10 Quick Facts About Intel and Graphics Processing Units

By:- Karam

July 03, 2023

1. Founded in 1968, Intel is a world leader in microprocessor production.

2. GPUs accelerate the creation of images, crucial for smooth gaming and 3D rendering.

3. Intel CPUs often come with integrated GPUs, suitable for basic graphics tasks.

4. For high-end graphics performance, discrete GPUs, like those from Nvidia or AMD, are usually required.

5. Intel's Iris Xe is their latest integrated GPU, offering improved performance.

6. Co-founder Gordon Moore famously predicted that the number of transistors on a chip would double every two years.

7. The Intel Evo platform, launched in 2020, guarantees specific standards for performance and battery life.

8. GPUs are also crucial for AI processing, handling multiple calculations simultaneously.

9. Intel announced their first discrete GPU, Intel Xe, in 2020.

10. With advancing technologies like ray tracing, the demand for powerful GPUs continues to grow.