Web 3.0 and how it will impact the future of humanity

The World Wide Web is changing and changing again. It’s not immediately evident, considering that Tim Berners-Lee’s creation has become an part of daily lives of millions.

Ask any expert about how the web is changing, and they’ll say that we’re on the edge of Web 3.0. What exactly is Web 3.0 and how – do you think it likely to impact our lives?

A Brief History Of The Web

There is general agreement that there have been to date two distinct phases of the internet. They’re referred to, simply as “Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 as well as described in the following manner:

Web 1.0

It all started. A single-way platform that allowed users to consume content via the Internet. Commonly comprised of web pages that were primarily text and images webpages, Web 1.0 was characterised by the first commercial websites, and the early adoption of it for marketing by media companies such as CNN and the BBC

The ability to interact with users and to make one’s own content were missing from Web 1.0 and web searches were based on very specific terms. Flexible and intelligent, it wasn’t.

Web 2.0

The introduction of modern web design techniques and the development of more powerful web browsers marked the beginning of Web 2.0, which placed the focus on human and social interactions on the internet.

This resulted in the dazzling and responsive web design we have today, as well as the development of the web app, which turned websites into software programs that could perform demanding tasks that were previously only available with traditional Windows as well as Mac software.

The variety of content available for consumption increased dramatically, Web 2.0 also introduced the concept of user-generated content through the introduction of publishing tools to anybody who wanted to market their own writing videos, podcasts or writing.

So, What Is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 the future most sophisticated beast. Utilizing the power of big data as well as machine learning, it is now popular as the’semantic Web where data from users and their behavior is studied and utilized to provide the most personalized web browsing experience. One illustration of this can be seen in the world of advertising, where advertisements for products which you are of desire to purchase are displayed on the internet.

However, many experts consider the Web 3.0 will allow for an improved, more efficient web experience, with the capability to eliminate commands-line search terms and instead address the such as Google naturally. “Show me all of the films that are on at my local cinema tomorrow evening,” is a great example of a query that will yield what you want in the web 3.0 timeframe.

How Web 3.0 Will Benefit Our Lives

We believe there are, in a way three reasons that the rise of Web 3.0 will change our lives for the better.

1. A more personal browsing experience

While the ads can be it is hard to deny the convenience of being able to simply go to a specific offer to purchase something you truly would like or need and you would otherwise have missed.

Web 3.0 is the future tha offers a more personalized browsing experience for everyone. Websites are able to automatically customize themselves to be more appropriate to our devices, locations as well as any requirements for accessibility we might be required to meet. Web applications are becoming more affluent to our habits of use.

2. Searching for better results

As mentioned previously the capability to talk naturally with the help of a search engine is extremely efficient. The learning curve will be nearly nonexistent and the benefits go to the entire population as businesses are in a position to adopt an approach that is more natural to the search engine optimization on their sites rather than resorting to a shrewd keyword strategy.

3. Richer app experiences

It’s not just websites that are going to benefit from the multi-faceted Web 3.0 web applications – they will also begin to offer more richer experiences to users.

Take a look at a mapping application like Google which is capable of combining the fundamentals of location search with guidance on routes as well as hotel recommendations, and even live traffic updates. This was simply not possible prior to the web 2.0 time.


Similar to how  Internet of Things (IoT) is gradually transforming the world into a connected and digitally-driven world, Web 3.0 is the future as it is removing any remaining complexity from the internet, making it more accessible to many more users.

Additionally, Web 3.0 is here and now. We’re only in the beginning of a few forms web 3.0 technology however, if you’ve done an online search with Google today and then used natural language to get answers to your questions you’ve already felt the benefits of this new chapter of the World Wide Web.



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