Japan's Hidden Role in the G7's AI Revolution

By:- Kamal

21 May 2023

1. Japan has a dedicated Minister for the "Society 5.0" initiative, aiming for a human-centric society with AI and robotics.

2. Japan leads the G7 AI Group, focusing on ethical AI use and data governance.

3. Japan's ABCI is the world's first large-scale Open AI Computing Infrastructure.

4. G7 countries, led by Japan, agreed on common AI principles in the "G7 Innovation Ministers’ Statement on Artificial Intelligence.

5. Japan's AI research began with the Fifth Generation Computer Systems project in the 1980s.

6. Japan's Society 5.0 was discussed at the 2019 G7 Summit, setting a precedent for AI discussions.

7. Japan pioneers "AI Hospitals" to enhance patient care alongside its robotics reputation.

8. The G7, with Japan's contribution, is developing an AI model for predicting and managing natural disasters.

9. Japan's AI sector invests in elder care, developing AI-powered exoskeletons and service robots.

10. The G7's AI in Health Working Group, led by Japan, works on guidelines for AI in health data analysis.

11. Japan's AI research focuses on "human-centric AI" to enhance human abilities.

12. Japan's AI policy emphasizes "AI for everyone" to ensure widespread benefits.

13. The G7, led by Japan, works on AI standards and norms for safe and ethical AI use.