Free Spirit of Computing: 10 Quick Facts About Ubuntu

By:- Karam

July 05, 2023

1. Ubuntu is a popular, free and open-source Linux operating system.

2. Launched by UK-based Canonical Ltd., its name originates from the Zulu word for 'humanity.'

3. Ubuntu comes in several 'flavors,' each with a different desktop environment, like Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Lubuntu.

4. Ubuntu releases a new version every six months, with long-term support (LTS) versions every two years.

5. LTS versions receive free security and maintenance updates for five years.

6. Ubuntu introduced Snap packages in 16.04 LTS, which simplifies software installations.

7. Ubuntu has a strong community providing user support through forums and blogs.

8. Ubuntu is built with a focus on accessibility and user-friendliness.

9. Many web servers around the world run on Ubuntu due to its stability and security.

10. Canonical continues to innovate Ubuntu, enhancing AI and cloud computing capabilities.