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Tips for Successful Mobile App Startups for 2022

A Mobile App Startups is one of the most effective ways to get started as a business owner or to achieve success. Although the entry cost can be as low as $15,000, the market is still competitive and growing quickly. The returns are even better, however.

The global mobile app market’s revenue in 2020 was over $318 billion. This is an increase of more than $60 billion compared to 2019. Mobile game apps, which raised $200 billion, and social media apps, which generated more than $31 billion in revenue were the two largest segments.

  • Reports show that the total revenue from all segments will increase in the future and will be around $613 billion by 2025,.
  • Brisk Logic has built over 200 mobile apps in the last five years. We have witnessed some amazing success stories and new business ideas.
  • We recommend mobile apps to aspiring entrepreneurs as a starting point. They don’t require a large investment, and you can test your idea without having to waste a lot of money and time.
  • We recommend that you take your time when developing mobile apps.

We all know about the top players, such as PUBG Games App which drives more than a million USD per day, and apps like Zoom, which saw huge popularity during the pandemic, making billions. We don’t hear much about the millions of free apps available in app stores. They don’t get enough exposure. We are trying to show that although entering the app market can be easy and prove beneficial to your business, you must put in the effort to make your app stand apart from the rest.

This blog will discuss how mobile app startups can overcome the odds and succeed in the mobile app ecosystem. So, let’s get started.

How to make your mobile app startups shine?

You can create an app that will win hearts. It takes only amazing strategies and determination in order to make your app a success. 

These are some helpful tips:



The App Market Research

After you have an idea for a business, you need to test it in the market. Market research will help you better understand your app audience. This allows you to get a better understanding of your target audience and whether or not they will accept your product.

Market research is essential for any app idea, even unique ones. 

Here’s how to conduct market research on your mobile app idea.

  • Market Assessment: Gather real-time data about your market. To determine the market potential for your idea, you can use sources such as Statista, Gartner, and Google Trends.
  • Know Your Target Audience: Find out who your target audience is and then segment them into different groups. Interviews and surveys may be an option.
  • Connect with peers: Once you’ve got a good understanding of your market, connect with others who are working to solve the problem right now. They could be your competitors. To learn more about their challenges, attend industry events and meetups.

After you have completed your market research and have data backing your idea, it is time to start your mobile app development journey.

Validate Your App Idea

Alright! Now that you have done all your market research, you now know a lot more about the users of your app. Now it is time to step back and ask some questions before you spend your hard-earned cash on mobile app development.

Are your customers willing to pay for your product

This question is essentially related to market demand. This is a question about the market demand. You have a great idea for an app, but what price would customers be willing to pay?

If there is not a substantial demand for your product you won’t be able to pay your operational and development costs. You can use the following to determine the demand:

  • Invest in keyword research. Find out the search volume of your target keywords.
  • Search for similar apps. You can search platforms such as G2, Crunchbase, and app stores to find insights.
  • Interview customers: Do they want to use a product similar to the one you are building? What price would they pay if they said yes?
  • Is your app idea technically possible?
  • Next, determine if the product you plan to build is technically feasible. For the same, you can build a proof-of-concept (POC).
  • You must make sure that your idea is unique and not already available in the marketplace. POC involves showing your app’s functionality to a technical team and confirming that it can be developed.
  • This is the ultimate guide to validating an app idea.

Locate a reliable team of mobile app developers

You need the right partner to help you build a successful app. It can be difficult to understand the app tech stack and associated challenges, especially if you’re not a technical founder.

Always look for a Mobile App Development Company to take care of your project, from conception to launch. There are two options:

  • Freelancers: It is easy to find freelancers who specialize in app development via platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr. They can also fake their portfolio and expertise. It is therefore not reliable.
  • Remote Development Agencies: You should not compromise the quality or functionality of your app. These agencies have a diverse portfolio of developers, which makes them reliable and affordable.
  • In-House Developers – This is an option, but it can be costly. There will be additional costs for employee benefits, recruitment, and other operational expenses. However, you have complete control over the delivery and timeframes.

Brisk Logic helps clients around the globe develop mobile apps while we work remotely. You can see how we manage Remote Agile mobile app development teams while ensuring complete collaboration and timely delivery.

Define a clear business model for your app

Each great app is built around a unique, scalable business model. You have completed market research and validated your idea. Now it is time for you to get everything down on paper.

Your company’s plan to run operations and make a profit is called the “App Business Model”. It lists the services and products that a company wants to sell, as well as how it will do so. To define the business model for your app, you can use “Business Model Canvas”.

This document will provide your investors, partners, and team with a summary of your mobile app’s purpose and business strategy. This is what it looks like:

A business model is a description of how an app differs from other apps on the market, and what it offers. The business model canvas lists nine elements that make up a business model.

Make sure you are clear about your revenue goals

Every mobile app has one goal: to make money. Your app’s success can be different than other apps in your industry.

Before you start developing your app, it is important to be clear on your app monetization strategy. You can always modify or change it later, but it is important to approach the mobile industry with both a positive mindset and a dual focus: delivering a great product while building a business.

Don’t overload the app with features

Once you have a clear idea of the app’s value and how it will function, it is time for your app development partners to help you decide on your app’s features.

It is possible that you have imagined a million things about the app’s functionality and how to improve it. It is time to stop and think.

While features such as social integration, payment options, and AI may seem essential, you should forget about them until you are ready to develop your app. Your app’s core idea is what you want to include. Using features that don’t support it will hinder its development.

A prioritization matrix is one way to determine the core features of an MVP.

  • Remember how Uber launched. The MVP only had the core feature. It only connected users to cab drivers and offered a way for them to pay using credit cards.
  • The app’s subsequent version added additional features that were not essential but were simply add-ons. These included fare splitting and location tracking.
  • The key is to emphasize your app’s USP and keep all other glitters for later. Why?
  • Each feature, integration, and personalization will only increase the cost of your development. As a mobile app startup, you don’t have the resources to do that. It will also make it difficult for your customers to see the true value of your app. Remember this when you’re at the beginning of your

Pay attention to app performance

There are many good applications on the market. But is that enough?

  • You must make your app great if you want it to succeed. According to research, almost two-thirds (63%) of mobile users clear out their phones at least once per month.
  • This means that they will remove apps they don’t use or like. Even if an app is downloaded to users’ devices, there is no guarantee it will remain there for longer than one month.
  • It is therefore important to be attentive to the app’s performance.
  • According to a Google study, users will abandon apps that take longer than three seconds for them to load. Your mobile app developers can help you improve performance by
  • Keep track of the loading time, bounce rate, and churn rates before and after an app launch

Data Security

App users should be concerned about security as cyberattacks are on the rise. People with malicious intent will always try to take customer information from your company for their own purposes. It is your responsibility not to allow that to happen.

It’s always safer to be safe than sorry. You should take the necessary security precautions to protect your users’ data. This will not only save you from costly legal battles, but it will also help increase the trust of your customers in your business.

Not paying attention to security can have serious consequences. A data breach can damage your business’ reputation for many years. Some people might never trust your products again. You must not only use the best security measures but also show that you care about your customers’ data safety.

Marketing Your App Strategically

Is gone the days of people thinking “If you build it, they will come.”

There are many mobile apps available in the app store. It is difficult to gain traction without spreading the word. Strategic marketing is a great way to highlight the unique selling point of your app.

You can make your mobile app startup a global brand with effective marketing strategies. Your marketing plan must be clear, creative, and targeted at your target audience. These are the best ways to market your app.

Keep upgrading based on user feedback

Data is the best way to ensure that your customers are happy with the updates you send them. You need to understand how your customers use your products in order to do this.

Take the time to review this data and give your feedback as soon as you can. Set clear KPIs to track the progress of your application.

You can track app progress but you should prioritize metrics that you need to improve. You can use KPIs to measure customer experience and conduct surveys about the same to find out what your audience thinks. This will allow you to upgrade your app, and make it the preferred choice of consumers with each new update.

Wrapping up

It is possible to develop a mobile app startup and scale it to new heights. Only if you have the right strategy in place, everything will be possible. This blog will provide you with 10+ incredible strategies to grow and build your mobile app startup. If you have any questions about app development or marketing, please reach out to us.

To retain your users, collect data about their preferences and keep your app updated. If your app isn’t engaging enough, it will have a low user retention rate.


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