Insurance Quote Website

Proposed solution is to develop a “Insurance Quote Based Application that will help customers to get quote, buy policies and make online payments for Insurance Quote Website.

Product Ideation

Company deals with various types of insurance policies such as car & vehicles, home insurance and travel insurance. We assume that this particular application will be specific to home insurance where people can get online quote and buy policy from the same interface.

Product Planning

A quote engine will be developed that will allow users to enter home specific details and accordingly system will generate quote for that. There are few parameters that will compute the premium. System will perform backend calculations to evaluate the quote and same will be displayed to user.


Further user can proceed with the policy. Policy will be generated based on the template. There will be few templates that will be published with customer & policy specific details along with standard terms and conditions.


Public side interface will allow users to get the quote & generate the policy. Assuming all standard questions and parameters will be defined during the development that will be used in policy creation. Standard templates will be saved in the system that will be used to create the policy.

Final Product

Overall system will be simple, easy to use and good navigation techniques should be used for better user experience. Extensive Ajax / JavaScript will be used to enhance user experience. It will have scalable architecture and developed in such a way so that it can be easily enhanced in future with more services & features. At this stage it will be developed for home insurance and may be in future it may be customized to other insurance products such as car & vehicle and travel insurance.
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