Integrated Health Management Services Healthcare App

Patient Screening and Eligibility Service Speeds Screening and Simplifies Employee Training with Rapid App Development.

Product Ideation

The search for a company and a healthcare app solution. To build a comprehensive software solution that was both flexible and could keep up with technological changes and handle the ever-changing healthcare industry

Product Planning

We represented a much better way to build a system – via a desktop and web application – that could manage all the organization’s needs, while maintaining a high level of security and meeting all related compliance standards.


The system tracks all accounts, allows for faster updates, and enables a wide range of reporting formats for clients. The system also triggers specific activities based on a set of conditions as they apply to an individual patient’s account and the work being performed.


The new system, which requires less training time for new employees, also allows employees to easily work remotely, even when they’re on-site at hospitals interviewing patients at their bedside.

Final Product

With amazing reporting capabilities because of system, and literally can create reports on the fly very quickly, making it a nice marketable tool. Clients need customized reports and now it can deliver exactly what they want when they want it. The new system has definitely more efficient in general and reduced training time significantly.
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