10 Quick Facts About Intel, Xeon, CPU, Computer Hardware, and CPU Sockets

By:- Karam

03 June 2023

1. Intel Corporation is a world-leading manufacturer of computer processors and related technologies.

2. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the 'brain' of a computer, carrying out most processing inside a computer.

3. Xeon is a brand of x86 CPUs designed by Intel for server and workstation use.

4. This refers to the physical parts of a computer, including the CPU, memory, and storage devices.

5. The CPU socket on a computer's motherboard holds and connects the CPU.

6. Intel CPUs, including the Xeon series, are widely used in businesses worldwide due to their reliability and performance.

7. Xeon processors often have multiple cores, increasing their processing capabilities.

8. Due to their high performance and reliability, Xeon processors are commonly found in data centers.

9. Intel also manufactures chipsets for its CPUs, which control communication between the processor and other components.

10. Intel continues to innovate, developing technologies like AI accelerators and neuromorphic computing chips.