The Top 10 Fastest Growing B2B Ecommerce Startups

What is B2B E-Commerce Startups?

B2B eCommerce stands for B2B Ecommerce Startups. B2C eCommerce stands for Business-to-Customer eCommerce. B2B Ecommerce Startups simply refer to strategies and practices that facilitate B2B selling in digital spaces, commonly regarded as b2b ecommerce startups

B2B platforms may have many similarities to B2C platforms. It is more complex and requires specific features. Why? This is because the B2C relationship has a simpler structure than B2B. B2C is a one-to-one relationship. B2B businesses must treat each customer differently. B2B buyers also require different eCommerce features, such as bulk orders, volume discounts, and other features. 

These features will be discussed later in this article.

Over 3.7K+ companies are part of the B2B Ecommerce startups network. These startups enable businesses to purchase goods and services from other businesses. These companies can be listed on platforms, marketplaces or e-distributors.

B2B Ecommerce Startups has been one of the most popular sectors for investors with an average funding of USD 403B in 1.4K+ businesses. Interesting is the fact that approximately half of all funding was raised within the past 2 years.

500 Startups are some of the largest investors in this sector. They also invest a lot.

Major funding is attracted to the most successful business models, including those in the marketplace, automotive, fashion, and proprietary.

Brisk Logic keeps an eye on the latest developments in the startup world and the associated ecosystems, including private equity funds, venture capital funds, and investment banks.

This edition features the “B2B Ecommerce startups 2022” – a list of the most promising startups in the B2B E-commerce Startups industry from around the world.

There are many big names in the business software, consulting and business services industry that can help you find fast movers. There are some well-known public companies such as Salesforce, Workday, and OpenText, while there are also smaller but equally fascinating private businesses like ChinaCache, Social Wire, and Silk Road Technology.

Platform key features/factors for B2B E-commerce Startups

First, it is important to understand what you are looking for in an eCommerce platform. Let’s look at the most important features and factors of B2B Ecommerce Startups . You’ve probably heard of some factors before. We will then take a closer look only at unique features that are designed for B2B websites. 

These are essential features if you want to create a memorable digital experience for your customers.

These are the main features that all eCommerce platforms, including B2B Ecommerce Startups, should have:

A great customer experience is a key to increasing sales. Customers who shop with you are more likely to be satisfied. It is important to provide the best customer experience. This is something we all know. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for B2B companies. B2B shopping is easy for people, so they expect the same from B2B Ecommerce Startups. Covid19 restrictions have also pushed trading to digital stores. The race will be won by those who provide the best customer experience.

Pages with custom information: These pages allow users to find useful information like your company profile, shipping information and FAQ. They can also get to know you better, and build trust. It is important to be reliable and informative in B2B transactions, which often involve large purchases and long-term partnerships.

Inventory management system: 

All eCommerce businesses must manage their stock levels. It’s especially important for B2B companies, particularly wholesale ones that have large inventories and bulk orders, or who have complex customer tiers.


This builds trust and protects your site against cyber attacks. It also helps to improve SEO rankings. Security is an important concern for B2B companies that store business-level information.


 The unified experience for all sales channels, including online, brick-and-mortar (with POS integration), and sales representatives. This is the future of eCommerce, helping to increase sales across all channels and improve customer experience.


As mobile shopping is so popular, it’s important that your website is mobile-friendly to increase sales, customer experience,

brand awareness, and raise brand awareness.

B2B companies have relied on paper checks to pay for their payments forever. Digitalization has changed the rules for B2C and B2B. Credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and bank transfers are now accepted. B2B website owners must consider the payment methods that are required and choose the right platform.

ERP integration (Enterprise Resource Planning), combines all-important business aspects. ERP software are available for sales, marketing, human resource, account, data, and many other areas. Integration offers many benefits, including time savings and productivity improvements, as well as maintaining consistency of data and improving customer experience. Although ERP services can be expensive, they are essential for large and mid-sized enterprises to grow quickly and sustainably.

Comparison Criteria for B2B Ecommerce Platforms

What should I look for in selecting the best B2B eCommerce platforms? Here is a summary of what I consider to be my evaluation criteria.



User Interface (UI):

Is it attractive and clean? Are there a few simple options and a minimalist design?


Are you able to master and learn quickly? Is the company able to provide good tech support and user support? Does the back-end user interface not contain jargon? Is it easy to use the applications without too many steps? Is the software available in a mobile version for easy use on the go?


Can you connect to other tools such as warehouse management systems or marketing tools for e-commerce? Are there any pre-built integrations available? What is the compatibility with other plugins, extensions, and add-ons?

Value for Money:

What price is appropriate for the features, capabilities and use case? Are our pricing terms clear, transparent, flexible, and easy to understand?

B2B Ecommerce Startups

1. eWorldTrade

B2B Ecommerce Startups in eWorldTrade, a leader in international trade solutions, assists businesses around the world with importing and exporting. eWorldTrade is a leading provider of international trade solutions that helps businesses worldwide import and export. They offer consulting, OEM customization, bulk data prep, and logistics warehousing. eWorldTrade, a B2B company, has grown to over 7,000% in just four years.

2. ChinaCache International

B2B Ecommerce Startups in ChinaCache is the world’s leader in hybrid cloud-based acceleration and mobile security solutions for developers and enterprises worldwide. They provide 24/7 support for more than 35 international root server DNS locations around the world. Intelligent caching and optimization for performance-optimized for high-speed delivery of Internet content and services.

This company is a Nasdaq-listed company and has seen a tremendous growth rate of over 10,200% since 2010. Its revenues have increased from $1 million in 2010 up to $28 million in 2014.

3. SocialWire

B2B Ecommerce Startups in SocialWire, a B2B company, is dedicated to helping companies make sense of their social media data by offering big data services. They provide high-quality, tailored reports that are tailored to customers’ needs and generate new insights from a large amount of social media data.

SocialWire offers custom software development and analytics in addition to the new insights. Their revenues have increased by more than 8,250% from 2022 to $8,000,000 in 2014.

4. BigMachines

B2B Ecommerce Startups in BigMachines, a software company, offers the first integrated platform for managing, designing, configuring and deploying cloud software. They are unlike any other cloud management software and offer instant compatibility to all public clouds, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

BigMachines offers cross-platform support and flexible deployment options, spanning physical servers to full-service PaaS deployments. Their revenues have increased by more than 9,200% from 2022 to $27million in 2014.

5. Datawatch Corporation(Part of Altair)

B2B Ecommerce Startups in Datawatch Corporation provides enterprise analytics and business insight solutions to corporate and government entities worldwide.

Morrison founded Datawatch in 1985. The company created its first data visualization tool in 1993 for business analysts. Since then, it has set high standards in helping companies make sense of large data quickly and easily. Datawatch’s revenues have increased by over 9,000% since 2010, from $1 million in 2010 up to $8 million in 2014.

6. Silk Road Technology

B2B Ecommerce Startups in Silk Road Technology offers customized software solutions tailored to the specific needs of global companies. Silk Road Technology was founded by Jim Altman, president, chairman, and CEO. He began his career at IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center as a systems programmer. Since then, Silk Road’s revenues have increased nearly 8600 percent to $522,000 in 2011.

7. Caringo, Inc.

B2B Ecommerce Startups in Caringo, a next-generation object storage firm, provides industry-leading software to secure and reliably store business data in the cloud. Caringo was founded by Mark Shaw, chief executive officer (CEO), who created his own RAID controller for reliability improvements at his previous job. Since 2011, Caringo’s revenues have increased by more than 8,100%. They went from $300,000.00 in 2010 to $2.25 million in 2014.

8. FiberHome Technologies Group

B2B Ecommerce Startups in Fiberhome Technologies Group produces high-performance optical fiber and copper communication products. Their wide range of products includes Optical Transceivers, Optical Modules/Duplexes Triplexes, Optical Isolators, Optical Circulators, Hybrid Transceivers, Connectors, and Patch Cords.

They have seen a 7700% increase in revenues since 2010, going from $7000 in 2009 to $1,000,000 in 2013.

9. ARRIS Group

B2B Ecommerce Startups in ARRIS Group offers business technology solutions and consumer electronics for commercial and residential markets. ARRIS Group has been a pioneer in the development of connected devices for over 20 years, including set-top boxes, high-definition TVs, and mobile devices. It also offers purpose-built products to meet the changing needs of small businesses.

They offer a range of services, including concept development, design, engineering, testing and supply chain management. Its revenues have increased by more than 7,600% since 2007, from $1 million in 2002 to $181 million in 2013.

10. Jelastic, Inc

B2B Ecommerce Startups in Jelastic, an open-source hosting platform, provides cloud hosting for Java and PHP, Ruby, and Node.js. Python. Jelastic was founded by Ruslan Sytsky, who developed the UcoZ system for his previous company Web Hosting Pad. Their first revenue stream came in 2012 with $0 of revenue.

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