Inventory Management System

Low-Code Mobile App Development for Mobile Devices Speeds Inventory Management System Counting.

Product Ideation

Traditional high speed counting hardware utilized antiquated technology that is more than a decade old. Furthermore, companies lacked the flexibility to customize the software that runs on it, despite the evolution of new mobile and data innovations that could speed inventory management.

Product Planning

The traditional hardware platforms came with a high cost, and competitors were always creating expensive new technology to create competitive advantage for our client.


To better serve its members, we developed dynamic inventory software that allows for significant customization while providing the same high speed keying and scanning capabilities of traditional data collection hardware at a fraction of the cost.


We provided the software with the ability to utilize affordable, off-the-shelf mobile device hardware and develop a customized solution for high-speed counting. The solution also gave the flexibility to modify the software features in the future, based on members’ needs and to keep pace with industry and technology innovations.

Final Product

With leveraging the power of software to better serve the industry and grow its membership base. The ability to customize the application to meet the unique needs of our prospective member companies, which will lead to competitive differentiation and increased revenue for the business.
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