What is the right time to build your marketplace app with no code?

In the past few years, we have been creating custom web applications with no code for companies of all sizes Brisk Logic can say with certainty that Marketplaces are the most popular category of apps.

One of every three customized apps we create is marketplaces. Marketplaces vary in scope and focus, ranging from marketplaces for services and products to rental, gig, and digital markets.

Then why do so many individuals and companies opt for no code as opposed? full code for their market-leading apps? What is it that makes this approach to develop an ideal fit for this kind of app?

To address these questions. Let’s look at the advantages of developing without code and how no-code development is changing the rules about marketplaces.

What are the advantages of no-code development in a marketplace application?

Although every case of use is unique, and there is no one answer to the reasons why a person or company opts to create a custom no code marketplace, the truth is that tools without code are becoming a great alternative for the launch of a new MVP marketplace or concept.

What is the reason?

Since software development is a complex process, some problems have been solved numerous times in the past and, consequently, there is a common solution. This is the case for most two-sided markets. The majority of their functions aren’t difficult and, because their nature of it, able to be abstracted and developed without the need for code, with no code.

Below are a few of the most important reasons our customers have for building their markets using no-code as opposed to other choices like traditional programming:




 With no code, companies can get their products on the market faster and improve their product quicker and more often over time. This is particularly beneficial when developing a market MVP that allows businesses and individuals to quickly launch, collect feedback, evaluate the market, get financing, and then update/change the product rapidly and often.


No code is considerably less expensive than building your marketplace application by hand. Before no code, constructing and operating marketplaces was a capital-intensive project due to the expensive costs of hiring conventional software engineers or tech co-founders. Furthermore, employing traditional developers before determining if a product is a market match requires massive sums of money to finance a company’s growth which may require a pivot at some point in the future. No code provides a means to avoid this.


 No code platforms allow users to develop applications or modify their own without the need to write (or learn how to create) code. They’re typically drag-and-drop connected, and their intuitive vision makes software development accessible to a broader group of builders, innovators, and end-users. Existing companies can ease the burden on IT departments.


The advantage of a hosted, zero-code platform is that it handles the technical and security issues centrally. That means the most recent patches to security as well as compatibility and security monitoring are handled centrally by the platform, not your team.

3 ways to design an app with No code

Nowadays, there are numerous no-code methods and tools to pick from based on your requirements. Since no-code tools are not geared towards any particular industry or field of work. There are a variety of tools. However, all the tools are designed with a specific function and some are better suitable for specific scenarios.

Below are three different methods of developing software without code and explanations about what makes the most sense to employ:


Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms: 

These kinds of software are excellent when your product is basic and basic. They’re usually one-size-fits-all solutions made for non-developers and offer templates that let you develop an MVP marketplace at a reasonable cost within 30 minutes. The downside is that your marketplace that doesn’t require code is largely limited by the capabilities provided by the SaaS tool can provide.

For instance, Sharetribe is an ideal choice for those with a small budget or lots of time, but who want to create a marketplace application. It provides standard, well-known marketplace templates. Be aware that whenever you need more customisation, you’ll hit a block. Check out the article Software build and. purchase: When is the best time to move the SaaS application to custom-built bubble app? for more on the subject.

Hack together multiple no-code tools

Create a hacker-friendly tool that can be used with no code for starting by yourself at a very low price and still enjoy greater flexibility than what the standard SaaS tool offers You can create your MVP marketplace using a variety of tools that do not require code and uses no code.

It could involve making use of tools such as Soft + Zapier and Airtable to build an uncoded marketplace. A word of caution: this strategy is ideal for testing the viability of your marketplace and could take a long time to determine.

General tools for visual development:

If you want a lot of flexibility for your marketplace application, however speed and cost are also important this tool is the ideal choice. They’re a subset among no-code tools designed to permit anyone to create apps by their specifications, without needing to write code. This will provide you with the opportunity to create your marketplace without code in 4 to 6 weeks and then develop iteratively.

A no-code tool such as Bubble is the most similar alternative to traditional programming. It is possible to create virtually anything you like on Bubble with no limitations. However, there’s a more difficult learning curve than simply connecting to a SaaS platform.

If the technology that powers your marketplace app is unique or has the significant benefit of being proprietary, we suggest that you build it with conventional software developers or create your software.

Lean vs. robust software development

A typical issue in developing software is deciding between creating only the full set of features right from the start. For apps that are on the marketplace, “just enough” is the most common approach our clients follow. The app is less dependent on features but more on activity and people in the marketplace, which is why they must launch before the market opens to get people involved, and then begin to refine the product according to user feedback. This is why it’s crucial not to take a too long time to develop the first version of your marketplace website.

Find the most important factors you must have to begin developing a lean marketplace online like Airbnb, Etsy, and Upwork in The Digital Marketplace Guide from Brisk Logic.

Are you ready to create your no-code marketplace application?

If you are looking for a more complex function for your product on the market, but you need to launch quickly without the expense of hiring traditional programmers, Brisk Logic can help.

A lot of our customers are referred to us after they had started to build using Sharetribe and then required more customization. They also realized that Bubble took too much energy and time to master.

If you’re searching for an independent Bubble Developer who can help you create your customized app quickly, take a look at this guide to select the best Bubble developer or agency.

Brisk Logic is the biggest and most highly rated Bubble agency in the world.

If you’re looking to launch a custom and production-grade application quickly, contact us for a quote now!



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