10 Snappy Facts on Google Assistant, Virtual Assistants, and Artificial Intelligence

By:- Karam

27 June 2023

1. Google Assistant was launched by Google in 2016 during the Google I/O conference.

2. Google Assistant is powered by AI, enabling it to learn and personalize responses over time.

3. As of 2021, Google Assistant can converse in over 30 languages, making it globally accessible.

4. Google Assistant controls homes with voice commands & thousands of smart device compatibility.

5. Google Assistant's Duplex makes real-world calls, showcasing AI advancements.

6. Google Assistant enhances accessibility for individuals with impairments.

7. Google Assistant supports both voice and text inputs, providing flexibility in user interaction.

8. Google Assistant balances personalization with privacy, improving user data control.

9. 'Continued Conversation' in Google Assistant enables natural dialogue without repeating "Hey Google."

10. 'Routine' feature streamlines daily tasks with a single command.