New SaaS Applications

Building a New SaaS Applications are always intimidating; low-code makes it possible to quickly and efficiently build, test, and roll out the app.

Product Ideation

The new SaaS app can solve the most common pain points customers face. They can open up new revenue streams for the company and also help capture new markets.

Product Planning

Compared to traditional development, low-code offers better speed-to-market, significant cost savings, and a perfect environment to experiment with new apps.


Structuring it and harnessing algorithms to show the hospital what’s actually happening in their environment. The proliferation of healthcare data has hospital executives trying to figure out which analytics are meaningful and can drive change.


We leveraged a low-code environment, we were able to do it very quickly, efficiently, test it, roll it out and make modifications from customer feedback.

Final Product

The drivers to build the app with the low-code platform were speed to market and cost savings. “We were able to develop in its first iteration with one developer, a very low budget, and in only nine months.
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