Web-Based Customer Portal

A web-based portal is a great digital tool to deliver self-service experience. Customers can perform routine tasks like finding services, paying bills, getting a quote, and more without actually having to talk.

Product Ideation

A waste management company, used the low code platform to build an eCommerce portal for its customers.

Product Planning

Low-code solves these pains by allowing developers in business and IT to collaborate and deliver customer portals—with consumer-grade UI—in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional development.


When you think about waste management, visions of odiferous trash piles pushed and flattened by bulldozers may come to mind.


E-commerce itself is a fairly simple product. What’s behind it is what’s complex. This indicates that off-the-shelf, CPQ (configure, price, quote) products aren’t designed to support map-based pricing, which is why the pricing tool internally developed.
Brisk logic-web-portal

Final Product

Low-code development has proven itself out in their first few projects, and they now have a long-term vision of the possibilities. It’s not even the time saved – there are things that would not have been born if we didn’t have the technology.
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