10 Quick Facts on Apple, iPhone, Integrated Circuits, and TSMC

June 26, 2023

By:- Karam

1. TSMC manufactures the System-on-Chip (SoC) processors used in iPhones.

2. TSMC started producing Apple's A-series chips with the A8 and A8X in 2014.

3. TSMC's advanced manufacturing process allows Apple to develop faster and more energy-efficient chips.

4. TSMC's high-performance chips contribute significantly to the iPhone's speed and battery life.

5. Since the A10 chip, TSMC has been the exclusive manufacturer of Apple's A-series chips.

6. For the A14 Bionic chip (iPhone 12 series), TSMC used a 5nm process, an industry first.

7. TSMC's integrated circuits, housing billions of transistors, are key to iPhone functionality.

8. TSMC manufactures Apple's M1 chips, marking Apple's shift to its own silicon for Mac computers.

9. Global chip shortages have spotlighted the critical role of TSMC in Apple's supply chain.

10. TSMC's continuous innovation in chip manufacturing underpins future iPhone performance enhancements.