Top Reasons to Use No-Code App Development Platforms

With the digital age sweeping the modern business landscape, the demand for mobile apps is on the rise. The traditional method of No-Code App Development is not suitable for today’s market. It also costs too much in both time and money. Many companies rely completely on their IT department and must work within time constraints. Others rely heavily on outsourced resources and third-party vendors.

Companies are seeking ways to quickly build mobile apps that meet their business needs. Rapid Mobile Application Development (RMAD) is a No-Code platform which is revolutionizing the way that software applications are created and delivered.

No-Code platforms allow IT and business to work together in a more collaborative, rapid, and iterative manner. Companies become more responsive by using No-code platform development. These platforms give Citizen Developers high-end tools to quickly create, deploy, manage, and maintain enterprise-grade apps.

“By 2025, at least 70% of large companies will have implemented successful citizen development programs.”

What is No-Code App Development?

No-code platforms are visual-based platforms for developing software. “Citizen developers” are people who have no programming knowledge and can drag and drop elements to connect them to create functional web and mobile apps.

Apps have changed how we live. Apps have revolutionized the way we live. You no longer need to wait in long lines to order tickets or food. And, soon, it will be easier to schedule appointments. Apps have also taken over the workplace. Apps can increase productivity and efficiency by automating mundane, tedious tasks.

The only challenge was creating apps. To code apps, you would need to either learn to program or hire a team. These internal coding teams often find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to do. This is where the no-code app platform came in.

A no-code development platform allows you, the non-programmer business user, to create apps that solve your everyday problems. Companies have automated leave requests and have sped up their purchase order by 75%.


Top Reasons to Use No-Code App Development Platforms:



Use of Your Own Resources

Companies choose a No-code platform to develop apps. This is because they have a shortage of IT skills, internal resources and the associated costs. Outsourcing can be costly and lead to hidden costs and time sinks for companies that do not have in-house developers. Companies can empower their citizen developers and business users to create business applications according to their needs using a No-code platform. This allows any citizen developer or user with technical knowledge to create applications.

Quick Change Management Response

Software developers often have to modify code mid-way through their development because business requirements change constantly. No-code platforms make it much easier to make changes or enhance the functionality of applications than traditional application development methods. Businesses can eliminate the backlog and speed up the development process with No-code platforms. Instantly make changes to improve user experience, track efficiency, and automate business processes.

Applications are delivered promptly

No-code platforms offer the greatest advantage in that they can develop a business application in minutes or even a few hours. This greatly reduces the development time and delivers apps quicker than traditional methods. Traditional application development requires developers to manually code every line of code. Citizen developers/business users can use No-code platforms to create, configure, and customize industry-wide business apps.

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is lower

No-code platforms dramatically reduce development time and effort, resulting in lower costs of ownership. This platform is an affordable alternative to outsourcing and allows businesses to reduce their IT staff and meet the digital innovation demands.

Higher Return on Investment (ROI) at a Lower Risk

Companies’ business users/citizen developers can quickly create and customize apps with the No-Code platform. In-house developers are able to focus on other business issues and not worry about application development. No-Code platforms also bridge skills gaps and reduce a company’s risk of catastrophic failure, leading to higher ROIs.

“The demand for app development is expected to grow at least five-fold faster than IT’s ability to deliver it up to 2024.”

App Builder, Provides Innovative Leads

Innovative provides a low-code or no-code solution for app development. It is called App Builder (RAB). It empowers ‘Businesses do IT’ by accelerating enterprise mobility, delivering modern and powerful native mobile apps more quickly and economically than ever before. RAB allows citizen developers/business users to create mobile apps in under 10 minutes, at lower costs and with more efficiency than custom-built solutions. Business users with little or no development experience can quickly create mobile apps that run on multiple platforms.

RAB is a SaaS solution that runs on the cloud platform. It provides enterprise users with a highly performing RMAD (Rapid Mobile Application Development), tool to create native iOS mobile apps. Users can create an app from scratch using RAB by simply dragging and dropping. They can also define properties for different components like the header, navigation bar and footer.

The curve of Learning is Easier

Software for developing no-code software is easy enough to use even by children. They can. Appy Pie offers a no-code course to help students get used to development. You can try it out for yourself. Future-Proof Technology

Google isn’t the only one who believes no-code will be the future. Google has been testing a no-code platform for their own projects. You can be ahead of the curve if you start with no-code technology. Your app will be future-proof and will improve over time.


These are the 5 benefits of the No-Code App Developer Platform



The IT Skills Gap Must Be Bridged

Sometimes, true productivity is just beyond reach. The gap you must bridge is in your coding knowledge. For example, process automation requires that many employees are familiar with the process. A number of employees know how a certain process works (e.g., purchase orders), and how to place it on a flowchart. They can’t write the code to turn this idea/flowchart into an actual working app.

At, Brisk Logic, a no-code app development tool can be used to provide a visual interface that allows anyone to create and deploy working apps.

It’s a whole lot cheaper

Low-code development can be a great option if you don’t have an unlimited budget. For a conservative salary of $45,000 per month, a four-member developer team might be able to develop two custom apps at an extraordinary speed. The low-code platform is a great way to speed up the development process. For the same $45,000 you can get four apps.

A no-code app development system can be implemented to eliminate the need for expensive IT staff to code complex apps. Your employees can handle app development.

The entire platform costs only a few thousand dollars per month for large companies. You won’t need to use a calculator to determine which idea is the most cost-effective.

 Assured ROI and a Higher ROI

It is so important to consider risk mitigation when making business decisions. This suits the case of no-code development perfectly.

No-code apps have cross-platform support and data integration. They also include data security features. They are also customizable.

Business leaders who use no-code platforms to develop can concentrate on actual business problems and not tech bugs. This is a huge boost in risk mitigation.

Development Happens Much Faster

Digital transformation must be quick in this digital age. It should happen instantly in the ideal world.

As innovation continues to be a daily habit across many industries, innovation has become commonplace. It is simply not possible to wait six months for your IT team’s new app to be developed. If there isn’t, you might miss out on the opportunity to switch to a better app.

If speed and development speed is important to you, no-code development is the best option. Automated testing is also a great feature to include in your app development solution.

Win Shadow IT War

Shadow IT sounds like a group of laptop-wielding, cute ninjas. But the truth is quite serious.

Shadow IT is a cool name for a serious problem that sounds boring. It refers to all apps and solutions that are installed outside of the control and protection provided by the IT department.

The entire company is at risk when the HR department uses a third-party solution to track leave requests. It is dangerous to put sensitive or proprietary data on a third-party server.

It is easy to win the Shadow IT war. You simply need to find an app development platform that doesn’t require any code like Brisk Logic and reduce the risk data.

Businesses can connect Brisk logic to App Builder to:

  • Instantly create mobile apps with minimal or no code.
  • Reduce the pressure on IT developers, and enterprises.
  • Resolve the issue of backlogs in mobile app development.
  • Reduce app development time, resulting in faster delivery.
  • Reduce the IT skills gap to bridge the development cost and lower the costs of apps.


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