Google Pixel: A Beacon of Innovation and Style

By:- Karam

21 July 2023

1. Google’s Creation

Pixel is Google’s first self-designed smartphone.

2. Best Cameras

They're acclaimed for superior camera technology.

3. Android First

Pixels get Android updates first.

4. Made By Google

Replaced Google's Nexus series in 2016.

5.  Soli Radar

Pixel 4 introduced motion-sensing Soli Radar.

6.  Night Sight

Pixel's Night Sight mode revolutionized low-light photography.

7.  Recorder App

Introduced transcription while recording.

8. Call Screening

Introduced an AI-based call screening feature.

9. Astrophotography Mode

Enabled starry sky photography.

10. Unlimited Google Photos

Offered unlimited photo storage in high quality.