representations of real objects such as buildings, cars or bridges . We also have technology that creates an experience of touching or movement that the users experience.


The digital world is like a mall in which each store has its own currency or content as well as ID cards.

Within the Metaverse, all has to work together. Digital assets, content and data must be carried across from one area as well as activity. If you buy an automobile from Porsche’s virtual store within the metaverse, then you should be able drive that car across the virtual world.

Some examples of the Metaverse

Player One is Ready Player One

The virtual world of the New York Times bestselling book Ready Player One is probably the most accurate example of what the metaverse could appear to be.

In this science-fiction novel that takes place in the year 2045 the characters are able to escape an actual world devastated by war, climate change and poverty, by seeking refuge in OASIS which is a massive multi on-line role playing game (MMORPG) and a virtual society with its own currency.

Are you interested in the metaverse of Ready Player One could be like? Have a look at Steven Spielberg’s vision for The OASIS from the trailer for the film:


In the past few months, the Fortnite CEO Tim Sweeney, has made explicit statements about the idea of Fortnite in a different way than an entertainment game. The year 2020 saw 12.3 million players attended the virtual concert of the rapper Travis Scott within Fortnite, making it the largest Fortnite ever event.

Horizons of Facebook’s Horizon

Facebook is also aiming towards the metaverse by launching its new VR space, Horizon (currently in beta). Facebook defines Horizon as “a social experience in which you can experience, play and interact with your friends through VR.” Check out a preview by clicking here Somnium Space Somnium

Space is a VR world-builder platform that allows virtual real estate transactions and ownership. It is based on blockchain technology and comes with its own app-based currency, Somnium Cubes which could be utilized to buy properties. The selling of VR properties is the primary source of revenue for the platform. the real estate on the platform can be used for various purposes such as social networking gaming, e-commerce and for other events.


IMVU is a large 3D avatar social network that users can communicate with friends and shop, socialize at parties and make real cash by making virtual goods. The site’s seven million plus users are on average 55 minutes per day on the website.

Metaverses will need many different protocols, technologies and inventions in order to be successful. There will not be a major “flipping off the switch” moment when the metaverse is born. Instead the metaverse is likely to appear over time in various items and offerings. But the potential for people as well as businesses is huge.

If you’d like to know more about the meta-verse’s rise click here.


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