App development with the No-code platform AppGyver

AppGyver, is a no-code platform that supports React and React Native apps for Mobile and Web.

Product Ideation

AppGyver allows you to drag and drop components or controls together for style, logic and mobile native functionalities. Combined with extended theming and you can create a lot of different apps with very easy integration with modern API’s. The app can be deployed on different devices: mobile, web, desktop TV tablets, etc. 

Product Planning

First we have to look at low-code vs no-code. In general, we have two categories in coding: frontend and backend. Backend focuses on how and where to store the data, make it secure and give access to that data in a correct form, whereas frontend focuses on the user interface and the necessary workflows.


AppGyver really fits the “Keep the core clean” message SAP is promoting with S/4HANA, which SAP customers are rapidly migrating toward. It can also connect with SAP’s other Cloud services like Concur or SuccessFactors, using workflows and AppGyver, all through the BTP services. 


We have seen the rise (and still rising) of cloud software and the challenges that companies face during times like COVID. Digitalizing your business is essential and SAP is offering BTP with its services as an answer to these challenges. There will be a shift in teams, team structures and ideas on how to deal with the digital problems companies need to solve.

Final Product

There will be a shift in developers. These platforms, like BTP, enable a lot more employees to create apps and add value to their business, allowing the expert coders to focus on solving problems with code, maintaining code and probably enhance or improve the low-code and no-code solutions. These shifts are empowered by or maybe even require these platforms.
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