Inventory Tracking App

Inventory Tracking App to save money gives more flexibility in the way it works, reduces lost stock, and improves customer satisfaction.

Product Ideation

Managing millions of pieces of inventory spread across a vast client base is a daunting task. It was losing a significant percentage of its laundry stock, which had a direct effect on its bottom line.

Product Planning

To solve the problem, they attempted to utilize bar codes to track each piece of laundry stock, but that did not prove effective. Bar codes sometimes rubbed off and it became too time-consuming to scan every single item.


The new system had to be Web-based, had to run off a substantial database, and had to be able to build mobile apps. Easy to use and flexible.


It handles the entire laundry business process, starting with inputting and managing orders, then tracking inventory, shipping, receiving, and laundering articles. Closing the loop, the system handles invoicing and seamlessly connects to Lilliput’s accounting system.

Final Product

Customer satisfaction has improved as well. But with the new system, it knows down to the piece what each customer has, and can provide that information for them at a moment’s notice. The new system also reduces the amount of paper that uses to track linen, leading to savings of approximately a ton of paper a month.
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