Modern core system

With a modern core system, companies can move quickly to meet their customers’ and employees’ preferences, adapt to new business conditions, and scale easily as the business grows.

Product Ideation

Companies often think there are only two options when it comes to building modern core systems. Option 1: Invest in the latest Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and then invest some more in customizing it. Option 2: Substantially update or rebuild their existing legacy systems in-house with traditional coding. Both options are costly, time-consuming,

Product Planning

Low-code applies a collaborative, agile methodology to the full application lifecycle. This approach ensures business and IT work together to reduce the risk of a failed project and deliver mission-critical apps in record time.


It is important to design your mobile product with your users in mind. A good way to ensure that your users will have a good experience with the first iteration of your app is by mapping out user journeys. This will allow you to look at your product from the perspective of the user, beginning with opening the app to reaching an end goal, such as making a purchase.


The transformation began with the realization that previous attempts to build a lending application did not yield expected results at a pace acceptable to the business. Traditional application development methodologies proved cumbersome and ill-suited to the bank’s goal of building a digital gateway to their lending services that clients could easily use to apply for financial assistance.
Final Product

Final Product

Integrated Component System—ICS—comprises a number of applications that integrate with the showcase Core Lending System. Among the other application are a CRM system built on Microsoft’s Dynamics foundation, a client file system also based on a Microsoft offering (SharePoint) and hooks into external applications such as FICO Blaze Advisor, among other apps.
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