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October 11, 2021

A Great Website

What Is the Healthy Vibe to reduce the hassle from morning breakfast to dinner.

It can be done by providing the effortless service for the folks who need to get on work and have less time.


Here’s what would make the website great

Not with standing a great restaurant website design, there are six things from both a user experience and search engine standpoint you should incorporate to get the restaurant website from good to great:

1. Feature your reviews.

Several locations have outstanding Yelp reviews. I’d absolutely feature these on the site.

2. Make your menu prices visible.

This is a tough one for a multi-location restaurant brand, let alone a chain, have different prices in different markets, or a frequently-changing menu, but when you’ve captured me via mobile, especially, you can surely suck me in to visit if I know what to expect with pricing.

3. Get that blog going.

Have a placeholder for a future blog.

There are so many things a unique, small brand or independent can do with their blog to attract the types of customers they want. In this case, you have a good story to tell.

4. Show your location details.

It’s crucial to make it very easy for website visitors to take action. The more you make them work, the more frustrated they get, and the more likely to click the back button they are.

5. Larger navigation icons on smartphones.

If the navigation links and email icon on the website are pretty small when viewing on a smartphone.

Always test the design of your site for a variety of users and platforms. Android phones, iPhones, men, women, big people, small people. It won’t slow your process down that much.

6. Where’s your email signup??

The email icon on the mobile version of their website merely starts a blank email to the team at Snooze.


Restaurant Concept

Customized menu
Breakfast-Lunch-Brunch- Dinner
Target Audience
Early risers- Workers- Students
Estimated Cost
Friendly Dollars $$



  • 18-35 yrs old
  • Workers
  • Early Risers with Good income


  • Personality
  • Attitude
  • Lifestyle
  • Interests

What Are Their Needs?

  • Check restaurant is open or not
  • Check previous history
  • Delivery options
  • Time estimation
  • Customization
  • Tracking

What Are Our Goals?

  • Robust System
  • Offerings
  • User experience

The Scope Of Requirement.


“The User will be looking for”

  • Timings
  • Prices
  • Menu
  • Delivery Radius
  • Reviews
  • Food Descriptions
  • Contact Details

The functionality

‘The User Will Be Able To”

  • Ask Questions
  • Signup/login
  • Customize the food choice
  • Product into cart
  • Select pickup or delivery
  • Track order with delivery instruction

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