Exploring Gigabyte Technology: A Brief Look at 10 Key Facts

By:- Karam

13 July 2023

1. Gigabyte Technology, founded in 1986, is a Taiwanese company.

2. They specialize in motherboards, graphics cards, and other computer hardware.

3. They are renowned as a leading motherboard manufacturer globally.

4. Gigabyte launched the 'Ultra Durable' technology, promising enhanced product durability.

5. Aorus is Gigabyte's premium gaming product line.

6. They have diversified into laptop manufacturing and server solutions.

7. Gigabyte is recognized for its innovative designs and patented technologies.

8. The company operates in almost every country around the globe.

9. They aim for sustainable development through green products.

10. Gigabyte's products have received numerous prestigious international awards and recognition