Unveiling OpenAI: 10 Enlightening Facts About


05 MAY 2023

The AI Revolution

Founded as a non-profit in 2015 by Elon Musk, Sam Altman and others.

1. Non-Profit Origin

OpenAI moved to a "capped-profit" model in 2019 while maintaining a duty to humanity.

2. Capped-Profit Transition

OpenAI is dedicated to making AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) safe for everyone.

3. Safety Champions

The organization is committed to ensuring the benefits of AGI are widespread.

4. Broad Benefit

OpenAI seeks worldwide cooperation to address AGI’s global challenges.

5. Global Cooperation

OpenAI will assist other safety-conscious projects that are close to building AGI.

6. Safety Assist

OpenAI developed groundbreaking AI models, including the GPT series.

7. Landmark Innovations

OpenAI publishes most of its innovative AI research.

8. Pioneering Research

OpenAI's powerful models are accessible through its API, benefiting developers globally.

9. Developer Friendly

OpenAI evolves its governance to ensure broad benefit as it approaches AGI.

10. Future-Ready Approach