Headless Ecommerce & Low-Code

Headless ecommerce + low-code development = unparallelled flexibility + incredible speed.

Product Ideation

Ecommerce platforms continue to evolve at an ever-increasing rate. To keep pace with such rapid innovation, platforms are moving away from monolithic all-in-one applications and moving toward a ‘headless’ model where the front-end interface is separated from the back-end management applications.

Product Planning

Headless e-commerce architectures separate the front-end and back-end of an e-commerce platform, with the front-end interface management applications being controlled by a separate CSS and javascript management application while the back-end systems (order management, product management, inventory levels, etc.) are handled by the ecommerce application.


Faster Deployment: headless systems can be deployed quickly, as each function (e.g. pricing, inventory management, payment gateways) is independent, deployment is not a ‘waterfall’ project, it can be agile as each function is ready.


A creative design team can use the tools that are best suited to their workflow, regardless of what is powering the backend operations of the e-commerce platform, while back-end developers don’t need to sweat the details on how interfaces may look to the end customer. Designers and developers don’t fight over tools. Everybody’s happier. At the end of 2020, the customer experience was stated as the #1 key brand differentiator, overtaking both price and product.

Final Product

Low-code development environments place as many functions or code as possible into discrete modules or containers. Developers can then connect these modules together in a drag-n-drop visual environment, which then connects those modules together with appropriate data connections.
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