IoT-Enabled Smart App

IoT-enabled business solutions increase internal operational efficiency, and enhance customer engagement with Smart App.

Product Ideation

IoT apps are complex. They require integration between many disparate systems, starting with IoT endpoints such as sensors, communication devices, cars, etc. to collect data.

Product Planning

The data by itself doesn’t hold much value. IoT software—offered by platforms like Mindsphere, IBM Watson IoT, and AWS IoT—process and analyze data from the endpoints. They also provide APIs to consume and expose IoT services.


Using low-code, existing developers can seamlessly integrate with IoT platforms to build web or mobile apps that turn the IoT data into context-aware, actionable insights for end-user consumption.


We integrate the IoT app with enterprise systems and third-party services like weather or traffic to provide more insight or trigger physical action like turn on the AC when the weather reaches a certain temperature.

Final Product

The Minimum Viable Product with new features based on customer and employee feedback. With the flexibility of a low-code platform, business is continuously expanding their application with innovative technology.
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