An Application Helps Governments

New System Dramatically Improves Response to Major Storms and Disasters with Application.

Product Ideation

The government agencies and insurance companies Brisklogic worked for needed a system for coordinating the the make-safe work following storms. They wanted a comprehensive system that would include allocation of jobs to various trades, tracking the workflow in the field, invoicing, quality assurance, key performance Indicators

Product Planning

Managing the emergency make-safe services asked to build the system, turned to us. With it, we built a comprehensive Web-based application and mobile app that handles the complex workflow from start to finish. The system uses approximately 150 grid and UX components and is load-balanced.


The system grew organically as the needs of the businesses and agencies changed, we used agile methods to continually and rapidly update it.


The system was put to the test when a powerful storm hit. Tens of thousands of homes were without power, there was severe flooding, and many trees and tree branches were knocked down. The system had to handle at least a 300 percent increase in its normal workload.

Final Product

No other product that would allow to build a system this quickly, or in as flexible way as It allowed to constantly adapt to the changing needs of the system as we developed.
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