Top EdTech Startups in India in 2022

Edtech refers to education technology. It is the technology used for making and implementing tools in the classroom in order to provide a more stimulating and personalized learning experience.

The purpose of EdTech is to enhance the student’s outcomes, increase their ability to learn, and lessen the burden of teaching on instructors.

Though many underestimate the value of education today due to it being a “dropout” tag, education is not a thing to be replaced. The need for people to improve their skills, not just having an education.

The importance of colleges and schools is obvious but the knowledge that institutions and colleges do not provide us with is also valuable. The most renowned edtech firms of India have revolutionized the face of education in India. They are revolutionizing the method of learning. This is contributing to the future of Indian youngsters and children.

Edtech startups are beginning to emerge as a major industry in India. The education industry is booming in India and is estimated to be US$1 91.7 billion for FY18. This was predicted to grow to $101.1 Billion by FY19. the market for edtech is expected to grow to 4 billion by 2028.

Here are the top EdTech Startups that are doing great work



Adda247 is India’s fastest-growing Ed-tech firm that manages, Career Power, Adda247 Android App and Adda247 YouTube channel.


AptusLearn is an innovative and forward-thinking academic venture of Aptus Data Labs. It provides a variety of courses in Data Science. Data Science domain.


ask.CAREERS is a Shahani Group Initiative that provides various industry-oriented Post-Graduate and Professional Diplomas in fields like Banking, Management finance, real Estate and Digital Marketing Media, and more.


Their goal is to offer the most effective educational experience to students pursuing engineering in India and around the world by using the most recent educational tools and software.


“Asmakam – World of Creativity” gives us the chance to discover the creative side of ourselves.

Board Infinity

Board Infinity is an online career coaching platform designed for working professionals and students


Careers360 is a data-enabled, technologically driven Education products and services provider that is focused on helping students to research and make informed career choices according to their talents and interests


Class plus is the most simple way to use an institute management system that can help you administer online tests, track student attendance, performance as well as fee management, and more. All of this is accessible through the mobile application of your institution.


Collegedunia is an exclusive platform that provides all the information related to competitive exams and colleges. We have a massive database that includes over 25,000 colleges, with over more than 1,50,000 authentic College Reviews for students to make the best decision.


CyberVie is adopting a proactive approach to security, which can assist companies to safeguard their information

DLP Education

DLP India- Leading Educational & IT Services Provider providing quality education and training, as well as affordable IT and Backend Services


It is an edTech company that is working to improve K-12 education in India Through its platform, the goal is to offer quality education at a reasonable cost and accessibility for all.


The perfect platform for learning to collaborate, compete and debate, keeping them engaged.


The eduZilla ERP is a SaaS-based tool designed for training Businesses. It’s a powerful tool for managing the entire student lifecycle from lead management to the time of the course’s completion.


Its mission is to enhance student performance by using data and performance analytics. They help institutes assess the performance of students, analyse their results and enhance students’ performance.


Embibe is an educational technology start-up that harnesses the power of data to help students prepare for the most important tests like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, and CET.


Marketing and Admissions CRM Software designed for the education sector.

Forsk Technologies

Forsk helps students become industry-ready in the fields of Data Science, IoT, Android, Cloud, and Fullstack Web Development and also creates a reputation as professionals.

Great Learning

Great Learning Great Learning, believe that data is the engine of change which is why automation and analytics as to the key factors to success.


Byju’s is the top EdTech company that provides individualized learning programs. Their aim is to turn learning into enjoyable by engaging students and interactive classes that help students achieve better scores. At Byju’s, you can study from the best teachers in India and enhance your knowledge. Their approach to re-inventing their curriculum to meet the needs of students who study at home and designing their app to be user-friendly has given them an edge. While they started out by offering Science along with Maths classes for the middle school students, today they’ve expanded to different target groups.

They have launched courses for children who are in preschool under the name of Byju’s early and in partnership with Disney and a special JEE and NEET preparation materials as part of a collaboration and Aakash Institute. They also offer programs that are designed for IAS preparation. This helps them reach the top position so when EdTech firms from India are concerned.

Henry Harvin Education:

Henry Harvin is one of the top and top career development firms that is focused on value creation. Its mission is to change the career of individuals by providing excellent training and support. They offer more than 100 courses that are available in both offline and online methods of instruction. They employ the top instructors in the business and their course content is most appropriate to the market’s needs.


Upgrad is India’s most popular online platform, which assists thousands of students to achieve their goals in the field. Upgrad aids students to earn online degrees from the best universities in the world.


Pesto’s target market is developers in India who have at least two years of experience in the field. Pesto technology is available across 25 states in India


Vedantu is an educational technology platform that allows teachers to give online instruction to students. It’s an online learning system that helps students comprehend the concepts with ease through interactive live sessions, question-solving sessions as well as and individualized instruction patterns.

Whitehat education:

It is among the most renowned EdTech platforms for children. They aid children to develop their structures, logic and algorithm thinking in order to design and build apps and websites. Learn to code from experts in the industry.

Masai school:

Masai School is an ed-tech firm that offers two courses, one designed for people who are new to who are unsure of programming and another for experts in coding. Masai school operates on an income-sharing model that means you can learn without cost and only pay when you are employed in a position that pays you a minimum 5LPA.


Practically is a Hyderabad located EdTech company that employs techniques that involve interactive elements such as simulations virtual reality, and 3D videos to instruct. Practically is a self-learning program that helps make learning more enjoyable, exciting and engaging. The app is intended specifically for students who are in classes 6th-12th.


Skillmatics is an EdTech company that creates cutting-edge educational products and games that are designed to help children grow and develop. They assist children to develop their abilities by making their learning experiences fun.


Testbook is an educational technology platform that gives you everything you require for your exam preparation. Testbook provides online classes including study notes, strategies and preparation plans and mock test series and exam practice bank along with guidance and coaching. It is among the top test series available online.


Culturealley is an ed-tech company that is focused on teaching multi-languages. It offers audio-visual lessons, as well as an instructor. Culturealley is most well-known for its app free ” Hello English” which aids in learning English more simple.

 Dost Education

It is a non-profit EdTech platform that allows families with limited incomes to take charge of their children’s education. Dost Education makes use of technology that allows parents in teaching their children.


It is an ed-tech platform that lets you make and share free games and engaging and interactive lessons.


Doubtnut is a question-solving EdTech platform designed for students in the 6th-12th IIT JEE NEET. It instantly provides video solutions to eliminate any doubts.


It is among the top-searched technology platforms. Their aim is to assist students to select the best school and to help them pursue their dream careers. Alongside colleges, they also offer information on courses forums, reviews, ratings, and more to provide a more understanding and knowledge to the students


It is among the most effective EdTech platforms that offer efficient exam preparation applications and websites for government and competitive tests. Learn from the highly experienced instructors who have prepared thousands of students to pass competitive exams.

 Imarticus learning

Imarticus employs dynamic technology and methods of training that assist students to develop in-demand capabilities like business analysis, AI financial services, and analytics.

Next Education

Next Education is a Hyderabad-based learning website that was created by Beas Dev Ralhan and Raveendranath Kamath in 2007. It is geared towards students from K-12 through its education technology.

Next Education has leading products like TeachNext, LearnNext, MathsLab, ScienceLab, and EnglishLab on its platform. The products are utilized in over 6000 schools across the United States.

The study materials and products are designed to meet all the subjects of CBSE, ICSE, and 23 state boards across eight important Indian languages. The technology platform of Next Education is built in Linux along with open-source sources.

Other innovations in the technology of the application are 2D and 3D images, interactive content that meets world standards, voice-overs clear audio and a unique course design that’s easily accessible with an internal IR remote. This company is investing more than the amount of Rs. 400 crores, and more than 30 crores in R&D. 30 crores in R&D in the entire R&D sector.


Meritnation is an internet-based educational startup located in Delhi. Meritnation was established in 2008 by Pavan Chauhan in the year 2008. It has grown to be one of the best sites to learn online. Meritnation offers learning materials to students from classes from the 1st to 12th grade in CBSE, ICSE, and other state boards that are leading.

Meritnation provides its users with studies, and tests including proficiency tests, tests and Olympiad packs through the social networking experience. The Meritnation application also monitors the progress of a student and provides individualized recommendations, as well as analytical data reports that highlight the strengths of the student and areas for improvement.


They are among the top Ed-tech firms in India. The principal goal behind the creation of Ed-tech companies is to create education easy, innovative and affordable for all. It is clear that Brisk Logic seeing a massive increase in the number of internet-connected users in India. India’s government India has also taken on the initiative of “Digital India to improve the quality of education in India by using the internet. Even  though it is true that the Indian school system itself is experiencing radical changes, Indians still have to endure outdated teaching methods and inefficient learning methods. It also creates unbalanced competition among students. Edtech startups are slowly changing the system for the better.


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